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lili has been posting a lot of ads recently don't know how to feel about it

I personally really like the stuff she’s been getting involved with. The bongo one is a pretty big American brand that she and Cami will be the face of this fall. It’s great promo for the show and was arranged by the network PR team.

And we all know how passionate she is about face care and that’s why the St Ives one is so great. Celebrities get offered a lot of $$$ on a daily basis to promote random things like watches, fit tea etc. but that’s not necessarily how the St Ives one came about.

Lili’s gonna be the face of a new store opening in NY and also the products that come from- products that she’ll have to ore approve first. It’s an amazing business venture.


giorno “glamour” giovanna 


{ 30-5-17 } 81/100 days of productivity

Been working on my EE research after my exams so I decided to take a break and go check out the new muji store that opened near my place recently (°◡°♡)

I’m also coming super close to the end of my 100 day challenge… what should I do next?? lemme know if you guys have any cool ideas !!

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Hello may I request a hc ^^ because I love makeup I wonder how the rfa + saeran would be like shopping at a makeup store with mc and they see mc gushing at the pretty eyeshadow colours of an eye palette or they see mc trying on lipstick in the store. Or a hc where mc is excited to them their makeup collection and mc is explaining to them what their fav products are. I hope this isn't too much. Thank you lovely~ <333

Cute! Hope you like these~


  • You were just shopping in the mall when you saw a new store open up
  • You dragged him inside
  • Zen knew a little bit about make-up because of his career
  • But honestly, he mostly knew about foundation
  • Could tell you which brands are the best and going into style
  • Thinks he knows a lot about make-up because of his modeling jobs….well…
  • “MC, look at this eyeliner.”
  • “Zen, that’s for your eyebrows.”
  • His pride was hurt
  • He listens to you ask you talk about countour and different lipstick shades and all that
  • In the end, he actually buys himself a bunch of masks and beauty products
  • “Zen, you bought more than I did!”


  • He had been shopping in GameGo (Gamestop lolol)
  • You saw a new make-up shop Seforah (lolol try to stop us) across the way and begged for him to tag along
  • He agreed, but he was lost the second he stepped into the store
  • He thinks the eyelash curler is an instrument of torture
  • Constantly asking you what all these colors are for
  • “Who wears purple lipstick???”
  • You chuckle and put a sample of it on your lips
  • He’s stunned for a few moments
  • “You’re an exception, MC. You look good in anything.”
  • After you try on several eye shadows, he wants to buy it for you as a gift
  • You ask if he’s sure, considering you had one pallet and two lipsticks  in your bag
  • He insists thinking it’s going to be like 30 bucks
  • Then you get to the register
  • You see his face and you’re kind enough to settle for one lipstick for now so he doesn’t feel bad


  • She doesn’t wear much make up
  • She watched you do your make up once and asked how you did it
  • You drag her out to the closest make up store
  • She’s very confused as to what to buy
  • You help her pick up some eye shadow and new eyeliner and mascara
  • She likes a natural look, so you stay with those tones
  • Surprisingly, she kind of goes crazy in the lipstick section
  • She buys a set of bold red colors
  • When you get home, she gets a whole make over
  • She doesn’t get dolled up every day, but definitely on special occasions


  • His company is about to buy off a new brand of make-up that opened
  • Before the deal is finalized, he wants to check out its potential
  • He asks you to come along and check out it’s store downtown since he hears you talk about make up a lot
  • You didn’t realize he was taking you to heaven
  • You’re going crazy hopping from product to product
  • It takes you an hour to realize he’s been putting everything you said you liked in a cart
  • “Jumin, no! This is really expensive stuff!”
  • “But if you like it and it makes you happy, you’ll put it to use. It’s not like it’s going to be wasted.”
  • You did make him put back half of the cart.
  • He refused to leave without buying you something
  • You have a supply of make-up for a year


