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CNCO Feat Little Mix - Reggaeton Lento (Remix) 

Jay Chou

I kissed your hand, even leaned against your head, let you lie on my chest – but the person doing those things now is no longer me. All these little things are known as sadness to me; oh, grief. The days, they start to pass; without you, time still continues on. It’s not that bad. I will silently endure it all. It was enough that we were once happy because we’re together. My warmth and your coldness have created fog- when a heart is drawn on such fogged up glass, is it blurred or does it become more clear?

What kind of man are you? Silently watched her walk away without asking/saying anything. How naive can you be? Quit pretending… She waits for you to pull her back, but instead you politely stepped aside. What kind of man are you? Still in love with her, but to scared to tell her, “wait (don’t go).” Okay, fine, keep doing what you’re doing. (But) she’ll meet someone better. 


awesome mix vol. MORE || a peter quill & guardians of the galaxy 2 fanmix

a hypothetical guardians of the galaxy 2 mix (just listen and picture the adventures, guys). or: more rad tunes that peter quill collects and rocks out to with the gang as they bomb around the galaxy.

for more of doing a little bit of bad, a little bit of good, a little bit of both. for a bunch of jack-asses standing in a circle, for pelvic sorcery, for being one of the idiots who live in the galaxy.

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So my girlfriend has to go on a five-day trip with 12-year olds and she asked me to make a playlist for their party. Naturally, I snuck in some of my own favorite songs and she also asked the kids to write down their three favorite songs. Turns out some of these kids have exceptional taste in music and actually wrote down some of the songs that I had already put on the playlist. Good job, 12-year old Little Mixers.

also K-pop? Which surprised me but holy shit I love the fact that these kids like music from other cultures <3


Little Mix - Get Weird (DELUXE)

1) Black Magic.2) Love Me Like You.3) Weird People.4) Secret Love Song ft. Jason Derulo.5) Hair.6) Grown.7) I Love You.8) OMG.9) Lightning.10) A.D.I.D.A.S.11) Love Me or Leave Me.12) The End.13) I Won’t.14) Secret Love Song (Part II)15) Clued Up.16) The Beginning.

The first ever live performance of Little Mix’s new song, The End, from their upcoming album, Get Weird.