new sketchbooks always like a new beginning


My journal at the beginning of the year (upper left) and my journal at the end of the year (top right) and my new journal (on the bottom row, gifted by my best friend @im-always-a-slut-for-nsp

I can’t wait to use this new journal! There was so many things I loved and hated about my current journal, I liked the physical size and thickness, but I hated the way it looked once it got chunkier, the thin, graphed paper. I’m so happy with this new journal because I noticed leather journals expand nicely, and this journal has thick, blank paper, too! Plus, it was around the size I really liked from the “Emily The Strange” journal. It also smells amazing, haha. I love everything about this new journal, especially because someone so important to me gave it to me. 

I’m gonna make a post soon about my journal bag, which is technically my new every day bag, I need a few more pieces to complete it! 

Here’s the link to the journal, it’s really good for it’s price compared to journals from Barnes and Noble, but keep in mind each journal is handmade and made differently, but I like to think of it as something unique.

As for the “Emily The Strange” journal, it was a gift from my abuela from Guatemala, so I couldn’t find a link.