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Young And Broken


I decided to create a new series like my Barriers fanfic.This is going to probably be only two parts, maybe three but you guys are welcome to leave ideas on how this story should go. It’s like we are all working together :)

Hope you guys enjoy




SYNOPSIS: After having been in foster care for three years, Raelyn McCall moved in with her aunt, Melissa, and cousin, Scott. Only having been with them for two weeks, she’s still new to the supernatural world and is thrown into even more chaos as she falls for the heartbroken beta.

I raced into the Beacon Hills High School library with Mason hot on my heels. We both stopped in their tracks when we saw Liam practically killing Scott on the stairs. 

“LIAM WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Mason yelled running towards the two. 

Liam immediately stopped and raised up to look at Mason. His eyes slowly faded back to blue and he turned back into his human form.

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Get Your Calendars Set! First Livestream for the Cast!

Hey guys!

So, as some of you are aware already, Manchester’s Nightmare’s first episode should be coming out no later than the 31st of this month. To officially announce the series, My VA cast and I are going to be doing a livestream! We’ll goof off, do improv, talk a little about ourselves and our characters and then we’ll answer some questions from you lovely people! Here are some of the people that for now I am pretty sure will be joining the hangout.

Rachel/Addi Skyye (Myself)

Special Guest: Mikel Uchiha (Works on my team to create ideas!)

That’s all I know will (most likely) be joining. If they haven’t responded via email by 12:00 Saturday evening they will be joining the hangout. We will officially announce then which cast members will be on. 

So get your calendars ready as well as your alarms!! This is gonna ROCK!
PS: You can subscribe in advance to my channel here for all the update videos for Manchester’s Nightmare. You can also subscribe here to get notified when the first episode comes out! (Excuse the empty channels, they’re brand new ^^; ) 

What is this day?

First we have Official doctorwho tumblr reblogging my edit.(Thanks for that!)

Second we have just one month to go for Series 9 + New Series 9 details.(Yay!)

And third, hmm…well some sneaky foreshadowing with respect to Clara’s eventual fate this coming season…enough to make Team Clara extremely anxious.(Oh no!)

Anyway, thanks to everybody who followed me today! I am really grateful.

Five Great Finds- Zucchini Edition

Five Great Finds- Zucchini Edition

Guess what I have for you today?!  A new series!!!  Yay! Get excited!  You know how much I love a good series!  My exclamation points are on overdrive today.

So this new series, I present to you

Every week we’ll have a round up of some fabulous recipes from around the good ole WWW.  Today’s 1st installment?  Zucchini!

Zucchini is everywhere right now!  I mean, you’ve been on Pinterest right?…

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