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Little Mix - Get Weird (DELUXE)

1) Black Magic.2) Love Me Like You.3) Weird People.4) Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo.5) Hair.6) Grown.7) I Love You.8) OMG.9) Lightning.10) A.D.I.D.A.S.11) Love Me or Leave Me.12) The End.13) I Won’t.14) Secret Love Song (Part II)15) Clued Up.16) The Beginning.
Little Mix “Get Weird” for new 80s themed album - Track By Track Review

Since the year 2000, how many pop albums have been branded “retro” for their ‘return to the 80s/90s’ sound? Well I don’t know either but I will take a wild guess and say that out of the probably 100s of albums claiming to do this, not many have done it as successfully as British pop girl group “Little Mix” have done with their third album “Get Weird”, and while there are some missteps along the way, this album is surely one of the most enjoyable pop albums of 2015 (and 1987 if it had’ve existed).

Black Magic

If you’re from Oceania or Australia or are just one of their 101 million youtube viewers, you definitely know this lead single, “Black Magic”. The start to this retro era and the album, the Little Mix girls storm into album with drums pounding, magic spells and a very 80s chorus channeling “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper (1983). At #1 for 3 weeks in the UK, this song is surely a classic that will have your grandkids questioning when exactly you were born while you reminisce on your childhood favorites.

Love Me Like You

The Second song, and second hit single from the album, Love Me Like You continues the group’s 80s theme, with a song that could very easily fit in any quintessential 1980s teen movies prom scene, as their Prom themed music video also suggests. It’s definitely slower than ‘Black Magic’ but still just as fun, and even though the lyrics are mostly about a lost love the girls want to reclaim because no one can “Love Me Like You”, you’ll find yourself dancing and bopping more than you would crying and weeping.

Weird People

Arguably the most 80s (tired of me saying ‘80s’ too?) song on the album, Weird People keeps up the album’s pace and theme, forcing you into a sort of musical time capsule. The song with its funky bass and classic vocoder support vocal, could fit right into the opening or ending credits of any of the decades classic movies (Most likely Ghostbusters due to its “weird people” lyrics). It screams and perfects retro. If only it wasn’t in mp3 quality I’d suggest tricking your parents/grandparents into trying to say they remember it.

Secret Love Song (f/ Jason Derulo)

Unfortunately the 80s party theme is put on hold here for the sake of a ballad collaboration with Jason Derulo. Unlike their previous album “Salute” (2013), Little Mix’s ballads on this album fall short of their standard. This song is pretty, but if you’re gonna interrupt 10 straight minutes of false (most of their demographic weren’t alive for the 80s or even much of the 90s) nostalgia, it better be amazing. Derulo adds a nice touch to the song, and their vocals of Perrie Edwards and him together are great for an album selling award show performance, but does anyone find it weird when a group of already multiple people collaborate with even more people?


And we’re back! Hair, the first promotional single from the album brings us back to the party, but this time we’re lost in the time capsule. While the song isn’t 80s themed, it’s also not current, or 90s or 70s. It’s basically its own sound that you won’t find on the radio or any pop albums today. That what makes it so good, and such a good filler song, a sort of interlude into their best song next: Grown 


Arguably the best pop song of 2015, the girls deny the advances of a guy because they’re “Grown Now” and can “Hold their own”. With lyrics like “Your voice dropped, you thought that you could handle me” (your future instagram selfie quote), amazing harmonies, a horn beat drop (Honestly who else is doing this), and a stripped back vocal bridge, this is pop perfection. The bass is loud enough for this to be everyone’s 2016 “No Scrubs” type of song. The only thing here better than this song is the live version, Edward’s run in the bridge is presented more successfully than the album version, a testament to her and the Mix girls’ vocal abilities. 

I Love You

This is the first effective ballad on the album. While it sounds like it could also fit on Selena Gomez’ Revival, the vocals and harmonies from 4 different girls give the song the extra push above Revival’s ballads. While Selena is the calm, and Demi Lovato is the storm, I Love You by Little Mix is the perfect breezy hour before the two swap out. Vocals are served, falsettos are used, emotions are touched. 


Another theme finally! This song is definitely a mix between 80s pop, late 90s pop, and Britney bitch! The lyrics scream “Oops I Did It Again”: “Oh my god, I did it again” While it is definitely a filler song (seriously girls, please don’t even try to make this a single, there’re many better options) it’s great to have another themed song, and add towards the cohesiveness of the album


Any 2NE1 fan would love this song. It contains the darkest, most current production off the album and reminds you immediately of Come Back Home by the Korean pop girl group with its powerful beat drop. Asian market single? Definitely girls, just stay away from ‘OMG’. In addition to polished production, the girls also serve amazing vocals, both soft and harcore, throughout the entire song as well as a indistinguishable chant during the bridge most likely the girls ending every other group’s career, watch out Fifth Harmony. (Update: the chant is from an ancient 13th century Medieval Latin poem, truly ‘weird’ for a 2015 pop album girls right? but i’m loving it)


When I saw this song on the tracklist I thought, “Well they have a song about Adidas, this can’t be any good”, but actually it turned out to be their most grown up song on the album. The girls explicitly sing about “shh (sex) with you” to an 80s style bassline. With high falsettos and little yelps here and there, as well as its sexually suggestive lyrics, the song can’t be interpreted in any other way, and that’s the best way to transition into adult music. When their next album has a “Parental Advisory” sticker, kids can easily say “Well mom they’ve been singing about the same things for years now”. Good jobs girls

Love Me Or Leave Me

A typical Little Mix ballad, any fan knows the formula. However the vocals from Jade serve a kind of emotion matched by current emoters such as Adele or Demi Lovato, if only this was her song alone she would have you crying, but depending on who you are, the last half of the song may do that on its own.

The End

A small tear appears in my eye, it’s been a wild ride through decades of pop and to different countries and genres and it’s finally the end, but I don’t want it to end (thank god theres 4 extra bonus songs on the deluxe edition, go get it, it has a better cover art too). As cheesy as it sounds, The End is the perfect title to this song, the 80s theme of the album, and the relationship theme of the album. This song was one of my favorites since they sang it live at radio stations across America in July. As a testament to the group’s live vocals and harmonies, the studio version didn’t live up to my expectations. Maybe the fact that Edwards & her ex-fiance Zayn Malik had just broken up gave the live versions an extra push of emotion, or just the fact that their vocal producers were rushing can excuse this. The song is still just as beautiful, but the vocals don’t sound as emotive or cohesive as the numerous A+ live versions. Nonetheless, it works as a great ending to the album, and i’m always here for this group and an acapella. 

Once again I say that this is one of the most enjoyable albums of the year, and while it does show a downgrade from their last album (They were made for R&B inspired music) it remains above the previous attempt at pop, DNA, their debut album. However the best part about this album is that it’s different. While most other girl groups go from generic pop to R&B to grow up, these girls have taken the step in a totally different direction, and while it can be seen as a downgrade, I think it’s better to credit their creativity. I personally am very excited to hear where they go next with their next album (hopefully the 90s/early 2000s).



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The first ever live performance of Little Mix’s new song, The End, from their upcoming album, Get Weird.


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There’s so much lesbian subtext in Little Mix’s new song: Secret Love Song and they confirmed it’s intentional! I noticed that it fits perfectly with Hayley Kiyoko’s Cliff’s Edge music video and overlapped it. So many feels, check it out! xx