new starkid musical

  • me: *takes a deep breath*

  • me: i lo-
anyone who has spent five seconds around me ever: yes, you love darren criss, we get it okay, you love darren criss, he is the brightest fucking starshine in your life, you fucking adore him, yes okay yes, you love darren criss, jesus christ how many times are we gonna go through this, yOU FUCKING LOVE DARREN CRISS

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did you know that starkid's new musical firebringer has a bi lead and a canon w/w relationship at the end and the full thing is available on youtube for free!! 💗💜💙

That’s awesome!!! They made A Very Potter Musical too and that was a work of genius. I’ll check it out, here’s the link y'all!
Update 5: Let's get FUNDED by SUNDAY! · Firebringer - StarKid's New Stone Age Musical


“We’ve upped the stakes! If you get us funded before Sunday, we’ll release an audio recording of A VERY POTTER CHRISTMAS as well as the script! That means you could get your hands on TWO unreleased StarKid shows if you include Starship Requiem! I think we can do it, and I hope we do, too! AVPX-MAS is a very funny addition to the Very Potter universe. So let’s hit that $88k mark! Also, THANKS FOR GETTING US TO 1600 BACKERS!!! Just last night we had only a little over 1500. 100 backers in one day is YUGE! We’re getting very excited for the summer when we look at how well this is doing :) Let’s bring it home!

Sincerely,Team StarKid”