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a bit late but Happy New Year everyone! (ノ^∇^)

You noticed … me,“ - Itsuki / Ghost Senpai

In where Icchan’s smile can cure cancer and his eyes reflecting the happiness in his heart. Imagine this smile, is his smile in his I.D

Suju's New Year Messages ❤️

Leeteuk’s new year message :  

“2017, the new year of the chicken has come towards us!! 
Super Junior’s new album this year!! Please anticipate!!”

Heechul’s new year message :   

“SJ >w< COMING SOON ♡ 2017”

Yesung’s new year message :

“2016 was filled with happy memories & everyone has worked hard 
I hope 2017 will be filled with even happier things”

Kyuhyun’s new year message :

Pass quickly yap yap yap 
2018 as well…let it be 2019 now…please… 
Please…”   (c) (c)

I was commissioned for some flirty DaveKat and I turned it into an awful session of truth or dare + typical dirty joke I’m very professional.

Favorite Gen 1 Pokemon - Dragonite!
cute chubby toasted derg