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ID #22326

Name: Daniela
Age: 22
Country: Perú

Hi you all, I study Advertising Communications in college, my mother tongue is spanish and I would love to find lovely people to talk to as often as possible.

I love writing, reading, listening music, binge watching series, my new hobbie is learning about advertisement and I’m pretty curious so I really enjoy learning things and knowing about new people and places. Snail mail can be kinda expensive so I do prefer to talk over email and, even better, whatsapp since I think it´s more personal and I want to find people I can truly be myself with.

Some info about myself:
-I’m a redhead and here in Perú that’s not usual at all so I always end up talking to people that know me but I can’t remember.
-People ALWAYS tell me I look exactly like Mérida from brave, like even random people walking on the street.
-I like thinking about the world, existience, just thinking about it all
-I love animals with my whole being, I have a cat named Lilo
-I’m the middle child, still now sure how I feel about it
-I love sarcasm and Irony A LOT
-I would love to talk without covers with someone, like truly say the kind of things people never say even when they are feeling it.

Preferences: People over 16 years old, any culture, sexuality, orientation, gender, etc, I just don’t want racist (in any way) people, I firmly believe all humans should be equal. People that are okay talking in whatsapp :)

How to Describe Yourself to Your Pen Pal

The basics are your age, location, and gender, but what about some other things to spice up the conversation?

-Places you’ve been to

-Favorite music

-A secret that you haven’t told before

-Your most embarrassing moment

-What you want to be when you’re older

-What superpower you would have and why

- Favorite foods

-Introverted or extroverted?

-Zodiac sign

-Things you want to fix about yourself

-Describe how you were as a 7 year old

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@instishoot he’s ready for his date with mary :^)

ID #20134

Name: Ingunn
Age: 23
Country: Norway

hi!! i’ve been wanting a penpal ever since i was a kid, but never really knew how to get one or was too shy to contact anyone, so here’s a very late attempt i guess!

i’m currently taking a bachelor’s degree in mandarin chinese and i just finished my second year! i love learning languages with all my heart and in addition to mandarin i’m also learning korean and some french on the side, so if you’re studying languages as well that would be awesome!! i’m also willing to teach or help with norwegian~ i enjoy learning about different cultures and i would love to share my own with you too!

i love music - i listen to a wide range of music but the largest portion of it is kpop, mostly because i’ve been listening to it for almost 8 years now and it’s just what i know best tbh. i’m much more of a casual fan now compared to a few years back tho-, traveling -one of my favorite things in the entire world, i’ve been to many different cities and countries but there’s still an endless number of places i want to visit- , long conversations with people - even tho i’m a huge introvert i still love staying up late and having conversations with people, learning to know them. i’m always so fascinated with how much there is to learn from others and getting to know their story, i just really enjoy getting to know people i guess!

i would love to do snail mail if there’s anyone interested in that just because i love getting things in my mailbox and i feel it’s a lot more personal that way? reading the persons handwriting, being able to make it look cute or add small things like a picture or a coin? i just really like the thought of that! but i’m also interested in talking to people through tumblr, email or any other ways of messaging if you’re not up for snail mail!

Preferences: 20+ ish? open-minded and wanting to have long conversations about life and stuff

Here is a little story for you that might brighten your day:

In my mum’s garden, there is a considerably big amount of burgundy snails (escargots). Mum always carries a little bottle of red nail polish around, and whenever she sees a new snail, she draws a number on their little shell. She has counted 48 so far and sends me updates on them. 

ID #34426

Name: Anne
Age: 14
Country: United States

hi there :))

My name is Anne Rose and I am currently looking for a snail mail partner so send cute stuff to now and then.

I looooove learning languages, and am TOTALLY willing to learn yours if you want to write with me. I know a bit of Korean and am challenging myself with Mandarin.

I’m so fascinated by the world so wherever your from, I’d love to hear more about (it’s probably 10x better than the cornfields around here)

I am super people-friendly, can get giddy sometimes, and am really tech-savvy.

However, I am currently only looking for pen-pals.

Preferences: My preferences would be

a) ages near my own

b) people with a dry sense of humor

c) I want to send and receive fun things like candy and stickers

d) welcome to all genders, religions, sexuality, etc and would not like to mail anyone who isn’t.

