new show on amc

  • anna: i'm going to marry hewlett
  • abe: what, out of spite?! that's incredibly low
  • anna: um no? i actually like him
  • abe: oh, well
  • abe: i'm gonna stop you guys getting married
  • abe: ....out of spite

Facebook May 17, 2016

“What can I say about how excited I am about the new TV show Preacher on AMC? I can say a lot! :) I have been lucky enough to have Joe Gilgun who plays the character of Cassidy as a neighbor for the past three months. What an interesting, kind, crazy, unique person he is up close & personal. My friend Saul & I had to say goodbye to Joe on Friday night because he is done filming here and headed back to the UK.”

It’s that time! When my favorite TV shows are coming back:

American Horror Story: Hotel

October 7, 2015 on FX at 10/9c

Bates Motel

Returning 2016


September 23, 2015 on FOX at 9/8c

How to Get Away with Murder

September 24, 2015 on ABC at 10/9c

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

November 8, 2015 on E! at 9/8c

Once Upon a Time

September 27, 2015 on ABC at 8/7c

The Royals

Returning in November


September 24, 2015 on ABC at 9/8c

Sleepy Hollow

October 1, 2015 on FOX at 9/8c

The Walking Dead 

October 11, 2015 on AMC at 9/8c


Fear the Walking Dead

August 23, 2015 on AMC at 9/8c

Scream Queens

September 22, 2015 on FOX at 8/7c

If you have any dates or times that I am missing, feel free to message me!

Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) is filming a new show on AMC. His own show. The Walking Dead has approximately 6 more months of filming for their next season and who knows how many more months for the seasons after that.
With this bit of info, I believe he might be the one getting Lucilled next Sunday.
(If they aren’t following the original plot that is)

Cannot wait for the season finale.

Also, hella fucking interesting that amc is premiering a trailer to a new show that includes the words (paraphrasing) “there a reason you were in that trunk and not dead like everyone else” while showing a grave full of dead bodies 😏