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Jimin's Japan Travel Diary 141124

Wow, everyone … I think I’m really bad with computers,..It took me an hour to upload all of my photos .. 

But since it’s for you guys~~ I uploaded them enjoyably hahahaha 
Alright alright, shall we get right into my Japan travel diary

But one thing you should know beforehand is that I only have pictures of me eating ke ke ke 

Anyway, let’s go

Yeah- ah; as soon as we arrived in Japan, with a bloated face, we looked for something to eat kyah-kyah 

PORK CUTLET that I Like so much ~~~

ahheeheeheehee it’s delicious ~~~ 

After, we headed to our hotel. But I think I suddenly got sleepy… I think I slept for about 2 hours or so? 

And after I woke up! We finished the day off with our rehearsal for our first Kobe concert! 

(The) next day, since the morning, we, who went to our concert venue, looked for food first~~ 
Such pigs oink oink oink kekeke

This is the place where 2500 people will come in!!!!!

(And) I’ll be singing while standing like this~!!!!

Since our concert ended around dinner time, we ate meat meat meat for our late-night meal!!! One order of meat and one order of sobaaa~

Oh yeah my roommate was Jin hyung. We didn’t choose our roommates in any special way keke If we use the same carrier, we end up in the same room, who will use the room with me next keke Anyway, we finished our schedules for today too!! 

The (next) morning has risen and we looked for food first~~ babbalababbakababbabbab (T/N: Trumpet sounds using the word “rice”)

We had our second Kobe concert. Because we prepared well for it, like this, we came down after completing it well. 

Ah man~ the picture came out cool (T/N: In his Busan accent)

Oh yeah~ I didn’t show you where our hotel was, huh. Our hotel is like next level? (T/N: It’s really nice)

(And) Our night view is somewhat on this level? (T/N: It’s really pretty)

After making a friendship promise with Taetae that we’ll travel together later on while having a can of coke, I laid down to sleep today as well.


Alright!!! Today is the day we head to Tokyooo~ LET’S GO!!!  

Before we do, we’ll eat some ramen and go~~~ oink oink oink oink oink we’re gonna become pigs 

Ah~ I’m full, stop eating!! Heading over to the airport now!!!

Ueuhh… I was so scared because I thought I lost my ticketㅜㅜ
One of the employees at the airport picked it up (for me)….

Kook-ah, hyung almost got a heart attack ㅠㅠㅠㅠ sigh…

For dinner, we ate some delicious chicken~~~
Jungkook-ah, hyung likes chickennnn give me one 
kekekekekekekekekeke don’t shove it in my mouth you rascal!!!!

After dinner, I finished off my day, exercising restlessly at our place!!

(The) next morning, we once again, went to go eat breakfast, but who puts breakfast on the 33rd floor kekekeke
No joke, right? keke Early in the morning, we grandly went up to the 33rd floor and ate our breakfast keke. 
Alright alright alright alright, now we have to go to our concert. Tokyo concert go go go

At our Tokyo concert, I was happy because I came down after talking in Japanese, which I prepared hard for. proud proud hoot~ 
But that’s not what’s important… our Kookie said he’ll take a picture of us… so move … don’t interrupt us, you humans! (T/N: Because Jungkook said he’ll take a picture of them, Jimin was so happy so he’s telling the others to back away and not to interrupt them while Jungkook takes the photo)

Alright alright today, we finished off our day with Korean food kekeke 
Ah… we do nothing but eat …. the next picture is food too kekekeke We’re pigs, we eat really well 

See, what’d I tell you…. our ARMYs are gonna misunderstand …. now, before we head back (to Korea), I hope no pics of food will come out… (but) I feel like it’s gonna come out…

Anyway, today’s position of my picture is different 
We can see the Tokyo tower.
It’s cool, huh? Keke I want to go up there~ on our last day of schedules; we did an interview for the whole day.. 
All day since the morning ….ha…I’m worried,…

Let’s go, INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHTING!!!

It ended…. it became dark outside …. I feel like we did 5 days worth of schedules today…
Let’s hurry up and sleep, forget food, let’s just sleep today kekeke 

The round (morning) sun has risen~~~ My face is blo-oh-ated~ Well, you’re pretty used to this side of me, right? keke 
A new day has begun ~~ 

I went to a record shop and I don’t know who this cool guy is but, wow, I wanted to copy him keke wooeeeeeeeeee!!! While I was at it, I even got his autograph too!!

And the place that I really wanted to go to ~~ Sky Tree ~~ Wow!!!!! Bangtan went to Skytree The height was 634M…!!!
I’m afraid… of heights though…

The highest we were able to go up to was 451M
This place is fun
It felt like the buildings looked somewhat like toys and I was a giant? kekeke
I’ll destroy everything 

This part is also scary.. if that broke all of a sudden oh man… so that’s that.

I don’t think I can take out eating in this kekekeke TAKOYAKI~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KEEUUUU It was delicious keke 
Like this, our last schedule has ended and we were on our way back to Korea. Because I was so tired, I don’t have any pictures of us going back to Korea ㅜㅜ 
I’m sorry~~~

This is the picture that I put up on our twitter, when we arrived at our dorm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A week feels so long for some reason … 

Alright alright alright like this, I feel like all we did in our Japan tour was eat? (We ate in small portions yes yes definitely) 

But first, we successfully completed our Japan concert, finished our schedules enjoyably, and came back~ 

Because I thought that you guys would worry about how we were doing I took a lot of pictures so you can see that we came back after having a great time hohoho

To be honest, my previous diary was the first diary that I uploaded and since you guys liked it.. I feel like I had a great time taking these pictures on this trip. If you guys like this too, I’ll take pictures again on our next trip~~ 
I’ll end it here for today, Bye !!!!^^

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Please take out with full credits.

Today was an exciting day - the construction guys arrived to start the repair/siding of my soffits/fascia today.  It is going from dark gray painted (and peeling) wood to nice white aluminum siding with built in venting. And then all new gutters will be installed over that.  They got the front of my house done today and will be back to work on the rest tomorrow.  Its really amazing how much it transforms and brightens up the house.

Now Annie is a very nice dog but she can be a bit protective when sitting in the house guarding things from her chair in front of the window in my living room.  This meant that with these guys working outside of basically all of the windows in my house I needed to keep her on a lease near me so she did not spend they day A) slobbering up every window in my house and B) randomly spooking the guys on ladders/scaffolding.

I went to grab lunch and brought her with me in the car.  Came back to the house and decided to sit on the couch and watch some tv for a bit - with all of the banging and work still in full force and what does she do?  Falls sound asleep!

After the crew left for the day I started to prep diner - put a pork tenderloin on the grill - after it cooked out there for about 30 min on indirect heat I sliced it added some bbq sauce and put it back on the grill on some foil to bake the sauce in a little.  I decided to get all creative out of nowhere it served it (to myself) on a bed or brown rice/quinoa that I sauteed with some garlic and onion with a healthy dash of oregano and then I surrounded all of it with some peas.  It looked as good as it tasted if you ask the chef!

At about 9100 steps for the day and suddenly far behind the likes of Pump  - not sure I have it in me today to try and catch him as he is 8,000 steps ahead of me this evening. But I will keep aiming for him!