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You're The Only One

❁ Request: So can you do a Yoongi imagine where we’re in a big fight and you flinch as he does something ?
❁ Group: BTS
❁ Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
❁ Genre: Angst || Fluff
❁ Word Count: 1392
❁ Summary: Yoongi comes home, only to ignore you the entire time. After getting fed up with getting ignored, you try to talk to your boyfriend only to be accused of cheating on him with one of his members.
❁ Authors note: I am so so so so so sorry that this took so long, i really hope you like it. Also I am really sorry if this is bad, I haven’t written anything other than school assignments for over a year and I’ve never written in second person before. Thank you so so so much @evalocity​ for not only encouraging me write this, giving me some ideas and editing it, but for also continually telling me that I am a good writer who is capable of finally finishing this imagine. ily boo xx. feel free to send me how i can improve in my ask box! (this future english major probably, doesn’t even know how to properly space out paragraphs so lol if someone wants to tell me how to do that feel free) also I might rename this later on

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It Takes A Lot To Know A Man
Damien Rice
It Takes A Lot To Know A Man

Damien Rice - It Takes A Lot To know A Man

I like the new album. This song in particular. The first few minutes are rather dull and the lyrics oh so lame. But then 3.40 mins in, the song halts and enters a dark eerie place. The voices in my head are singing all at once, an alien spaceship is hovering high above, the wind is blowing, the ceiling is leaking, the violins start weeping. Then all possible instruments present in the recording studio come to the rescue for a big orchestral flourish before it goes quiet again with a fluttering finish that lingers. A hot mess, I love it. 



august cant get here fast enough

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So here I am listening to I Guess I Need U and I'm like this sounds nice then midway I go oKAAY NO THANK U and I check comments on vid and a person said "Is this Body & Soul pt.2?" and I'm like what?? So I go check that song and I go oKAAY NO THANK U. tHEN there's another comment saying "I swear to god if you haven't seen the live version you haven't lived" aND SO I go to check. *Few mins later* oKAAY NO THANK U I'M STAYING OUT OF THAT BYEEEE, WAS NICE TO MEET U, I NEED TO GOOOO

I’m fucking yelling, Body and Soul is like THEEEEE SONG that murders everyone I lovelovelovelove seeing new fans runintoitcauseholyshittheperformanceandthesongitselfandthem…thrusting


Things I would like to see more if Wander Over Yonder comes back by popular demand:
  • Disney allowing Craig McCracken and his old crew to use the S3 ideas vaguely hinted meant to close out the series in a big way (be a Season 3 or a TV Movie)
  • Wander dealing with a new threat worse than Dominator (Hinted)
  • Further character development for the Main 4 in the new arc hinted
  • More musical numbers both plot driven and entertainingly fun (in other words, another musical episode in a 22 min. serialized episode, a bit of 11 min. one off musical type episodes, and a few with one song)
  • Main 4 interactions better and funnier than The Robomechabotatron as a small start! As well as further bonding frenemy style!
  • Main 4 singing as a harmonious quartet!
  • Solo songs for each Main 4
  • Duet with Mains and supporting characters
  • More razzle dazzle dance numbers!
  • Lord Hater’s backstory
  • Dominator after her defeat
  • Villains from Cule-de-sac Planet-ish
  • Experimental cartoony antics
  • Pete
  • Basically to avoid unsolicited suggestions, surpass what made Season 2 and 1 great by going all out in the hilarity, cartoony effects, song and dance numbers, emotional moments, and sincerity in the journey that would win some viewers who may not like it at first. Especially on exploring further development as tested in Season 2.
Bad boys and good-byes chapter 2

Pairing: Jikook
Author: blt_prf
Words: 3206
Genre: Highschool au
Summary: Jungkook’s life as a newly debuted singer is way too busy and he can’t afford to get distracted by Taehyung’s noisy friends, never mind fall in love with one of them.

January | February | March | April | May | June |
July | August | September | October | November | December

For the past few weeks Taehyung has done nothing but try to convince Jungkook to meet his friends, although the latter explained over and over that he had no time and was either busy practicing or working on his new song, which wasn’t entirely false.

