Every day can be a new start, right? It doesn’t have to be Monday, or the first of a month, it doesn’t even have to be a new day. Every second can be the start of a new life. I feel like this is a soothing thought, because whenever I feel like my life isn’t quite going into the right direction, I can stop, pause, think and then turn everything around to make sure I’m heading the right way. I’ve done a few things I’m not very proud of recently, but what’s in the past shall remain in the past and I’m willing to change my thoughts and behaviours. The good thing is, it’s never too late to change. I want you to be part of this journey, I want to interact with people who inspire me and help me to bring more positivity and excitement into this dull and mundane life. Sometimes, I’m so caught up in work and Uni that I forget to have some breaks, relax, meditate, breathe … I wanna start practicing yoga again and meditate every day and I’ll share my journey on this blog. Peace and love to all of you✌🏼️

Tonight is the first New Moon of the year. A new Moon, A new year and a new you. This is the time to cast off 2015 once and for all and start our journey into 2016.

The Capricorn New Moon represents freedom and liberation. Liberate your mind first and your freedom will follow. Capricorn reminds you to follow the beat of your own drum. Be unique. Be original. Be who you really are. Take a walk on the weird side of life. You may find a part of yourself that has been begging for expression. This is the Capricorn New Moon message.

A new cycle is beginning for you. The Capricorn New Moon can empower you to move in a bold direction. You may break free from bad habits and relationships. You are no longer distracted by fear and doubt. You are ready to be who you were born to be. This is a time of great luck, so go out and try new things, use this lucky time to grow businesses, start new jobs, go to interviews, find a new love.

Change your mind, you change your life. See your challenges from a different perspective, see your challenges as opportunities for growth, they keep your life fresh and lively. Your life can be much freer than you may have realized. In this way, new opportunities will emerge for you. Believe in your dreams coming true. Believe when you wish upon a star your dreams come true. The star is shinning on you right now. The New Moon is opening up a new path way for you. Perhaps it was there all along and now your eyes are opened.

This New Moon will strengthen the impact for change. This is setting the tone for the New Year. Get out of your own way. Move out of your comfort zone. Make bold beginnings. Uranus is encouraging you to have a fresh start. Be innovative. Don’t allow the negative ego to hold back your dreams. Listen to your intuition. You intuition is your inner knowledge. Allow your Higher Self to guide you to new relationships and goals. Sudden unexpected opportunities can come to you from out of the blue.

There are new perspectives to be enjoyed now and this Moon reminds us that no matter how far we may have strayed from where we want to be we can always get back there as long as there is hope and the will to move and grow yourself.

Capricorn is ruled by the element of Earth, this is all about grounding yourself and making solid foundations on which to grow. This New Moon asks us to put emotions aside and look at ourselves and our lives with our head and not with the heart. We will be able to see things in a clear way now and look at ourselves and other aspects of our lives in a more honest and critical way. The new energy of the New Moon brings with it a visionary outlook, courage in the face of the unknown and a willingness to persevere as we step boldly and consciously into the new.

Have a Blessed New Moon and may the Goddess watch over you.

Hi all.

Hope you guys don’t mind a minute to have a quick read of this.

One of my closest friends is having a hard time at the moment. Her lovely bunny Monty has health problems and constantly needs his teeth doing. As any of you with pets will know, this is not cheap. Factor in that she has a mortgage to pay and god knows how many bills and you can problem understand just how difficult this is.

You might be thinking, “oh it’s just a rabbit” but people don’t understand that he is part of her family. She lives on her own and he is like her child. She has lost bunnies in the past and very recently (due to some absolutely idiots letting off fireworks right next to her house), she has lost Monty’s gorgeous girlfriend Cotton. I just want her to have a happy life with him for as long as she can.

She is currently redecorating his room (yes, that’s right, he has a whole room to himself!) to give him the best life she can. She is also going to start rescuing more rabbits to give them a better life.

So please, even if you can just spare £1, it would make all the difference to her. I wouldn’t normally post something like this but I had to help in some way and I know I can reach quite a few people this way.

Thanks for reading.


Here is the original post: People who know me will understand how important this is to me. Monty is my best friend and is going through a really rough time with his health. I am currently completely redecorating a room for him to give him the best life he could have, for as long as he is around. After Monty this room is going to be dedicated to rescue rabbits that are too difficult to rehome due to health or behavior etc. This might sound stupid to some, but I can’t help caring about these animals and I want to do what I can to help. Please help me, help them, by sharing this.