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Hey👋🏻, I just wanted to ask if you have any more lovebug au fics? I've read all the on in the tag... Thank you all so much for your hard work!!!

@skinny-pencil: can u find some sweet lovebite au fanfics to help my soul while im in school 👀👀 
Anon: Any new love bug au fics to rec? I’ve read all the ones you guys have so far and I’m d e s p e r a t e (p.s. I love you all, you are the true heros) 
Anon: Do you have any good love bug fics where Keith gets bitten?

hi! have some moree <33
- Vallie

love bug au tag

Pink Bug Drug by Lxie (1/1 | 6,281 | General)

It was supposed to be an easy mission. Check out the Galra base and head back, but of course, Keith had to go poke at some weird bug thing. But, hey, at least there are no side effects…

the pulse (of my heart) by effervescence_halcyon (1/11 | 1,213 | Teen and Up)

In which the crew land on a new planet, the security sensors accidentally squirt Keith with handicapping love-inducing chemicals on account of his Galran blood, and Lance was the first one he saw. Or, that one where Keith is drugged and attached to Lance’s hip, and Lance is doing everything in his control to not blurt out his undeniable crush while Keith nuzzles his neck.

Branches off season 3 when Keith was still leader and Shiro was missing because season 4 was freaking traumatic.

Let Me Take a Bite Out of You by carpemermaid (1/? | 8,840 | Teen and Up)

Lance and Hunk are just looking for a night out to celebrate his promotion, Keith and Pidge are searching for answers, and the Galaxy Garrison has unrevealed secrets that will change everything as they know it.

When Keith and Pidge’s latest snooping into the Garrison results in a live specimen taking a shine to Keith and biting him, his whole world turns upside down. Again. He feels fine, he does—that is, until he runs smack into Lance and Hunk while they are sneaking out—and then it hits him all at once. Before any of them are able to make a move, Keith is launching himself at Lance and hugging him like his life depends on it, and Lance, Hunk, and Pidge have to deal with the fallout.

Together, they learn how to become a real team on their own terms while the four of them fall deeper and deeper into the truth the Galaxy Garrison is hiding.

[ A mishmash Love Bug/Soulmates/Fake Dating Garrison AU that kicked down my door and took over my life. The Love Bug AU is based on @eyugho’s brilliant LoveBug Fanart! ]

//implied homophobia

little art academia

akko – first-year animation student. can hardly draw a stick figure, admitted for tenacity and dreams of creating a children’s show. fave animation: Shiny Rod

lotte – first-year sculpture student. builds with reclaimed antiques/trash, explores feelings of fleeting sincerity and empathy in work and life. fave sculpture: Fresh Widow

sucy – first-year film student. an absolute snob who only watches paracinema, secretly dreams of directing a flashy lesbian romance. fave movie: Mulholland Drive

diana – first-year photography student. classically-trained prodigy from a line of famous artists, shoots and processes 10 rolls/20 plates per week. fave photographer: Sally Mann

hannah/barbara – first-year undeclared students. talented designers but too busy partying, tasked with carrying diana’s view camera/film bag at all times. fave artist: Andy Warhol

andrew – second-year historian/curator. heir to the world’s greatest private collection, questioning the morality of collectors to father’s dismay. fave work: The Starry Night

amanda – second-year painter. complains about “the institution” and gets bad grades on purpose, creates masterful oil portraits that are rarely revealed. fave painting: Madame X

ursula – first-year art history professor. struggles to gain respect of students or colleagues, secretly tutors students instead of grading papers. fave work: Venus of Hohle Fels

croix – visiting professor of new media. uses neural sensors to create “procedural visual realms” through an unknown process, in extremely high demand among institutions and corporations alike. fave artist: Hatsune Miku

chariot – sole animator of web series Shiny Rod. enigma who garnered millions of views on an original magical girl series, disappeared in disgrace after a major network bought it out. fave work: ???

