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I alone can bear the weight of all the hatred now. And I alone will deal with everything personally. I will handle all of the shinobi’s problems. I will also dispense all judgement and punishment. I’ll concentrate all hatred upon myself…and bring together every single village under my control. - Sasuke Uchiha

I want to say just a few thing.!

Boruto will never be like MENMA. !!! 

Hey everyone!!! (a few things that caught my attention on yesterday. I wanted to share with you.) 

First I would like to state as the first I’m not Anti Boruto shipper!
otherwise he’s my favorite character of new generation series, but it is now becoming thoroughly ridiculous because he is trying to making new Menma.

I dont want to accept it. but before Minato,then Obito and now Menma. why? Why Menma? What is trying to be done?

First;Menma is was not Naruto’s second half?
Second; and in other words, NaruSasu’s son. (for us)

he said in an interview that he had even
Motion Comic Naruto Interview
Q: If Naruto ever has a son what name will you give him?
K:If Naruto has a son what name hell have…hmm…I used to think “Menma” would be fine. people often jokingly asked me “won’t you start Menma when you finish Naruto?” “you should write about narutos son, Naruto the 2nd” or “why not write Menma?” but now I used the name for the movie, that…ummmm…(the name of narutos son will be) Shinachiku* I guess.
*(shinachiku is another name for menma, seasoned bamboo shoots)

that is to say that Menma was thought to Naruto’s son.
So Menma is Naruto’s son. right?
What if he doing with Menma now he did the same things for Boruto.

Their personality features almost too close to each other… Too much nervous, cold-blooded and frustrated… Like Obito !! Someone like Naruto has a son like Sasuke and this is wierd. Boruto doesn’t look like the Hinata’s in anyway. He completely their mix. (Naruto and Sasuke) Therefore Boruto trying to be made completely like Menma… 

but there’s something not to be forgotten. “The copy will never be original ..” Everything was fine until yesterday. but yesterday from manga ruined everything. And that really pissed me off…. 

He has a cape on. Like Menma.!!! But slightly different, this looks like Sasuke’s cape… 

And that although he is not a jinchuuriki, have whiskers on his face!!! There is no explanation. Like Sarada’s glasses.!! At least Menma’s were the reason for it. He has half of kyuubi’s chakra! 

The most recent and most important. ..

New Power !! Right Eye Sharingan vs Right Eye Byakugan !!! 

WTF?? What the hell is this crap? This is how such a farce..!!!
First Himawari and now Boruto? Why Boruto too? !!! What really confused that Kishimoto would no longer do..  I know that he forgot to give his Byakugan. now Is he trying to win back fans??? I am very sorry but I don’t want to accept it…. Menma is one and only. You can think what you want but this is my opinion.!!! This is now becoming really ridiculous. 
Thank you Kishimoto sensei for ruining a perfect character. !!!!

I am also very sorry for the long post. :’( please forgive me

anonymous asked:

Hello Madara Fate, why do some Sasukarins say that Sasuke tried to sacrifice Karin to enter true darkness?

Because it said in one of the translations that Sasuke sacrificed Karin for the sake of his revenge and entered true darkness:

And they try to cling on to that and the fact that Sasuke apparently “awakened” a new power/Sharingan for her sake during the confrontation with Killer Bee to show how dearly he treasured her, whereas he obviously didn’t give a damn about Sakura, lol.

Its’s funny how they say that Sasuke stabbing Karin was indicative of him entering true darkness because she meant so much to him, and yet when Sasuke stabbed Naruto during part 1 (who they say means more to Sasuke than Karin does), he didn’t enter true darkness. I don’t know why they find it so hard to spot these glaring flaws in their logic.

And then there’s the nonsense regarding how Sasuke awakened a new power or Sharingan for Karin’s sake, when he really, really didn’t. Sasuke’s Amaterasu techniques were granted to him as part of his awakening of the Mangekyou Sharingan. Therefore he had already acquired the ability to put out the flames the moment he unlocked his Mangekyou Sharingan. The technique was already a part of Sasuke’s arsenal, he just had yet to use it.  Besides, no where did it say that Amaterasu couldn’t be extinguished by the user, just the targets.

Sasuke didn’t activate or awaken anything for Karin’s sake, he used a technique for the first time in order to save her and Taka, that’s the extent of it.

  • Sasuke: so this is how the Nine Tails Chakra looks under control...
  • Naruto: and your new Sharingan...with black flames...
  • Sakura: ....
  • Naruto: but that outfit though.
  • Sasuke: mine looks cooler
  • Naruto: still looks like Orochimaru puked all over you
  • Sasuke: looks like you're wearing the Nine Tails' farts.
  • Naruto: your butt looks fat in that
  • Sasuke: Tinker Bell is looking for her broken fetus for an abortion
  • Sakura: guys I swear to The First..