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How to Describe Yourself to Your Pen Pal

The basics are your age, location, and gender, but what about some other things to spice up the conversation?

-Places you’ve been to

-Favorite music

-A secret that you haven’t told before

-Your most embarrassing moment

-What you want to be when you’re older

-What superpower you would have and why

- Favorite foods

-Introverted or extroverted?

-Zodiac sign

-Things you want to fix about yourself

-Describe how you were as a 7 year old

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@instishoot he’s ready for his date with mary :^)

As everyone knows I have a hell of a lot of snails that are forever growing. Now because of this I cannot keep them all into adulthood, that would be to much to handle(to many tanks, to much feeding and God forbid if they had babies). Therefore if there is anyone who lives in the United Kingdom who would be willing to take them on and care for them (do your research first, good homes only, preferably people who have or already owned GALS please) then please contact me, thanks.


hi guys! I am Yrsa, fifteen year old girl from the Netherlands. I discovered studyblrs  about two months ago, and I’m totally hooked!  I take classes like economics, geography, maths, history, french, german, english and dutch.  

Some things I love include field hockey, I am a goalie. I also very much love fashion! I’m that girl who stays up late at night to watch fashion show all over the wordl. Then I dream of going there when I’m old enough… Another thin I love to do is to send snail mail, because I can put my creativity into it. 

I hope you like my blog, 



Dreaming of Sweet Bay

I know, I only took 3 pictures BUT this town, Sweet Bay by @king-snail, is so beautiful, it is totally worth a visit. (or two!) The beach was my favourite area outside, I loved the blankets in the sand. And my favourite room was this awesome spa area. Enjoy your stay!

Dream Address: 5C00-003C-66C3
Owner: @king-snail
Snails' Corp
We're a small group of artists who decided to challenge ourselves to make a drawing a week, you can...

Hey guys!

Me and some friends decided to challenge ourselves to draw a drawing a week, and one colored drawing a month. Some of us struggle with producing art on a regular basis so this is helping us to get stuff done. We thought we’d share our work with tumblr so go take a look, give it a follow! We all have very different art styles, but hopefully you’ll like them. =)


I didn’t know too much about these beautiful stones until i researched them in Slovenia. They are extinct mollusk shells in a coiled spiral form. They are as old as the dinosaurs and are found in fossils of marine rocks! It is a great stone for earth healing and is linked to the Base/Root Chakra. 

  • For protections, relaxation and birthing pains 
  • Enables you to see the whole picture
  • Activates Kundalini & life path energies
  • Attracts wealth, prosperity & success 
  • Draws away negative energies
  • Aids blood pressure & ear problems
  • Increases stamina & vitality 
  • Lifts depression 

there are many things in life i’ve come to realize that are neither virtues or vices but are simply what we make them to be. this isn’t exactly an original conclusion i suppose lol many people talk about moral gray areas. idk.. like religion isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s simply a vessel. what you put into it is what you get out of it. and can help you reach a destination.. but in the end where you end up is decided by you, and your values. disobedience, loyalty, love.. all things that depend on who is wielding them and why. everything we see will be a reflection of the self.. everything we do.


This personal letter from Ann Fisher of Richmond, England, to her niece Esther Powell in Long Island (1808) is an excellent example of cross-writing (or cross hatching), a practice 19th-century letter writers used to save money on postage and paper. The letter is turned sideways and written over. Though cross-writing looks difficult to read, it actually isn’t once you take a closer look–try it!

Ann Fisher letter to Esther Powell, 1808 February 1. New-York Historical Society, MS 2958.3421

Cataloging of the American Historical Manuscript Collection (AHMC), a group of 12,000 small and unique manuscript collections, is made possible by grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation, the Peck Stacpoole Foundation, and the Pine Tree Foundation of New York.