The Fallacy of Fate (Part 1/?) (Rogers/Barnes x reader)

Requests:  Can I request a Steve, Bucky, & Reader- love triangle? after CA: Winter Soldier, Steve meets Reader; a new agent & they begin to fall in love. Then when Bucky gets back (you decide when) he falls in love with the reader. Idk if you do poly relationships or not but it’s 100% your choice where you take this. I just thought it would be amazing if you wrote this because you’re such a talented writer. 

 jackstimelady said: I couldn’t access so I don’t remember if you write any of the soulmate au’s or not but my request would be for the soulmate au where they have each other’s “symbol” basically tattooed somewhere on them from birth. So like the red star for Bucky or the shield for Steve. And I would preferably like it to be Steve x Reader x Bucky but if you are not cool with writing that type of relationship that is fine and I would be ok with Steve or Bucky with the reader.  but the reader has powers, what they are is up to you, but she gets detained by S.H.I.E.L.D when the find her because of how unstable her powers could be if she were to ever lose control so they give her the choice of either be locked up in “super jail” or join the team and learn how to fully harness her powers.

Fate.  You never really believed in it; belief never changed your course through life anyway, so fate was just an idea that never stuck. Having a soulmate was another fallacy that you refused to buy into, even though you had watched couple after couple find themselves around you.  That was something that Nick Fury had claimed to be why he brought you into SHIELD, your stubborn tenacity, but as your tenure as an agent went on, you began to realize that he had other ideas.  

The week that your beliefs began to change had started with a Monday like any other; waking up far too early for a shift that you dreaded working, a mandatory stop at the gym for a workout that made your body ache, and a stale cup of coffee from the break room that had likely been sitting in the pot from the night shift.  It was the same thing every day, and the monotony began to wear on you.

“Agent (Y/L/N),” Nick greeted plainly, stopping to stand at your side as you waited for the elevator, “how’s your morning so far?”  His thick fingers were drumming on the tablet in his hands, tucked behind him as he watched the numbers of each floor click by.

“Oh, just captivating,” you snapped, tossing your cup into the garbage with a snap of your wrist.  “I heard that we had new optic sensors installed upstairs, so I wore lenses to screw with it.”

Nick turned with a hesitant grin, taking advantage of his comfort with you to reach up and take your chin to tip your head so that he could see your work.  “Oh, yeah,” he nodded, “I thought there was something different about you today.”

“Gotta keep things interesting.  So, was there something that you needed from me, sir?”

“Right,” he jolted, releasing you and extending his other hand to give you his tablet, “there’s someone that I think you should meet.  You’ve been with us for a few months now, and you’ve kept your powers under control, so I think it’s safe to move forward.”

“Forward?”  You swiped your finger across the glass, the bright illumination of it playing across your expression of confusion that changed to a fast resolution as he watched.  The elevator door opened, but you held firmly in place as he chose to enter. “Director, there’s no reason for me to meet Captain Rogers.”

“That shield tattooed on your arm says otherwise.”

“I told you, I don’t believe in soulmates,” you hissed, thrusting the tablet back.  “Besides, the shields don’t match.  The star at the center of mine is red.  The one he carries is white.  I’m sorry to dash your hopes of love at first sight or de-virginizing the poor guy or whatever you’re buying into this week, sir, but it’s not gonna happen.”

Just as the lift doors closed, you swore that you saw that knowing grin from your boss, the grin that he had worn on the day he brought you in, convinced that he knew what was best for you.  Sure, he was right, but you didn’t try to ever make that too obvious.  You were a power running loose in the world, needing control, and he challenged himself and SHIELD to do it; it was a gamble that paid off, because you could easily wipe out any life around you with the snap of your fingers but never felt the urge.  This was the disarming grin that sold you on that first offer of safety here, and to see it again only set you on edge as to what he was planning for your life now.  

“Darlin’, you never know when fate might drop into your lap.”


It wasn’t your lap that fate would fall into, but rather into the Potomac river.

