new shizz

Got a new theme and updated my about section..sorry if you happened to be on my page during the chaos. I doubt anyone noticed cause I know I rarely look at your blogs and just focus on my dash so…nevermind? Today is a weird day…like squirt whipped cream into your mouth and somehow get a little on your shirt and shrug off your digustingness/classlessness day.


Hey guys! I’m making different blogs for the different sections that I had on the site earlier. I felt that it would be better if I did that because then you could follows those blogs and know when I updated them. Look on the side bar for the page with all of the links! >:D


Working on some new shizz. Mish Senpai is offering classes on guitar/vocal/production/etc. The easiest way for him to notice you is to send him an email here:

TVDM’s debut album “NOVO” is still available to download exclusively on Bandcamp:

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