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  • coran: hey, did you ever see that one movie, the one where there's this cowboy and he's, like, the king of the castle. and then this astronaut shows up and he tries to take over. and so the cowboy attempts to murder him. but instead, the astronaut is taken hostage by this evil psychopath and the cowboy has to rescue him. and then they end up becoming really good friends.
  • pidge: ...Toy Story?
  • coran: Oh, my Gods, Toy Story! That's it, that's it! I love that movie!
Some New Year’s Resolutions, As Made By Disney Characters

Be who you want to be.

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Embrace change.

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Seek Adventure!

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Learn a foreign language.

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Work out…

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But be comfortable in your own body.

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Have some fun now and then!

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Eat right…

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But be comfortable with the fact that you might not like it.

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Believe in yourself.

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Let your conscience be your guide.

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(I had to put that in here at least once.)

Do what you enjoy!

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Keep hope!

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Let people know how you feel about them.

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Take up singing!

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Take it easy on the New Year’s booze.

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Work on controlling your anger.

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Be open to new experiences!

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Dream big!

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Be honest!

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Ask the BIG questions!

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Learn a new hobby.

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Be direct…

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Don’t let anyone define your worth other then you…

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And go a little crazy.

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(Maybe not that crazy.)

Remember that family is more then blood.

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Find a way to process disappointment.

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Did I already saw dream big? It deserves to be said twice!

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Stand up for what you believe in!

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Also remember this:

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And this:

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Also this:

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And if you don’t end up keeping your resolutions…

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Don’t fret!

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Just remember:

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Happy New Year’s Everyone!

Canary Auditions

Canary is a horror supernatural drama podcast taking place in modern-day New York. The story followers 6 miners as they venture into a newly discovered cave system, and get trapped. Inside, they must face their fears and secrets while attempting escape.

After all, everyone is afraid of something.

*Scripts for Canary are not finished yet, but on their way there. Input from voice actors is taken into account, which is why we are holding auditions now.

**Canary may hold themes that are disturbing to some, including gore, unreality, and mentions of suicide. Please, if you’re uncomfortable with these, don’t audition unless you believe you could still voice the lines. Nothing is set in stone on said themes, but we care more for your mental health and safety than getting voice actors.

***Those who audition will be held in mind for minor characters in the series, so don’t despair if you do not get a major role; you still have a chance to voice act for us

Keep reading

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Update FAQ

Hi all!

There have been a lot of questions about the coming changes in KBTBB and we wanted to clear some up!

1. Is the new coin system free-to-play?
No, it’s still pay-to-play! It’s the same system that Dangerous Seduction and Era of Samurai: Code of Love are currently using. The stories you purchase are yours to re-read as often as you want. You can purchase coins separately in bulk, or just enough to purchase the story.

2. Does this mean prices will go up?
No, the prices for a story aren’t changing! For example, Eisuke Main Story is currently 3.99 USD. With the coin system it will be 400 coins which can be bought for 3.99 USD in the app.

3. Will the update make me lose all my stories?
No, it won’t! The update will take a little longer than normal though. But when the update is finished, all your stories should still be there. BUT JUST IN CASE, please make sure to note down your current transfer IDs. If there is a problem with the update we will do our best to fix it as soon as possible.

4. What about transferring my data when I change phones? How will that work?
This is a bit different. It’s REALLY important, when the new app comes out, for you to create an account and save your login email and password. This will be the ONLY way to restore your purchases. PLEASE create a new account!

5. What if I buy too many coins?
You can only purchase as many coins as are needed to buy the stories currently available in the app. The purchase button will turn off when you have the maximum number of coins. Also KBTBB will be continuing to update, so look for new stories coming soon!

6. Do I need a specific phone to play KBTBB?
The only requirement is that your phone is using Android 4.0 or iOS 7 and above. This refers to the operating system, not the specific device. You can check your operating system in your device’s system information.

7. Why is the app changing?
This update includes a lot of cool new functions that we will be unrolling slowly in the next few weeks. It also allows us to comply with the constantly changing requirements of the Apple and Google App Stores.

Thank you for your continued support!

- Voltage Inc.

Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction and Uncanny Magazine Year Four Kickstarter IS LIVE!!!

Space Unicorns!

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to join or re-up with the Space Unicorn Ranger Corps, now’s your chance!

The Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction and Uncanny Magazine Year Four Kickstarter IS LIVE!!!

Over the last three years, Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas ran Kickstarters for the Hugo Award-winning Uncanny Magazine Years One, Two, and Three. We promised to bring you stunning cover art, passionate science fiction and fantasy fiction and poetry, gorgeous prose, and provocative nonfiction by writers from every conceivable background. Not to mention a fantastic podcast featuring exclusive content. Through the hard work of our exceptional staff and contributors, Uncanny Magazine delivered on that promise. All that fantastic Uncanny Magazinecontent is freely available over the web and available as eBooks, thanks to your support. The Space Unicorn Ranger Corps, the Uncanny Magazine community, made it possible for our remarkable staff and contributors to create this wonderful art for all of our readers. THANK YOU, SPACE UNICORNS.