Standing on the lawn of the Triskelion as helicarriers dropped from the sky one by one, it was the third and final boat that drew in your attentions.  Actually, not so much the helicarrier itself, but the energy that you were being fed from two very specific passengers.  Steve was one of them, you could tell that from the characteristics in the sound of his heartbeat; you were in tune to so much life around you that you normally had to shut it out just to stay sane, but this sound was breaking down those barriers.  It sounded like he carried two hearts, it was so loud and persistent.  As you watched the Captain fall from the ship and into the river, the beating began to slow, only now it was muffled by the depths of water he was sinking into.  It still kept the same rhythm, and when you looked up you knew exactly why; the Winter Soldier was there, and the two of them shared the same energy that had been pushing you back.  He seemed to be scanning the water for the man who had fallen, and you felt compelled to help.

You extended your hand and sought out the sinking energy from Steve, pushing past the life around him, finding him quickly.  Closing your eyes, you hoped that the Soldier was still watching as you illuminated the waters around his target for him to find, confirming that he was when the loud splash of water signaled his dive in after him.  You broke into a sprint along the bank of the river, jumping over pieces of fallen debris that now littered the scene in every direction; it hadn’t actually occurred to you that you might have just given Steve’s location to a man who was trying to kill him, and you were the only one who could stop him.  

“Shit,” you muttered, stumbling over a fallen tree, catching your toe on it when you tried to jump to clear it, only to find yourself caught by the very man you had come to intercept. The grip of his metal hand pinched at your skin and stuck to the sweat beading from it, but you didn’t notice.

“You…uh…you okay?”

“Yes, fine,” you shook him away, looking down at his feet with a gasp, “is he?”

“He’s alive.  I have to go.”

“What?  No, hold on,” you interrupted, taking an uncalculated and likely stupid risk by reaching out and grabbing his hand.  Only this time, it was his human hand, and it felt as if a bolt of lightning shocked you both into place.  “W-who are you?”

“I’m no one…I don’t…I don’t know,” he answered in amazement, his eyes wide with fear.  “What did you just do to me?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing.”

It wasn’t clear how much time had passed between you as you both stood almost perfectly still, searching each other for an answer that neither of you knew how to give.  Your hands were still joined and the energy running through your skin was still as sharp and vibrant as the moment you touched.  You didn’t know who this guy was, but there was something about him that drew you in and fed your need to figure it out, and fast.

Steve began to cough up some of the water that he had breathed in, sputtering and convulsing on the ground next to you, finally giving you a jolt to pull away from the Soldier’s grip and turn to him.  “Captain Rogers?  You’re okay,” you tried to reassure him, reaching out to take his hand, but then it happened again.

“What is that?  Why does that keep happening?” you shuddered, turning to look back, but the Soldier was already walking away.  “Hey! Don’t leave!” you tried, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let go of Steve to go after him.  The connection was so powerful, in fact, that the only thing running through your mind now was the sound of Fury’s voice and what you would say to that know-it-all when he found out that he may have been right all along. When the sun hit the bright red star on the Soldier’s arm, the very same one that you carried on your own, you had no choice but to believe.  Maybe soulmates did exist.

And maybe you were just lucky enough to have two, if lucky was even the right word to choose.


“So, how does it feel?” Nick smiled, sitting across from you outside of Steve’s hospital room.  He had that damn grin again, as if he were waiting for this exact moment.  That smug bastard.

“How does what feel?”

“Being in the presence of greatness?”

“Well,” you shrugged, “Steve and I haven’t really had a chance to talk, given his whole unconscious thing.  His friend Sam seems to think pretty highly of him.”

“You little shit,” Nick snapped, pointing a harsh finger your way, “I was talking about me.  Helluva lot of nerve you have there, missy, and by the look on your face you knew exactly what I meant-“

“Excuse me,” Sam joined in now, peeking his head from Steve’s room, “but Cap says to watch your language out here.  People are trying to sleep.”

Sam had been the first one at Steve’s side when you called back to HQ and asked for help to bring him in, finding that he was far too heavy to drag along the river by yourself. The man was already knocked out and half drowned, so you didn’t feel the need to add a dislocated shoulder to the mix. Sam seemed like a nice enough guy; clearly committed to whatever Steve needed, fighting at the side of a superhero without so much as a second thought to his own safety.  He smiled more than he didn’t, and he had an ease about him that you hoped to get to know.  There weren’t many people in the world that you actually wanted to be around, generally finding that you disliked most, so it was almost refreshing to find one who could sneak his way in.

