new shirt lol

i caved in and bought the antisepticeye tshirt haha ^-^

(i mean what kind of an anti theorist i’d be if i got a dark shirt but didnt get an anti shirt? can’t betray my glitchy dude like that lol)

Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye part 2? more like letting my two tshirts duke it out in the washing machine with megalovania playing in the background >:D

i’ll probably be wearing the anti tshirt a lot, meanwhile the dark shirt will be stuck in my drawer like “i’ve been waiting patiently, she PROMISED to wear me again.”

and now im dying thinking about the anti tshirt being in the wash cycle and Anti going “F*CKIN CIRCLES”

this Anti tshirt is sooooo gonna be worth every penny hahahaha ^-^