new ship ugh

NCT Rumored Unit Line Up

  • Jeno
  • Ten
  • Jaehyun
  • Chenle
  • Lucas/Yukhei
  • Taeyong
  • Matthew (Indo.trainee)
  • An unknown Chinese Trainee

To be called ‘NCT A / NCT Asia

ITS JUST A RUMOR!!! and more than likey not true but if the new unit doesn’t have Ten, Jaemin or Kun (hopefully all 3) I’m gonna be so pissed.I would say Hansol but he seems to be enjoying himself as a dancer right now.AND I SWEAR OF MARK IS IN THIS UNIT OMFG….Plus,I thought that Matthew trainee dude was a lie.

How did I miss the Jopper trash can 

and go straight for the Jopper dumpster?

I like how tyki and Allen can exhange one fucking sentence and the Fandom goes nuts about poker pair and how great it is yet we had a period of like 3 years and multiple encounters between the Earl and nea/Allen that involved intense emotion and was cannonly described as “love struck” and not a fucking peep except to tell anyone who ships it in a modern context they are a pedophile or likes abuse/incest. This Fandom is awful, especially when poker pair at the very least has a big age gap if not also the same likely hood to be abusive, and is frankly just as incestuous as all the Noahs would be.

chill friend bros holding hands platonically

Es el cumple de Rowein! Felicidades doña que la pase muy bien!!

Fiesta Patronal en el tag! 


Also headcanon Sebas se siente lo suficientemente cómodo con Manuel como para ir a sus citas con él en cosplay.

Porque ambos son unos nerds.

Aw yeah ~


Yeah a question to my afab peeps who now identify differently and have queer feelings for men

Does the feeling that maybe you’re just a disgusting cis girl fetishising gay men ever go away because I would like for it to stop now please and thank you

I’m sick of second guessing myself but I guess that just comes with questioning my gender

I’m kinda just like gender non confirming I guess I don’t really know what I am other than genderqueer but I think my feelings for men are queer but like what if they’re not what if I’m just a cis girl who wants to be in a relationship with a queer man because “omgz my gay babies uwu”

Anyway I worry too much lmao

so its totally cool to tell all these kids that their dead relatives might be feeling their own cremation and burning for eternity

but god forbid we let the master and the doctor kiss throughout 43 years of sexual tension without first changing it so they are a nice het couple

no homo guys