“He’s awake?” you asked quickly, standing to meet him.  “I need to talk to him.”

“Whoa, darlin’, let’s not get too excited, he’s barely opened one eye.”

“That’s because the other one is swollen shut, genius,” Nick added for you, standing to have your back. “Let her in, Wilson.”

“You’re not the Director of me.”

“I’m not the Director of anybody,” he shrugged, “but this might change your mind.”  Reaching around, he grabbed your arm and pulled up your sleeve to reveal the shield that was emblazoned in your skin, waiting for the inevitable shocked response, though he wouldn’t get it.

“The star’s red,” Sam huffed, crossing his arms defensively.  “Cap’s is white.”

Nick paused, still holding your arm extended with a really firm grip that you tried to get out of but only found him squeezing harder.  “Yeah, and I’m gonna let you take a minute to put this all together. You let me know when that lightbulb comes on.”

Furrowing his brow, Sam looked from the shield and to you, then to Nick and back, his mind trying to put the pieces together, not finding that they made much sense.  “Why would it be red?  If you’re Cap’s soulmate, then shouldn’t it be white?  Hell, honest to God I thought that Barnes was his soulmate, the way he talks about the guy.  Actually, now that I take a closer look, that star is about the same color as the one…on Barnes’…shoulder…” he paused, letting the pieces finally fall into place.

“There it is,” Nick smiled, gently pushing you forward.  “Now, if you’ll excuse the lady.”

Now Sam was more than willing to take a step aside, even holding the door for you at that.  You stopped just inside the door, barely crossing over the threshold, not out of fear but out of the sudden inability to breathe at the sight of Steve looking back.  Sam pulled the door closed with a grin towards his friend, but it only spurned Steve on.  He must not have been fully unconscious when your hands had met back on the river, and he seemed to be remembering.  The look of pure, unabashed, hopeless love in his one good eye left you stunned and with nowhere to run, and a voice that barely made a sound.

“I woke up too damned early for this.”

Part 2


This week I was fortunate enough to receive the brand new simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror
I had seen a link to this being shared around on Facebook and it instantly piqued my interest! Being a makeup artist, one of my pet hates is poor lighting when it comes to makeup application - particularly at night. So when I read the features of this mirror, I knew I just HAD to review it!!! 

I nearly snapped off the delivery mans arms when I hastily snatched this beauty from him a few days ago. In fact, I often find myself stood at the door mumbling briefly about the product to warrant my erratic excitement when he knocks - I’m sure he’s used to me by now. I hope! 

Anyway, let me give you a little overview as to why this mirror is magic: 
As you can see from the images above, it has 3 wide view panels that are adjustable so you can view it flat or curved. This means you are able to see yourself panoramically from any angle!
So when it comes to checking if my contouring is completely blended I need no longer crane my neck to see the sides of my face, I can now see both sides with ease. The mirror also tilts back and forth so you can adjust it for a more comfortable view. 
In between the three panels are 2 strips of light, known as the tru-lux light system. What makes this light-up mirror different from many others is that it simulates natural sunlight so you can get a true view of your makeup as if you were outside. More on this in a moment! 

Another key feature of the wide view mirror is that it has a built-in sensor. So as your face approaches the mirror the tru-lux light system automatically illuminates without the need to turn it on. Only once you move away does it turn itself off again. It’s a rechargeable device which gives you 3 weeks battery life. And this also means it’s cordless once charged, so yes, you can easily move it from room to room. 

There is more to the tru-lux lighting system that just a sensor and the ability to check your makeup in natural sunlight… It’s the first of it’s kind to be app-enabled!
As soon as it arrived I downloaded the free simplehuman app and wirelessly I was able to control my mirror! I think Tommy had more fun than I did, you know men love a gadget!
You can adjust not only the lighting, but the sensor timings AND set alarms - incase you get swept away in the moment and don’t realise it’s time to leave for work. To alert you the light starts to flash. Cool eh? 