  • He needed to stock up on Ph.D. Pepper
  • He thought you were right beside him, but he lost you when you passed the make up aisle
  • You tell him that you were thinking about doing galaxy-inspired eye shadow
  • He walks past you and skillfully picks out two or three pallets and throws them into the cart
  • While you’re looking at some brushes, you hear him gasp loudly
  • He holds up two small boxes that have those soda flavored chapsticks
  • He buys the Ph.D. Pepper ones for each of you
  • Just before you leave, you’re fascinated by one of those electronic blending brushes
  • A few days later, you find one in your make-up bag, except there’s a cat on the top
  • You didn’t need a note to know who it was from


  • He doesn’t know how he got here
  • But somehow…he got dragged along and was now staring at a wall with colors he didn’t know existed
  • You ask for his help in picking out a color scheme for the next party
  • For some reason, he keeps picking out different shades of burgundy or mint
  • He swears all the colors are the same
  • You two actually end up bickering over which shades are lighter or darker or just the same
  • He’s fascinated by the facial care gadgets
  • He’s asking the sales clerk questions about how they are built
  • No, Saeran…they only sell them. They’re not engineers

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two cups of sugar

summary: after visiting a new pastry shop down the street, mark lee becomes a regular for the sweet treats, but especially for the even sweeter girl that works the counter.

pairing: mark & patissiere!reader insert || patisserie!AU

includes: fluff, humour

wc: 12.2k

note: A cute little scenario for mark! Happy birthday to my baby and me :’) I hope you guys enjoy! I based this off a scene that occurred in my friends life, which had me crying on the floor in laughter. Haha

Mark Lee, prevailing university track star and notorious stunner, was more farouche than one would expect.

He was ebullient at least, vibrant at most—there was never a dull moment if Mark Lee was in the milieu, for he knew how to brighten up the entire ambience with a simple thread of words. Girls loved him, boys supported him—he was frequently praised for his outstanding accomplishments and periodically went out to treat himself with his friends.

Right after track practice was one of those occasions. He was almost drained, exhausted from sprints and leaping over hurdles; he wanted some treats to rejuvenate, and so he went out with his friends. Word spread that a new pastry store had opened downtown, known for their palatable bursts of flavor and appealing display. It raised Mark’s curiosity and he extended the word to his friends, who only craved for a bite of the sweet treats. So, falling right after their arduous practice like a flawless, quick cascade, they walked to the patisserie, ravenous for fresh delicacy.

Their legs were growing sore, and it was not a good combination with the balmy heat beating down on their skin. Mark let out a groan, weary and ready to rest. “How far is it again?” Mark complained, stretching his arms to the sky. “My legs are dying.”

His friend shot him a glare, annoyed at his words. “It was your idea to visit the new store. You have no right to complain about the walk,” he shot back. “Even if it is taking us twenty minutes.”

Mark laughed. “Gosh, Donghyuck, my bad. I didn’t think it would take this long to make it to downtown.”

“You thought wrong,” chimed in another friend.

“Jae,” Mark pouted, “you were complaining about the same thing five minutes ago!”

“There’s nothing to complain about anymore because”—Jaehyun peered down at his device and back up to see if the maps app had led the crew to the correct place—“I think we made it.”

Mark grinned in relief, ready to take rest inside the store. There it was, only a couple of steps away. The three boys made their way to the pastry shop, heads turning in every direction as they observed the exterior. The walls were painted an inviting baby blue; two tables along with chairs were by the opened window; the mellow music tunes were audible from a short distance. Clearly, it did not look like the place for a couple of rambunctious boys to visit after a sweaty, messy practice.

The three boys stood out prominently when they waltzed into the store, and it was not due to the ring form the bell that hanged by the door that caught everyone’s attention. Their disheveled appearance and sunblock sheened self (and glowing sweat) drew attention indisputably. It was as blatant as the illustrations in a pop-out book.

