new series ~

Need more Creepy furniture in your life? You can get the Creepy Series from Jack on October 31st from 6pm!

He will give you 1 piece for each lollipop you give to him, once you have 1 of each he will start giving you duplicate items. 

To get lollipops you will need to scare villagers in thier houses on Halloween night, each villager is scared of a type of monster (Bug, Ghost, Monster, Mummy, Skeleton or Werewolf) The masks are on sale from Labelle in the Able sisters store during October but can also be obtained from Jack during the event.

Onision follows who? Introduction

So I’m starting a series looking through who Greg follows on different platforms because I got super interested earlier on his Twitter and had to go through them. It certainly was interesting. I’m going to ignore the obvious ones like YouTube Twitter accounts, Lainey, Andy, etc because we can just assume he’s following them and why

This may take a week total because I’m currently during midterm season but I intend to disect all his followers on all his platforms. Hopefully Greg doesn’t hide who he follows before I’m done like he’s hidden his Patreon money amount. Let the fun begin :)


Yuzu performing his short program at the 2017 Autumn Classic International

Total Score of: 112.72


4S(+3), x3A(+3), x4T/3T(+3)