This next part is what REALLY made me long for this mirror…
You can capture the ambient light from different locations using images from your PHONE. Yes.
You simply choose your desired photo - it could be your office, or your favourite restaurant even, and the mirror will mimic the colour temperature and intensity so you can check your makeup in the lighting of the venue before you even leave the house! Gobsmacked….? Tell me about it. 

I will be consciously snapping photos of my favourite places just so I can see my makeup in those lightings - just incase.  
The app is so simple to use. I put in my WiFi code upon request, enabled bluetooth on my phone, it then searched for my mirror and we were connected.

Here is a little snap shot of some foundation swatches in a typical lighting situation vs in front of the tru-lux light system: 

You can see the colours of the foundation in much more clarity. 

This is what the app looks like upon opening. You can see the name of the mirror, the battery life, and options to click on to access light modes, alarms, and sensor settings.

Here is the light modes page within the app. It contains some pre-set light modes: ‘natural light’ ‘candle light’, ‘restaurant’ and ‘cloudy day’. 
The first 5 symbols are pre-sets, and then you have the ‘plus’ button to add your own custom light settings. Below, you can manually adjust the brightness OR you can press auto brightness. 

The mirror itself is quite weighty and extremely sturdy, you can trust that it will not fall over and break. Although it’s a little weighty it’s still portable. You can see from the images above that it’s super slimline and fits beautifully on a dressing table, or even in the bathroom.

It’s ideal for me as I often teach 1-2-1 classes downstairs, and I have a filming room upstairs, so I can easily cart it back and forth. 

Here is a little mobile snap of me and my magic mirror:

The mirror retail prices are as follows:
£299.99 here in the UK
$400.00 in the US
€399.99 in the EU

It’s currently available on the UK & US sites, and will be available on the German & French websites by the end of the week!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

I went to EB games and asked for like a new sensor bar thing for our wii because I wanted to play Mario Kart and those nerd employees LAUGHED at me they laughed at me because I guess they don’t sell those parts anymore and that’s fine but don’t laugh at me I will shove you both into the same locker????

New flexible sensor holds potential for foldable touch screens

Picture a tablet that you can fold into the size of a phone and put away in your pocket, or an artificial skin that can sense your body’s movements and vital signs. A new, inexpensive sensor developed at the University of British Columbia could help make advanced devices like these a reality.

The sensor uses a highly conductive gel sandwiched between layers of silicone that can detect different types of touch, including swiping and tapping, even when it is stretched, folded or bent. This feature makes it suited for foldable devices of the future.

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Michaels Masterpost by Employee