The sweet scent of cinnamon swirled together with fresh strawberries within the humble shop. The aroma was spreading throughout the area, a delectable ensconcement that wrapped its arms around the three boys. Each person within the pastry store appeared convivial, and they all awaited the next batch of steamed cake that was preparing itself in the designated confinement. When it was opened by a worker the steam rose into the air like talons before disappearing into nothing. Mark was astounded by the interior—the neat arrangement of periwinkle to ivory tables and chairs, wooden decor, an array of blossoms, and much more—before being stunned by what the pastry store had to offer.

There was an array of treats to choose from: seeded bagels, blackberry pastries dusted with powdered sugar, miniature buttered croissants—each in their own section. There was way too many choices for him to select one, and he was investing himself in the beauty that rested within the cases until his friend tapped his shoulder. “Mark, what do you plan on getting? This place looks incredible,” asked Jaehyun.

Mark’s eyes never left the glass case the held the wonders of the pastry store. So far, the goodness that was the cornet pies, chocolate drizzled over the surface, caught his eye. “I’m not sure yet, there’s a lot of things to choose from.”

“May I help you?” asked a worker behind the counter.

Mark saw from his field of view a blurry frame of a woman approach behind the glass and he straightened his posture, tilting his head up to look at the worker as he said, “Ah, yeah. I’d actually like to try—”

Mark’s words cut themselves off short, for his mind went blank at the sight of the worker—at the sight of you. You had a gentle smile tugging at your lips, hair out of your face as a work requirement yet he found it charming, and a powder blue apron hugging your body. Every time you blinked stars would ignite their own luster, enthralling him impotently.

Immediately, Mark obtained a unique taste of nonpareil palatableness on his tongue, and he only craved to satisfy his sweet tooth with you.

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My hero

Pairing: Steve x bookworm! reader

Warnings: Robbery, fluff??, Cute steve??

Word count: 988 (sorry its short! I’ve been super busy with finals)

Request: By a darling anon, Maybe something with Steve meeting a bookworm girl? Like her bag got stolen and she’s running after the guy and Steve saves her bag of books? Fluff and all that :) Idk, just books and fluff!

A/N: Finally some Steve fluffiness! Hope you guys enjoy!

Originally posted by ncoleys

Your POV

Immediately after discovering that a new book store had opened no more than two blocks away from your apartment, you dropped everything you were doing, grabbed a tote bag and slipped out onto the street. You made your way through the groups of people cluttering the streets and finally came before the most charming little bookshop that you had thought you’d ever seen.

It had a small bell on the door which rang when you opened it and the inside smelled like fresh baked cookies. There were couches placed all around the shop and rows upon rows of books. You strolled down the aisles, occasionally running your finger along the bindings of the books as you scanned them.

You came across a copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, one of your favorites. You tipped it out the the shelf and flipped it open to scan through the pages. You had a copy of this very same book already at your apartment but it was well read and very worn. At least that’s what you told yourself when you snapped the book shut and decided to buy it. You could never resist new books.

As you continued to wander the aisles you found the third book to a series you had been meaning to finish and a new thriller from one of your favorite authors. Deciding that you had done enough damage, you took all of your books up to the oak check out counter. A sweet older woman greeted you there.

“Will this be all for you ma’am?” she asked.

“I think so, yes, but trust me I will be back for more in no time. You’ll be seeing a lot of me around here I imagine.”

“Well then, I look forward to the next time you come around,” she beamed and handed you your books. You placed the books in your tote bag and smiled at her, then turned around to make your way to the door.

The sun was still bright in the sky when you left the shop. You could normally get lost in bookstores for hours and you weren’t sure what time it was. You plucked your phone out of your pocket to check, when someone snatched the bag of books right out of your hands.

You were shocked for a moment and then scanned the crowd of people in front of you for the person who robbed you. You started running after them but you soon felt hopeless as they gained more distance on you and nobody seemed interested in helping a woman who was being robbed. That was until you saw a very large man dart around you and continue to chase the criminal. You slowed your pace slightly and watched in awe as the man easily caught up to the thief and ripped the bag out of his hands. He gripped the man’s shirt and exchanged a few angry words with him, until shoving him away and turning to find you on the sidewalk. He cautiously approached you and handed you your bag keeping a respectable distance between the two of you.

