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Hi!! I'm so happy you reached 2k (you deserve way more 😁) I was wondering if for the drabble thing you could use 25 and 40 with panicky please? It's more than ok if you don't want to do it! Keep up the good work, love reading your stuff 😚

25. “You know you’re not as scary as you think you are!”

40. “Say it again, I dare you!”

Requested by @rozasalavisa

The sounds of Bucky giving orders at the new recruits made you smirk softly, sitting in the corner of the training room sharpening your knives you observed the small group of New Avengers hopefuls as they paired off sparing with each other. Bucky stalked between them, snapping to improve their technique or to widen their stance. You placed your knives down on the bench next to you as you watched your boyfriend in action. It had taken a lot of convincing from Steve and yourself that this would be good for him, that his acquired skills could be used for good. 

“When you’re out of the field there are no second chances, there’s no time to think about your next move. It must be instinct, otherwise, you’re dead” you snorted at the hard tone in Bucky’s voice. Although you agreed with what he was saying, at the same time you knew the other side to him. The kind, gentle side that brought you coffee in bed this morning. The caring boyfriend who loved you and put up with your weird habits. 

“Ok take five, we’ll go over your weapons handling” You stood to make your way over to the scowling ex-assassin. 

“Imparting some wisdom babe?” you smiled as his face soften hearing your voice as he turned to face him

“Well seventy years I hope something rubs off on these punks” you chuckled softly rubbing your hands up his arms. 

“As much as I love this tough guy exterior, you know you’re not as scary as you think you are” the low rumble from Bucky’s chest made a few of the recruits turn in your direction, eyes wide as they regarded the two of you. 

“Say that again, I dare you”  Bucky’s voice was deep and threatening, but the twinkle in his eye and the small upturn in the corner of his mouth betrayed him. Standing on your tip toes you pressed your mouth to his ear. 

“We both know I’m the one giving the orders around here soldier ” with a graceful twirl you strutted away from him, swaying your hips as the recruits and Bucky watched you go. 

“What are you all staring at, ten laps of the room now!” You smirked as the sound of Bucky’s bark sounded from behind you. 

Nine Things You Probably Already Know About Our Breakup

1. A genuine apology is supposed to mean not repeating our mistakes.

2. You said it was never unrequited love, but what I perceived was just as bad. You loved the idea of a deadbeat me who would care only when you cared, and who wouldn’t mind being put on the bench when his team was losing. Instead, I just scratched out my eyes and went to the mound anyways. Somehow I never struck out.

3. You are the earthquake that doesn’t give up. After so many aftershocks I thought you might have realized that you knocked down all of the buildings, and now I’m the tallest thing standing in your beloved New York City.

4. My heart is as bitter as the grapefruit I ate after brushing my teeth. I thought I could flush it out by throwing it back up. It didn’t work. Now I’ve just got a burning throat and a stained shirt. At least it explains the emptiness in my stomach.

5. I am a bad person. I don’t want to talk about it.

6. The name carved onto my bones is mine. I know that you dug the trenches in my back with sharpened nails in hopes of finding yours. But we didn’t have to fight a war between my shoulder-blades, you could have just asked.

7. I wrote a trip report on you. The come-up is foggy after repeated use. The peak is incredible as always. I am so fucking addicted that sometimes I forget everyone can see the track marks on my forearms.

8. We never stopped fighting because I kept tightening my grip and you just shed layers of torn clothing: leaving them strewn across the ground like a trail of rose petals. You always found your way back, picking them up along the way, but it was not romantic without the candles and lingerie.

9. You didn’t even need to pack a suitcase to leave me, as you came home to pick clothes out of my closet whenever you needed them. Sometimes you left crumbs on the kitchen counter and I pretended that I didn’t notice so you’d keep coming back. But now my fridge is empty, and there’s nothing left for you to take.

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hii, so i wanna start making gifs and i was wondering where you download your teen wolf episode and what you use to make good quality edits & gifs? if you could explain that'd be very helpful. ps i love you so much your blog gives me life

Oh thanks! There’s probably a ton of easier ways to make edits but I can give you a quick rundown of how I do mine.

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