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A/n: this is jumping my queue soo much, but I am totally loving this idea. Cathia you are amazing! This is requested.Btw i made up your tweeter name :} tehe its weird to.

Your p.o.v
“Hey guys, I’m back again with somebrand new shizz” I laughed at the camera. “so today is just dance Tuesday”. I clapped my hands together, “let’s do it!”. i stood and turned on my speakers, it was about 1:00 in the afternoon so it was perfectly fine to turn it up as loud as it could.

*moments later* 

“whoo! now that was a workout” i stood right in front of the camera and spun around. “i hope you lovely people enjoy my random dancing and dont forget to subscribe, like and all that good stuff” i laughed with a big thumbs up. “i love yous and i hope you enjoy the rest of your week”, i finished off with my signature ‘blow a kiss a the camera, with a little wink’.

“Finally done” i mumbled, uploading the video. I glanced up at my clock only 5:00 o’clock. “aghh, lets check my news feed, HUH” i said to myself. I checked vine, like all my favs. i went on tumblr, liked all my edits. Now check twitter.

I logged in and was bonbed by millions of tags. I click the it, and found out it was a #ASKcam. I scrolled through and found out i was mentioned in quite a few.

“what do you think of @thebiggbooty and her new video?”

“Do you think @thebiggbooty is cute?”

“What do you think of @thebiggbooty fullstop?”

I laughed at the posts and thought ‘aint nobody got time for that ‘. I decided to tweet “#ASKcam hey i was wondering if you would do me a shoutout? love yous xx” I posted it and laughed AGAIN at my stupidity.

*Next day*

I awoke frm my slumber. And being the scial media freak i am i went straight my laptop. I immediately had my eyes pop out of my head.


I chocked on my own spit. I went and clicked on the link and was directed to camerons youtube page.

*third person p.o.v while filming the boys video*

The boys watched as Cameron set up his camera, in the hotel room. The red light flashed, indacating that the camera was on. Camern sat on th bed and introduced the gang. “Hey guys, so its video time! Im here with Johnson, Gilinsky, Caniff and Mendes” “AND TODAY WE ARE DOING A ASKCAM!” Taylor screamed, buting in. “So lets get started” shawn said clapping his large hands together.

“How many nipples do you have? asks @Minnikar, Uhmm two” Cam said chuckling.

“Ooh now things are getting interesting” Cameron laughed.

“What do you think of Cathia? Asks well everyone” Gilinsky said smiling.

“That’s the new youtuber right? The one that does just dance Tuesday? Or something” johnson said slapping cam in the chest.

“The one with the really nice voice? And crazy dance moves?” Mendes laughed.

“I think so?” Cam answered.

“I’ll check” Caniff said clicking the link to Cathias tweeter.

“Zayum! It is” Taylor started “well my opinion is…… Well it can’t be said on YouTube so” he said.

Shawn laughed along and shoved Taylor a bit, ” I know that booty had me like” he said slipping off the couch.

“WHOO Shawn! I knew it wasn’t her voice that impressed you!” Taylor said mock girly voice.

Shawn’s face burnt a bright red. “Honestly though guys, we have to answer this” cameron said in all seriousness.

“Well the jacks aren’t aloud to answer, or they could get dumped, we don’t want that now do we?” cameron started “so that leaves Shawn, Tay and I, Tay you first” he said, finishing his sentence.

“Well first off that booty is like wow! And her moves are crazy, good crazy, she’s got great legs, oh and her hair! Is like whow” Taylor laughed, flinging his arms around.

“Well I think her voice is beautiful, like her name and her. She has a great style in music, uhmm and like Tay said her hair is so cool, she has a great bum too” he finished light tinge of pink on his cheeks.

“Zayum!!!” Was all cameron screamed.

What do you rate it? Flashed on the screen. The boys all had signs and giant smirks. “Ready? Go” with that the signs flew up and numbers were revealed.

Cameron: 9.5

Shawn: 10

Taylor: 9.9999999999999999

The jacks (they both had one big one): nothing compares to the baes.

But in small writing on the jacks was a 9.

“So that’s it for now, but give it a thumbs up, subscribe and stuff. And boys say goodbye.” Cameron said clapping his hands together.

They cut it out and left static.

*Cathias P.O.V*

OMG! I can’t believe this! I am so loving them right now! Wait… My bum is not even.. Oh wait yeah it is. Hahaha I left a comment that would surely make them laugh.

“Now, now my bottom definitely dissevered a ten! God yous are blind!”

A/n: I had/have no idea what is wrong with me. Cause this sucked! I’m sorry but it’s really late and I’m kinda tired
Xx love yah