“Oh my god, thank you so much! I was way too slow to catch that guy,” you exclaimed and almost wanted to hug the man who saved your books. He was very handsome after all. He had broad shoulders and a charming smile. The tiniest bit of stubble marked his cheeks and jaw and his dirty blonde hair caught the sunlight.

“It’s no problem ma’am. Just doing the right thing,” he said and shrugged nervously. His cheeks gained a slight pink tint the more you smiled at him.

“Don’t down credit yourself! You’re practically my hero! What’s your name?” You questioned him.

“Steve Rogers,” he beamed and stuck out his hand for you to shake.

“Y/N L/N” you stated and shook his hand.

“That’s a beautiful name” he stuttered and then as if realizing that he had said it out loud, scratched the back of his neck and sent his gaze to the ground. You chose to spare him the extra embarrassment of acknowledging what he had said and just smiled.

“You have no idea how grateful I am. What could I ever do to repay you for saving my books?” His eyes darted to yours with a nervous smile.

“Well um, you could give me your number and I could pick you up tomorrow around 7? If that’s okay with you of course,” he stammered and if it was even possible his cheeks became even more overcome with a blush. A smile spread across your face and you nodded enthusiastically.

“Sure!” you beamed. His eyes widened as his gaze focused on your face.

“Really?” he stuttered.

Yeah really! Here, give me your phone! I’ll text you my address,” his eyes widened at your easy acceptance and reached into his pocket to get his phone. He handed it to you and you swiftly entered in your information.

“Here you go mister, and I will see you tomorrow at 7,” you said and dropped the phone in his palm as you turned on your heel and began to walk away from him. You swayed your hips a little bit more than you normally would with a massive smile on your face.

Shopping Spree (Taehyung/Reader)

Originally posted by haninnoona

Pairings: (Taehyung/Reader)

Genre: Boyfriend AU!

Words: 1,606

Tags: Fluff

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More of a fuck management but I work at Elderly Blue and we recently had a new store open up and they sent a few people over to help them opening weekend. Its in an outlet mall and employees need to be bussed over from their separate parking. I arrive 20 mins early, but after the bus im only there 3 mins before my shift. Everyone else is inside. I cannot call them because they dont have their number posted, someone finally sees me standing outside and tells me they cant let me in because there is an alarm set. At my store managers normally turn off the alarm, let you in, the re-arm it nbd. So im stuck, a security guard NOT AFFILIATED with the store tells me about a back door. It has a doorbell and i am let in, 15 minutes later, as the GM is also arriving. She introduces me to the person who saw me outside and told me they couldn’t let me in is HER boss. That woman KNEW how to disarm the alarm, or if she didnt she knew all the managers at that store and could have asked one of them to OR!! SHE COULD HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT THE BACK DOOR. I was so pissed this woman let me be late, even when i arrived on time. Ive never been late to work im my life. 😒


LIFE UPDATE: Many-Firsts March

I (used to) believed that if you love blogging then you’d have time for it - no excuses, that’s why I never understood why people apologize for not updating their blog for a long period of time. Now I do and I’m sorry if I ever misjudged any of you. This has been the longest period of my inactivity yet. I now know what it feels like to be busy that there’s no time for anything else. It sucks but this is where I need to really have to manage and make time.

So here’s what you’ve missed during those period of moments that I was away from tumblr, I had a lot of firsts! 

(1) I visited Interior Design & Manila, alone.

One perk of my office location is that I’m close to these kinds of conventions, exhbits and seminar (see#9). I used to go to these when I was in college. Though I don’t need this as much right now because I work in retail but I still need to fuel this side of my career. Best booth in my opinion is Boysen’s. They always are clever and creative in presenting themselves and make fun and interactive booths. They even gave us a free VR! 

