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Prince Jacen Solo inspecting the Hapan Fleet
Balmain, Spring 2018

What If… Alderaan wasn’t destroyed by the Death Star. Leia Organa ascended the throne a few months after the Battle of Endor.


“…to this day Solo is best remembered as the Supreme Commander of Hapan Fleet, but during the years he held that position he revolutionized the Armed Forces of the Hapes Consortium. Yet it were the political and diplomatic skills he learned on Alderaan that made it possible, which Jacen Solo acknowledge in a letter to his father.


New music from Paul.

Stella’s new menswear film starring Cillian Murphy.
6 Reasons This Chinese Pop Star Should Be Your New Menswear Style Crush
In search of a new source for menswear style inspiration? Look no further than the Instagram account of Chinese superstar Luhan.
By Janelle Okwodu

Chinese singer and actor Luhan has chart-topping albums and hit movies—his latest, Time Raiders, a fantasy drama, was a box office smash—to his name, but it is his adventurous taste in clothes that has people talking. A fan of distinctive looks that manage to tread the line between fashion-forward and approachable, Luhan balances his wardrobe by keeping an eye toward the classics.

His stable of bomber jackets, limited-edition sneakers, and the occasional tuxedo is well worth watching, especially on Instagram, where those pieces are styled with aplomb, and then shared with millions of followers. The fresh-faced performer inspires adoration among teens, but his skillful interpretation of menswear has a universal appeal. Here, six reasons why his Instagram account is well worth a follow.

1. His sneaker game is next level.
Like many male pop stars, Luhan has an affinity for sneakers—the more hard to find, the better; Yeezys, Riccardo Tisci Nikes, and retro Air Jordans all make appearances in his feed.

2. He’s not afraid to wear color head to toe.
Though he’s currently back to his natural hair color, Luhan frequently experiments with brighter hues, and has gone platinum blond and dabbled with silver and orange dye jobs in the past.

3. He’s a master of composition.
More than simply showing off his latest fashion acquisitions, Luhan is a master of composition, and knows how to create an editorial-worthy shot with little more than an iPhone.

4. His watch collection is thoroughly dream-worthy.
With pieces from Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille in his collection, Luhan is following in the footsteps of high-profile watch enthusiasts like Jay Z.

5. He knows that quality is more important than quality.
Unlike the outfit-of-the-day crowd, Luhan only updates when his look is truly worth documenting. Showing off streetwear brands such as FourTwoFour on Fairfax, Off-White, and Fear of God when the mood takes him, he keeps things interesting while posting selfies relatively infrequently.

6. And yes, it doesn’t hurt that he’s also handsome.
Be it a Saint Laurent tuxedo or a simple T-shirt and jeans, Luhan never fails to bring charm and good looks to each outfit.