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GroovyRoom - Sunday (feat.Jay Park, Heize)

“Sunday, Sunday when I hold your hand and walk

Sunday, Sunday I wish time would stop

Sunday, Sunday even if the weekend is here, if you’re not, what good is it?

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Can you do the rfa+Saeran reacting to a really loud fangirling Mc?


  • He’s always happy to see them passionate about something they love, so he supports their fangirling 200%
  • Besides, it’s not like he never ever squealed about new LOLOL skin releases, i.e.


  • Similar to Yoosung, his favorite thing to see is them happy and excited. To Zen, it’s really cute.
  • It fuels his motivation to work hard so that he himself is the target of their fangirling once.


  • She’s a hardcore fan herself, even if she doesn’t openly express it that much.
  • She’d love to though, internally she’s always excited and having someone share that feeling makes her feel more confident in letting it out.


  • While he might not be able to relate that much, he can definitely appreciate seeing them happy regardless of what the reason may be.
  • He’d provide them with anything that could cause such an excited reaction, say i.e. merchandise of the thing they’re a fan of.


  • Probably even worse than MC themselves, I bet. Let them have a squealing competition, he’d win.
  • He keeps making it worse by throwing more material at them to fangirl about. What a sadist.


  • Probably really confused as to what is happening, he’s never been this excited about something, so he can’t tell the joy of it.
  • But if they introduced him to it, he’d listen. He might not understand, but it’s enough for him to know that they’re having fun and he loves listen to them rant for hours upon hours about their passion.

Song of the Day // Of Monsters and Men // Wolves Without Teeth

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I just saw someone ask about Halloween for overwatch, supposedly on October 12th they are releasing new skins, Halloween loot boxes, sombra might get released, new game type, and a new digital comic is to be released. Don't completely take my word for it on when it'll come out but all that stuff should be here soon within the next few weeks!

amomentincrime is still only on 87%

but if they are not out on october 12 ill blame you for de-railing the hypetrain

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