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Guys, Zelo really did it with Howler, and besides jamming in my chair for the past half hour, I’ve also been mulling over how lucky we are to have him. Imagine how different B.A.P would be without him! I’m emotional hearing his song today. Not just because he said “Free Love Real Ill” (which wow thumbs up kiddo that was a nice nod to Yongguk), but also because he uploaded it telling us to listen whenever we’re “sick and tired of monotonous life cycle.” He worked hard on this song, then released it basically saying “cheer up!” Well that just speaks volumes about his character.

I don’t know how he can ever, ever think poorly of himself or his skills. He single-handedly just made my entire weekend with this song. Some rappers, once confident enough to release solos, start drifting into more mainstream or vulgar or degrading things. I know Zelo’s a grown man, but he (and Yongguk) are still respectable rappers and people and I appreciate that so much. Here’s me once again saying we should love Zelo, really love him. There aren’t enough rappers out there with his mentality and purity and skill and we need to treasure him for this. B.A.P, this fandom, and the rap industry would be completely different without him.

I tell everyone this and I mean it. Buy a journal. Carry it with you everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. Write about your favorite moments, your least favorite moments, ideas, grocery lists, people you’ve met, strangers you’ve walked past on the street, favorite quotes, words to remember, what the sky looked like at 7pm, new songs you’ve discovered and what they mean to you, your childhood, places you want to go or places you’ve been, write about your passions, how you feel in this exact moment, draw out the mountains, scribble all over the pages. And when that one gets full, buy a new one. Reread it in 2 years, 20 years, when you need a good laugh, when you’re crying on your bathroom floor, read it to your children. You need to remember these moments in your life. They are so important.

A Shin from today’s doodles

All of the things I feel inside my beating heart feed my head lies…  

Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 


reputation + songs // part II

i was busy thinkin bout hockey boys

The signs as REP songs
  • aries: Look What You Made Me Do
  • taurus: Getaway Car
  • gemini: Gorgeous
  • cancer: Call It What You Want
  • leo: End Game
  • virgo: Delicate
  • libra: So It Goes...
  • scorpio: Dress
  • sagittarius: New Year's Day
  • capricorn: This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
  • aquarius: Don't Blame Me
  • pisces: I Did Something Bad