(2) I’ve tried the Angkas app, thrice!

Basically it’s like GRAB but you’re riding on the back of a motorcycle. This is something that some people wouldn’t agree on doing but I on the other hand didn’t hesistate and tried it. It’s the best at night when the wind is cold. And it’s convenient when you’re on the rush. I rode it once when the LRT broke down and I still got to work on time!

(3) I got my passport renewed, faster than I expected!

Perks of having a dad who works at DFA, joke! I had to process it like everyone else but I had the privilege of being in courtesy lane. I’m so impressed with the new design! They made it so aesthetic and very modern, if I must say, it’s very millenial. Kudos to the team who worked on it!

(4) First dinner out with officemates/friends at Dohtonbori.

It’s crazy how in a short span of time they made me felt like I belong even though I’m a newbie. It’s crazy how welcoming they are, I will be forever grateful for this new people in my life. That’s to say that least because it’s surprising to find people you can easily connect with and have the same interests and I have that with them too. I am looking forward to more crazy adventures with them! <3 

(5) !!!! First overnight out of town trip at Fortune Island, Batangas with just the two of us, using our own money.

The highlight of my March! I have yet to post about this but let me tell you how invigorating this feels. We’ve been dying to go somewhere for so long. Imagine 8 years together and we actually haven’t been anywhere with just the two of us. When we were there, we felt really weird (in a good way) because we weren’t used to it. We did have an amazing time together, checking out the wonders of the island (beside the unfortunate garbage in the surroundings). This is our first and most definitely won’t be the last.

(6) First site visit!

Good thing about my work is that not all of the time I am at the office. I get to check sites of where new Watsons store will open soon. First one is at Matalino St. Phil Heart Center and then after that my officemate and I (the one in the photo) ate at Iscreamist Maginhawa.

(7) My officemates like to take photos as much I do haha! This was taken at the parking lot during our breaks.

At the office, I am sort of a half and half. Because most times I spent my day with these wonderful girls who are as crazy as me. But often times I spend time and get along great with the boys. In my line of work I work closely with engineers and architect so that’s unavoidable to work with the opposite gender. But I’m really happy that they made me feel part of their group even if I’m this small little girl who looks like I’m incapable of anything (and I have to prove to them that I’m not!). They trust me and even wants me to do more. It feels like I’ve known them for years.

(8) My mom’s back in the PH for her annual once a year visit!

If you’re still here reading this, well I’m more than happy to announce that our family has grown from 5 to 6! This year our focus in not on going somewhere like our usual but to spend time with each other as we welcome a new member of our family. “Family is Forever.”

(9) I got to watch COLDPLAY!!!! for free!!!!

I am not the biggest fan of coldplay, I do know a lot of their (old) songs and it would be an honor to hear them live. The moment they announced the venue was in the parking lot - I jumped for joy. Please do not misunderstand that I’m taking advantage but I can’t shell out a lot of money for 1 day. I commend people who do, especially if it’s to hear and see their favorite band live. During my job interview two months ago, my eyes twinkled to see that we have a front view of the concert grounds from the 9th floor and from that day I made it a point to watch it regardless of the time or the people I’m with. And boy was it one of the magical nights. I stayed from beginning to end and my smile was from ear to ear as I hear them sing live the songs I was only used to hearing on my earphones. I will never forget this night!

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you had a wonderful month this April and wishing you a fun-filled summer vacation! 

Can’t wait for the new @MiiR retail store to open up! The store will be equal parts an artisan coffee shop, a place to pick up a beer on tap, and a place to check out the latest MiiR goodies, like this rad tumbler.

Maybe if I get me crying about this job to go viral they’ll hire me out of pity.

At any other time I know I’d be in with a great shot, but I’m 7 months along and they’re a NEW store opening up, which means they’ll need a team asap and can’t just. Have a temp until I can work, especially since it’s a management position and they’ll NEED strong management when they open.