This year, we’re back with a new mission, passed along from Lightspeed Magazine. It’s Uncanny’s turn to Destroy Science Fiction.  

Uncanny Magazine proudly presents a special issue: Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction!Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction will be in the same vein as the previous Destroy special issues (Women Destroy Science Fiction, Queers Destroy Science Fiction, and People of Colo(u)r Destroy Science Fiction), featuring editors, writers (both solicited and unsolicited), and artists with representation from all across the sliding scale of disability.

There is already a stellar team of guest editors in place for this special issue including:  

Editor-in-Chief/Fiction Editor: Dominik Parisien  

Editor-in-Chief/Nonfiction Editor: Elsa Sjunneson-Henry  

Reprint Editor: Judith Tarr  

Poetry Editor: S. Qiouyi Lu  

Personal Essays Editor: Nicolette Barischoff  

From Guest Editors-in-Chief Elsa Sjunneson-Henry and Dominik Parisien:  

Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction is a continuation of the Destroy series in which we, disabled members of the science fiction community, will put ourselves where we belong: at the center of the story. Often, disabled people are an afterthought, a punchline, or simply forgotten in the face of new horizons, scientific discovery, or magical invention. We intend to destroy ableism and bring forth voices, narratives, and truths most important to disabled writers, editors, and creators with this special issue.

Disabled People Destroy will feature solicited work from the following authors and artist:  

Cover: Likhain  

Stories: Rachel Swirsky, Nisi Shawl, William Alexander, and more from open submissions!  

Essays: Fran Wilde, Mishell Baker, Alice Wong , and more from open submissions!

Poems: Bogi Takács, Rose Lemberg, Khairani Barokka, and more from open submissions!  

We have an outstanding group of solicited contributors, fantastic backer rewards, plus some additional surprises on deck for the rest of Year Four, too!  

Year Four Editors: Editors-in-Chief: Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas

Managing Editor: Michi Trota  

Reprint/Poetry Editor: Mimi Mondal  

Interviewer: Shana DuBois  

Podcast Producer: Erika Ensign Podcast Producer: Steven Schapansky  

We have an additional SHARED-WORLD DINOSAUR THEME issue this year, too. The Dinosaur Writers Special Shared-Universe Dinosaur Issue Contributors: Sam J. Miller, Brooke Bolander, Mari Ness, A. Merc Rustad & Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, JY Yang, K.M. Szpara, and Nicasio Andres Reed !

There will also be more slots for unsolicited submissions. We reopen to regular submissions once we reach our first funding milestone. The specific call for submissions for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction will come in early 2018. As always, we’re deeply committed to finding and showcasing new voices in our genre from around the world.  

How We’ll Use the Funding:  

Our current funding goal ($22,000) is for the current version of Uncanny, with a theme issue for Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction. This goal pays for all six issues of Uncanny Year Four, including (at minimum) per issue: 25,000 words of new fiction (5-6 stories, depending on length) , a reprint story, reprint cover art, 4 new poems, 4 new nonfiction essays, and 2 new interviews. This is the size the magazine has grown to thanks to ongoing community support.

Our Year Four budget for this Kickstarter reflects our current content levels. We pay our writers $.08 per word for original fiction, our poets $30 per poem, our essayists $50 per essay, and our artists $100 per reprinted artwork.  

In addition to paying our content contributors (upon acceptance!), our initial Year Four budget includes: Paying our staff (Editors-in Chief, Managing Editor, Poetry/Reprint Editor, Podcast Producers and Readers, Interviewer, and the Disabled People Destroy Editorial Team) , podcast production and hosting costs , website hosting and maintenance costs , backer rewards, and Kickstarter fees and taxes. Our Years One, Two, and Three backers were so generous we reached all our stretch goals, which added additional stories and essays to each issue. Our awesome backers also sponsored several pieces of original cover art.  

Stretch Goals:  

$25,000 Disabled People Destroy Science fiction DOUBLE ISSUE  

$27,000 Original cover art from an artist to be determined  

$29,000 Original cover art from a second artist  

$30,000 Exclusive access to a key that unlocks Cassandra Khaw’s “Auntie Jaeger” Game for all backers! The game: Two sisters –a truck driver and a housewife– fend off a Kaiju apocalypse in the Great Smoky Mountains with their mech Mama Possum. A story of family, grief, and survival, it forms a part of what is currently nicknamed the ’“Jaeger Aunties” universe, which is essentiallyPacific Rim with more horror, more diversity, and more middle-aged people being totally bad-ass as a squad.  

$35,000 Original cover art from a third artist  

$45,000 PRINTED PHYSICAL COPIES of the Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction special issue for backers at $50 and above! If we reach this goal, you will be able to change your pledge to receive a copy of the book. We promise.


We can’t make Uncanny Magazine without YOU, Space Unicorn Ranger Corps! Please considering joining us again so we can make Year Four AND Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction!