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Sister’s Industrial School, looking east from Saint Francis Cathedral (under construction in foreground), Santa Fe, New Mexico

Photographer: Ben Wittick
Date: 1880?
Negative Number 015857

Sister’s Industrial School, built in 1878 - 1881, was later used as hospital, St. Vincent Sanitarium, which burned June 12, 1896

St. Vincent Album Speculation - Fan Frothing - Etc.

by Anthony Wetmore

With her debut, Marry Me, Annie Clark (St. Vincent) painted a pastel picture rife with an inky-black rage, though perhaps suburban frustration. Her second album, Actor, saw a release in tension, but a tight focus on the blaring ennui that is life, a fairy tale with bloody consequences. Strange Mercy, I would argue her most personal record to date wound through glimmering tales of shadowy triumph and rebellion. Her latest, St. Vincent (self-titled), paints a picture of Ms. Clark we were not previously privy to, that of her as a Future Queen, mining a realm of diamond-encrusted microchips and leaving few standing in her wake.

The tremors of a new album coming out, rumored collaboration with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, among others, along with the release of her directorial debut on the upcoming all female horror anthology film ’XX’, Annie has been busy. A snippet of a new song, which I will call, for lack of title “New York is New York”, gives us a taste of what she may have in store, a sweet, yet chilling tune with lyrics that are as likely to embrace you as break your neck. There is promise for bigger and brighter darkness to come from the established guitar virtuoso. It is unclear which direction she will take this new album in. Having always made the guitar scream, weep or laugh at her whim, she has let the synthetic seep in, adding yet another layer to her very varied discography. We may see a further merging of the two in new and exciting ways, and perhaps a sprinkling of horns found both on Actor and her joint project Love This Giant with David Byrne of the Talking Heads. Whatever it is Clark has cooking up for us, it is sure to please the ear, put a lurch in your stomach and tug at your heart strings in one fell swoop.

More information coming as we get it. Stick to Nerd Hall for more music news.

“Teenage Talk” by St. Vincent // Girls - Season 4 (2015)

Not sure how long this link will be up at Soundcloud, or if the track is even officially named, “Teenage Talk”, but this new St. Vincent track from last night’s episode of the HBO series, Girls, is just too good to ignore. It’s subtle, but it sneaks up on you and the next thing you know, you’re playing it on repeat for like two hours. 

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