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A message from the SCP IO team

Hi folks. Rog here. I know I made a statement the first time the President ordered a trans ban in the military. However now that it is moving forward we feel it is due to reiterate that message. The following statement was written by subletea for our dA page and is being reposted here in its entirety. Stay safe out there.


For those of you who keep up with current events in America, you might be aware that Trump has now banned transgender people from being recruited into the military, and transgender people who are currently serving in the military are barred from access to medical treatment for their transition.

Regardless of how you personally may feel about the military, this is an undoubted continuance of government policies that seem to have no basis other than cruelty. This new policy serves as nothing but an affirmation that our leader here in America is a close-minded bigot who cares nothing for running the country how it should be run, but instead using his position like he’s still on his reality television show. A grown man playing with a country like a boy with his toys. 

Now, here is an affirmation for all the members of the SCP Community, both on dA, across our social media presence, and on the wiki itself.

We will always strive to be an inclusive and friendly space, regardless of your gender identity, your orientation, your race, your creed. There will be no tolerated hate, no bigotry even when sometimes it seems bigotry is all that surrounds you. Over the past five years our community has changed massively and for the better to be more tolerant and open and we have grown and prospered for it. We will not let hate drag us down.

I speak for every single one of us on staff when I say that we will be here for you and support you no matter who you are, no matter what faith you practice, no matter who you love, no matter the color of your skin. You have a place here. 


Nina x Inej (Modern AU fanfic/headcanon)

-they have a puppy named Peanut and they love him very much (nina is the one who spoils him, she buys him toys every week and feeds him a cookie even though inej told her to stop 8 cookies ago)
-inej loves to kiss nina’s cheeks and neck
-Nina and Inej travel all around the world, have fun trying new things; they always post on social media making everyone jealous of them
-They spend their sundays playing video games and cuddling
-When she’s angry or nervous, Inej likes to hold Nina’s hand
-Nina can get anything by using her baby voice (Inej can’t possibly resist it)
-One time, when they where in a tech shop looking for a toaster, a shopping assistant walked up to them behind Inej and asked them if they could help. Inej was startled and violently jerked and replied in a really weird voice “Uhhhmm yeah we are looking for a toaster and we need some help, please.” while turning redder and redder with every second. Nina almost burst out laughing but she ran as far away as possible and laughed sooo hard and she was getting weird looks, because how can it not be weird for a girl laughing in the vacuum aisle as if she just saw/heard the funniest thing ever
-Nina tortures Inej by reminding her of this incident and she just gently pushes her telling her to stop as she blushes
-On valentine’s day Inej thought she should buy Nina something cute so she went to the mall and into their favorite clothes shop. She almost ran away when she spotted nina across the shop. She covered her face as fast as possible and pretended to be very interested in a weird “i’m in my sixties and have 9 grandchildren” screaming dress. Nina must have also noticed her, because she turned away and blushed. She went to a dressing room and stayed there for almost an hour; they never talked about this and never will
-They almost broke up once so they both asked Jesper and Wylan for advice (without the other knowing). They recommended they take a break for at least a week and a half. After two days Nina went crying to Inej and begged her to get back together, saying that she will do everything for their relationship to last. Inej didn’t want to show any emotion at first, but soon she was also crying and hugging Nina. They promised they were never going to have a massive argue ever again and they kept their promise
-Inej wants to help Nina study but Inej just makes it worse: Nina cannot focus when she is so close to her and always has to stop when she is about to make out with her over the chemistry booknotes. She once couldn’t help herself so she just said out loud “fuck it” and kissed Inej. She wanted to back away but she soon forgot about homework

-Inej is the one good at technology; Nina asks for help for the easiest things just so Inej will come and fix the problem with a frown on her face and mumbling about how annoying Nina is sometimes

-Inej was the one who proposed; they were in Amsterdam after they got caught in the rain and missed their train. Nina noticed something was off but she didn’t say anything, she thought Inej was nervous because they almost got lost. Inej got on one knee in the middle of the Dam Square and proposed to Nina. The crowd stoped and cheered after Nina said yes, and Inej started crying