As everyone knows I have a hell of a lot of snails that are forever growing. Now because of this I cannot keep them all into adulthood, that would be to much to handle(to many tanks, to much feeding and God forbid if they had babies). Therefore if there is anyone who lives in the United Kingdom who would be willing to take them on and care for them (do your research first, good homes only, preferably people who have or already owned GALS please) then please contact me, thanks.

hiii, here I am, again, on my own blog.

I don’t talk about this a whole lot but I like snail mail, pen pals, all that jazz and I’m looking for someone who does as well? 

a few things abt me:

  • I like to write, it’s fucking bomb
  • mythology is everything (especially Greek because I am a cliche and I need to explore other mythologies because it’s all awesome).
  • I like art, puns, pastels, some books and complaining about YA lit.
  • once I get my shit together I’ll send you lots of pictures.
  • I have a whole collection of photographs dedicated to marble butts I know you want to see that shit.
  • my cat is the cutest.
  • I will provide proof in my letters.
  • I have time to make things pretty now because I have a gap year…yaaay (I am unhappy abt that, I can tell you why in a letter ;) )
  • water makes me anxious
  • I like interpunction
  • sometimes, on a very rare occasion I’m a human shitpost
  • otherwise I’m pretty fucking normal

what I’m looking for kinda sorta yeah (not strict on most of these, except for the first one)

  • be fun, don’t be a bigot or something like that, I don’t enjoy that, bye.
  • be somewhere between like 16 and 20?? (I want there to be some sort of connection idk, this is in no way hate to people who are younger or older than that if you’re cool I’ll probs make an exception idk we’ll see, I’m not super duper strict on that.)
  • so bcs of money reasons I’d prefer it if you were from Europe, or north America, sending letters is expensive and I’m a broke (ex) high school student so…pls
  • I’M NOT STRICT ON ANY OF THESE!!! (besides the first one lol) now you can ask yourself, why put them in your post?? I put them in because these are things I would prefer, but if you happen to be a dope person who lives on the other side of the world then it’s cool too, idk, I just want us both to save money and shit aaaaah.
  • also if you live in Europe and we become close/besties af we could potentially meet, that’s always fun (depending on where you live because Europe is actually not that small, I mean it’s small compared to other continents but still…Europe ain’t tiny).

Anyway if you’re interested in all of this (if you’re still reading this bcs I made a long ass post, sorryyyy) then hmu.

studyblr: amsterdamstudies
main: vanduiven
aesthetic: chovanstsjina 

(I’m giving you options, you contact me on whichever tumblr you like lol).


Here is my new pendulum, meditation beads, and my first set of runes! Plus, I got a book about runes! I’m so excited!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day!! 💜💙💚 Message or send me an ask and let me know what you’re up to!

Love and light
Cait ✌

🍍I am still doing free readings (tarot and pendulum) and custom sigils! Just send me an ask or message and I’ll get to it as soon as possible!🍍

ID #76403

Name: Maya
Age: 15
Country: Canada

Hi!! I’m submitting a new one with a bit more detail. My name is Maya, I’m from Canada and I’m 15. I’ve had internet friends before but I have grown apart from them so I’m looking to meet new people through here. If you’re into snail mail I can try to make that happen! I’m pretty athletic and I love to read as well. I’m really into movies and music, especially older kinds. I have 4 cats, 1 dog and a hamster. I absolutely love animals!! I identity as female and I’m straight but I am totally accepting of any gender or sexual orientation. I don’t have a huge friend group so that’s another reason I want to try to make new friends on here. I’m down to talk about anything really, I’m a very open and understanding person. Some other interests i have are makeup, musicals and photography. I see myself as a more socially awkward person but I can still be really outgoing. I love having a good conversation with someone so I’m looking to talk to someone who can be consistent with it. I find that I’m pretty mature for my age and I’ve been through a lot so I can understand and relate to some situations. My fav artists are Lana Del Rey, Marina and the Diamonds, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Kanye West, Khalid, Pierce the veil, Sia, Travis Scott, A$AP Mob, Kodak Black, Coldplay, Bryson Tiller and many more! My favorite tv shows are Shameless, 13 rw, Riverdale, american horror story, Skins, Friends, and Freaks and geeks. My fav movies are Pulp Fiction, The virgin suicides, Moonrise kingdom, Palo Alto, Donnie Darko and many more! I’m really hoping I can find someone with common interests:) 

Preferences: I would prefer someone around my age so 14-18 and someone who shares similar interests, but it’s also good to talk to people with different interests. Gender doesn’t matter to me!