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Where It All Started

You and Norman Reedus are on a podcast, retelling of the time you two met.

Author’s note; This is a little different, so I hope you guys like it.

  • Norman Reedus
  • 1415 Words
  • Warnings: some cursing

The interviewer, Jessica Daily, holds up her fingers and counts down to one, indicating that the podcast was about to start. As she pulls down her last finger, you feel the butterflies swarm your stomach and you start to second guess this whole idea. After all, Norman Reedus has some pretty ridiculous fans out there.

“Hello, hello! Welcome back to our podcast—“ Jessica’s co-star, Vinny starts them off with their usual greeting, allowing you to have a few seconds to try and talk yourself back into this thing. You promised Norman weeks ago when this interview was set up, there was no going back now.

“We are here with Norman Reedus, our very own Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. Norman, how are you today?” Jessica asks, smiling over at your boyfriend with her bright white teeth and fake lips.

Norman smiles and lets go of your hand so he could use his own to speak. He lifts his hands in the air and straightens out his hat with a Daryl Dixon crossbow on the front. “Good! I’m good. Hello, everyone. How is the wonderful Jessica and Vinny?” He asks, clearly recalling the first interview he had with them several years ago for one of his movie roles, back before either of them were really popular.

You’re quiet for the first bit, letting Norman talk his way through The Walking Dead’s recent season and how his new show, Ride, has been doing on AMC. The questions were kept short, you knew why. The real reason behind his interview was you.

Sure enough, only ten minutes into this hour long podcast, Jessica brings up the current situation: “Now… Norman, I see you have brought a special guest with you today.”

Norman smiles brightly and he throws his arm around your neck whilst leaning into the mic and saying, “I have! This girl has been seen with me for a while now. She’s actually going to be a pretty regular guest on Ride starting in the new season. This is Y/N.”

“Hey, everyone.” You squeak, giving a small wave as if anyone could actually see you.

“Isn’t she just the cutest? I’m sure most of you have seen her on social media and wasn’t she in an episode of Walking Dead?” Vinny asks with his head slightly tilting.

Norman chuckles and shakes his head in a slow manner. “Actually, that’s only a rumor created by me. I have been trying to get her on the show for a while now as a zombie or something. She helps behind the scenes, though.”

“And… have you actually told how you two met? I heard it was a pretty unique story.” Jessica questions. You’re feeling a little cornered, but you promised.

You smile and nod your head, hoping the nerves would go away soon. “Yeah, actually. It was a pretty funny story, too. See, I had tickets to a con that Norman was going to be at. Bought tickets just to meet him and take a picture. But he was actually late and his photo op was going to be pushed back several hours, which meant I wasn’t going to make it. I had other plans and had to leave.” You start explaining, realizing this may not be as bad as you originally thought.

Norman grins at you, giving you a nod to continue.

“So I went up to some of the convention workers that were setting up schedules and told them to give my tickets to someone who needed them since reselling was bad. They were a little touched and told me this little girl came up, crying, and asked if there were any tickets left because her parents couldn’t afford them.”

There was a moment pause when Jessica went “awwwwe.”

“And I told them I wanted to meet the little girl and give them to her. So they took me over to her and she was so happy for a good three minutes, until she realized I was just giving away both my tickets and wouldn’t meet Norman with her. That’s when one of the men told me Norman actually arrived just a second ago and was willing to meet with both of us right then because he was touched someone just gave their tickets away.”

Norman clears his throat and leans into the mic. “I’d like to add that I was only late because my plan was delayed by two hours, but we ended up leaving after an hour and that’s why I was early. I wasn’t—I wasn’t being a douchebag.”

You giggle. “There are always problems at conventions.”

“Well, yeah.” Norman laughs. Every time he laughs, you know it’s genuine. He puts his soul into it, which makes it a beautiful thing. “But, yeah. I asked the guys if they could bring the girls back to meet them. I felt like  I was more honoured to meet them then they were meeting me. But they brought them over and I remember being so floored by her beauty.”

“He says now.” You joke. “No, but they brought us back there and we talk for a bit. Like, they told us we could only see him for thirty minutes, which quickly turned into an hour and I think after the little girl left, we actually spent another thirty minutes talking, didn’t we?” You glance at Norman for confirmation.

Norman nods, playing with his beard absentmindedly. “Yeah, yeah. And then I gave her my number and invited her to the after party. Because you had to have tickets for that, which she didn’t. And she tells me she has dinner plans with some old friends . At which point I am a little hurt that she picked her friends over me.” Norman places his hand over his hurt and fakes a sniff.