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How would they react to you inviting them over to your country for a holiday? I'm from an island and it's considered a summer paradise because of the nature and beach( let me know if you want pictures ^_- )

oh yes ! pls send me some pictures anon *-* !

Jin : “al song as there’s a beach chair for my beauty breaks I’m in”

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Yoongi : “Min Sugaaaaaaaaa’s in !!”

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Hoseok : “I’ll come if you promise me there are no sharks in the water !” forever scared Hobi

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Namjoon : already seeing himself seeking new inspiration for lyrics

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Jimin : dance of joy “yay the beach !”

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Taehyung : grabs swimshorts and swim googles “I’m ready ! let’s go !”

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Jungkook : "hope you don’t mind, I brought a few friends”

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OGS Returns Day 1 fan account

well well! Today was the day of…

…jongie in a birdcage!
he entered the stage in a birdcage that was lowered slowly down. oh my. i was sad the jacket covered his ass until he took it off for paradise, when I was able to enjoy the zippers placed on the cheeks. yes!

…wardrobe fixin’
Jongie kept adjusting his clothing and shoes when he was standing still while others spoke. More so than I’ve seen him do before, eg he turned away to fix his belt. He also had some prob with the inner ear mic at first and had to run off to get it fixed.

…butt dancing
fans shouted at Jongie to wiggle his butt during an MC section. so he lifted his long jacket to reveal the tight white trousers (thank you stylist!!) and did a proper wiggly butt and hip dance for us for a good few mins. i screamed. and laughed. and screamed again. then realised Hoya was looking at me. heh. he looked amused.
the others all did a wiggle butt dance too but they got music played; Jongie just wiggled to the music in his mind I guess. sub unit!!
Infinite F!
Jongie, L and Sungyeol performed as a sub unit. Jongie danced in the centre of the extended stage a lot. he almost lost his hat at one point though!

Infinite H new song
Infinite F sub-unit
Infinite comeback will be april!!!
Instead of playing the Inconvenient truth vid they cut it, came out and danced to it. Loved that dance, suits Jongie so well.
there was also a new insert vid based on the genius, most of it was lost on me but the guys were all in suits and whatever the game was Jongie lost it. there were some precious gyujong moments in the vid though, Gyu stroking Jongies hair~~

…Jongie fanservice
He beckoned with one finger at the audience (at a part that’s not in the choreo) at one point, and also came over to my section, and threw us a heart before he shot an aegyo arrow at us. he also waved towards me during man in love but i was just like a deer in headlights and did nothing to respond but stare at him. O_O sorry jongie!

…what made him laugh?
during nothings over he got the giggles, bad, maybe it was something woohyun said or did because Woohyun just kept looking at him and grinning as he turned away to laugh

…a revolving stage
During ‘to you’ the extended stage lifted and revolved!

…dongwoo butt smacking as always
Dongwoo smacked a few of them on the ass in succession as they lined up for an MC section.

…the hair…?!?
the jury is still out for me on his quite gingery long hair colour. i liked some of the styles they gave him to start off the song with, like on the inconvenient truth. but by the end of each song he was flipping it out of his face sweatily… i’m not sure this is the best style for him tbh

…the elusive jong
he spent a lot of time over in section B and the extended stage today so i didnt get to observe him as closely as usual. but whenever i saw him moving around he was waving, smiling, seemed full of energy and sweat!?!

Aish thats all i can remember for now.. gotta sleep so I can get up for goods and day 2!!

JYP Artists Current Activites

2PM: Touring Japan and are releasing their 10th Japanese single.

Baek A Yeon: Preparing for her role in ‘Cinderella’. Just finished her mini-concert.

15& (Jimin): Releasing a new song/collaboration.

GOT7: Still promoting around Asia, going to award shows and new photo shoots.

JY Park: Active on variety shows, and is now helping 2PM with their new single.

Twice: Preparing hard for their debut.

Wonder Girls: Promoting on music shows, and doing photo shoots for magazines. Also appearing on a few variety shows. 

miss A:……………………..No Group Activities………..