new strap

lenkalost  asked:

Hey, for the art meme....what about E7 for Lambert? ;)

Hey look, it’s everyones favourite dickhead.

I am now convinced Lambert cannot express any emotion without being at least a little smug about it (except anger maybe).

Send me character and an expression from this and I will doodle them :)


The official Love Live blog also revealed new key chains, straps, and badges due to release soon!

  • The key chains styled after room keys will be sold at Comic Market 91 on December 29th. 
  • The Kimi no Kokoro key chains are 1,100 JPY. The acrylic badges are 500 JPY and both are due to be released January 20th. The phone straps are 500 JPY and will be released on January 13th.
  • The Aquarium mobile cleaners are 400 JPY each and are set to be released January 27th.