The other two laugh as you shove Norman, nearly pushing him right off the seat. “Ass. I did end up going to the party. And we talked for a long time. I think the party was actually over when we went back to our hotels.” You continue.

“I think we ended up talking on the phone the next day, too. Didn’t we?” Norman glances at you, leaning back into that mic. Vinny makes a point to motion Norman back a little bit, which Norman ignores.

“No, it was several days later. I get a call and it’s Norman. He’s on his way to the set for a day of hanging out and he wanted to know if I would come hang out with him. I couldn’t that day, but I believe I called out of work and ended up going the next day and stayed for what?” You look at Norman. His ocean blue eyes staring back at you like it was the first time he was seeing you. It made your stomach flutter around and goosebumps to rise up on the back of your neck. You two smile at each other.

“Five days? In a hotel that I paid for.” Norman chuckles. “For at least three days. And the other two I said fuck it and told her she was staying with me. And that’s pretty much where we became attached.”

“What a fairy tale.” Jessica chortles.

“Right? This doesn’t happen, ever. So don’t get your hopes up, ladies.” You warn with your own laugh.

“Does the age difference bother you at all?” Vinny questions.

Norman was the first to answer. “Not at all. I don’t really like to think about age and looks. Honestly, I fall for the strangest shit. I think what got me at first was her style and that day she was wearing this bright ass green lipstick. I was like ‘hell yah, she’s weird.’”

“Age is a number.” You shrug your shoulders and pull Norman’s hat off, which he was playing with too much, and stuck it on your own head. “We’re happy. And this one acts younger than me. I think it makes up for it.”

“Hey!” Norman laughs.

“You watch cartoons and eat ice cream every night.” You smirk, proving your point.

Norman grumbles then agrees. “She’s right….”

“That is all the time we have, thank you guys! We have been wanting to hear this story for weeks and we heard it first; Norman Reedus is happily taken.” Jessica wraps everything up by waving her finger around in a circle.

“Thank you for having us.” Norman smiles and leans back in his seat for the first time.

  • anna: i'm going to marry hewlett
  • abe: what, out of spite?! that's incredibly low
  • anna: um no? i actually like him
  • abe: oh, well
  • abe: i'm gonna stop you guys getting married
  • abe: ....out of spite

Facebook May 17, 2016

“What can I say about how excited I am about the new TV show Preacher on AMC? I can say a lot! :) I have been lucky enough to have Joe Gilgun who plays the character of Cassidy as a neighbor for the past three months. What an interesting, kind, crazy, unique person he is up close & personal. My friend Saul & I had to say goodbye to Joe on Friday night because he is done filming here and headed back to the UK.”

my moms ex cancelled netflix and my mom cannot afford cable/internet. ): shes thinking about cutting cable but i dont think she will go through with it /: she said today she might just not pay and make us use our phones as wireless hotspots. but i dont think thatd work for playstation and its probs slow af.

also literally 3 of the dvrs are not used but she hasnt returned them. i have a modem so we could return theirs too.(i waited too long in switching it bc i knew she would not return it any time soon. and now the bill needs to be payed to activate it. rip)

it would be so good though bc she could just get sling tv or another live tv thing and then hook the ethernet up to our smart tv. and netflix would be affordable. its got a free trial so maybe she will be convinced… we need internet to use it though which obvs she cannot afford if she doesnt quit cable


HQ Tom from the top:

@ a gala screening of ‘High-Rise’ during the BFI London Film Festival at Odeon Leicester Square, London 9.10.2015 

@ New York Times TimesTalks presents 'Crimson Peak’ at The Times Center New York 13.10.2015 

@ a celebration of Bergdorf Goodman Windows inspired by the film 'Crimson Peak’ at Bergdorf Goodman, New York 13.10.2015 

@ the NBC Rockefeller Center Studios for the 'Today Show’ taping,
New York 14.1.2015 

@ the 'Crimson Peak’ New York Premiere at AMC Loews Lincoln Square 14.10.2015

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Also, hella fucking interesting that amc is premiering a trailer to a new show that includes the words (paraphrasing) “there a reason you were in that trunk and not dead like everyone else” while showing a grave full of dead bodies 😏

I’ve received a couple of anons about who I think will get “Lucille’d”. I feel pretty confident in saying it will be either Daryl, Abraham, Glenn, or Aaron (and I put them in order from likeliest to unlikeliest). 

As for why I think Daryl is the heaviest contender? There’ve been context clues since season four to suggest it will be him. (I know there’s motifs and imagery to suggest it will be Glenn as well, but I’ll get into why I think he’s safe)

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