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If you’re impressed with my update speed, trust me, I’m probably 10x more impressed with myself. Classes are starting up again soon though so I’ll be busy again and less likely to update. 

But uh, here we are! Another installment for the this ain’t no fairytale series, gosh. Look how far we’ve come…

business as usual | 3926 words | Complete

  • TMR/HP; series tag applies (Item Shop AU/Recettear AU)
  • this is the 11th part of a series; please read in order!

Tom has something Harry wants.

In which Tom reaps a profit, Harry is swindled (then promptly swindles someone else), and somewhere, Albus Dumbledore is probably freaking out because who in their right mind would call Tom Riddle a “sweetheart”?

(Harry bloody Potter, that’s who.)

Tarot Journal Bundles

Hello moondbeams! I am super excited to announce that in the upcoming year I will be launching a shop. One new item to be on the lookout for are Journal Bundles! I absolutely love stationery and I know that journalling is a great way to connect with your tarot cards and practice. For those who might be interested in picking up a bundle of stationery and other neat add-ons like candles and stones, I will be bundling goodies that you can use in your journey whether you are new to tarot or a seasoned reader. 

If you have any thoughts you would like to share on this, please feel free to connect with me at any time! I’d love to hear what you have to share 💖

With Love,

Moondust Darling

I’m so tired. I don’t even know if I’m mad, just. I’m a mess. Here, take it.

not your average virtue | 4934 words | Complete

  • TMR/HP; series tag applies (Item Shop AU/Recettear AU)
  • this is the 9th part of a series; please read in order!

Tom Riddle meets Albus Dumbledore. Unsurprisingly, they don’t get along.

Even more unsurprisingly, their topic of discussion is one Harry Potter.

Fangirl Knits Shop: New Items

Hey Everyone!

I’ve got some new items at the Fangirl Knits Shop and I’ve expanded into some other fandoms. If there’s a fandom you would like to see represented, just let me know!

Use the coupon code: FANDOM and get 10% off!

Agent Carter

Peggy Carter Military Uniform Coffee Cozy

Bernard Stark Mittens

I Know My Value Scarf


Cap and Bucky Mittens

Star Wars

Poe Dameron Coffee Cozy

Jyn Erso ‘I Rebel’ Mittens

Rebel Alliance Mittens

Star Trek: TNG

Captain Picard Coffee Cozy

I hope you all enjoy!

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