Most everyone in the community knows Michaels is ridiculously easy to steal from by now, here are some extra tips to rob us blind. For the n00b, start here, practice slight of hand here in empty full aisle blind spots, practice sleight of hand on bigger objects. I have litterally shoved two huge sketchbooks into my purse sloppy as hell and never been caught, why? FULL AISLE BLIND SPOTS, that’s right Whole sections of the store are unmonitored, it’s like a lifers dream. This is common in some retail stores but is especially true for Michaels. There is hardly ever someone looking at cameras in the office, our cameras have a small range view, the ones most watched are scrap booking and jewelry, you can still take from here just conceal elsewhere. That being said we still have idiots who conceal in front of the camera that we never persecute. In fact my cashier friends have had people come up with items and simply refuse to pay for those particular ones and walk out, unprosecuted. Stealing from Michaels is pretty much a joke but it’s good training ground. They only check the inventory about once a week to see what’s been stolen, once the right numbers are put in for what we have on hand that’s it, no looking nothing. That being said the clearance isle and seasonal products are a free for all these are never checked for how much have been stolen. Michaels will never notice something is gone until later on in the week. Never leave packaging for gods sake this is a golden rule, but it’s one of the only ways you will get caught or your store will know people are stealing. Don’t act sus, even if you act sus know that Michaels is mostly understaffed because of ridiculous management policies. That being said it is ultra safe to hit the store aground 6-8 we close at 9 so those hours are heavily spent cleaning the store putting back products and trying to avoid customers. The morning is also a good time, on Wednesday a truck comes with inventory and most everyone on the floor Wednesday 9am-10am is putting out stock again trying to avoid customers. Take advantage of this. Avoid other customers they will make a bigger deal then employees, most are soccer moms with power complexes or old stuck up women, these people will make a fuss and may try to bully a cashier into doing something. Michaels has a no chase policy, our doors 90% of the time do not have sensors, in New England generally nothing is tagged. Occasionally you will get a woman who has worked at Michaels for years and is an old hag. They’re tired of these darn kids stealing! They might walk out of the store and write down your license plate number, what they do with it I don’t know, pretty much nothing we have no formal system to keep out shoplifters. I have tried to return something without a receipt and have someone do this to me, I called corporate using a fake name of course and made a big fuss, they have no right to do this, you may even end up with an apology gift card. That being said gift cards are often given out when a customer call corporate to complain about our coupon policy, best scam to pull is when we have a coupon that is only allowed during limited hours, call complain say the cashier wouldn’t let you use it and refused to call the manager, say you have kids to pick up, mother to take care of, charity to do anything during the hours it was active and you couldn’t be there. Say you are a customer who always shops here spends lots of money, nothing may come of it or you might get a gift card my manager often complains about having to give them out. The forms of security we do have are easily bypassed, we put cardboard packages on a peg then use an alpha lock.. rip the cardboard straight down voila alpha lock by passed. Don’t limit yourself to craft supplies, we have a great home decor section which is again unchecked for theft, when we break something we don’t change the number on hand, the number on hand is NEVER COUNTED. Steal all your home decor here, you can bring in those large reusable grocery totes and go wild. Take all your seasonal decorations from here never pay for anything again. Take presents for people we often have a gift section, we have bibles, pray for your sins lmao. I would warn against doing a return scheme here as a lot of items are marked by our data base so if you try to return them without a receipt it sends a warning off and prints out a receipt saying to log onto this loss prevention website, I wish I had a more in depth guide to what can and cannot be returned but I don’t. When that slip is printed the cashier assumes you are a thief, and before it is printed the register asks for a manager override so now the manager is around too. I’ve had this happen with expensive jewelry tools, and expensive scrap booking tools. Avoid high ticket items to avoid getting this slip as it affects your ability to do a no receipt return as well. Know that if you are successful with a no receipt return you will get the item at the lowest sale price for the last two months and you will get this on a return card. It’s better to just steal from here. Any questions or if I missed anything feel free to dm me :) hope this helps some baby lifters and pros alike :) THANK YOU SM @lolitalifter420 FOR THIS POST💕💕🌸

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Running hug? Lol, I have no idea what that's supposed to be but it just gave me two of the funniest mental images. 1: Lance sprinting through the castle trying to hug everyone as fast as he can for some reason. This nearly puts them all into healing pods as a result because he doesn't actually slow down at any point. The second half of this isn't going to fit so I'll have to make another ask for part 2.

Haha, I meant, like, the hug in the movies where the two people run at each other across a wheat field or whatever and fling themselves into each other’s arms, but this was actually way more fun.  Thanks for requesting it!

Lance found Hunk first, which was good, because when he barreled into his best friend, Hunk hugged him back and didn’t seem too concerned when Lance let go and raced off again.

Shiro was equally willing to be hugged, wrapping his arms bewilderedly around Lance before he could back away and run on to his next teammate.  "What’s that for?“ he asked, sounding bemused.

"I’ll explain later!” Lance declared, running off again.  Two down.  

He slammed into Keith two corridors later, almost knocking both of them over.  Keith squawked, offended, and tried to squirm out of Lance’s grasp.  "What are you doing?“

"Later!” Lance said, letting him go and taking off again.  Three.  Out of four?  Six?  Seven?  Lance suddenly realized he hadn’t asked who, exactly, he was supposed to be hugging, but he figured it was better to err on the side of caution.

Pidge would be in her hangar, but everyone else would be on the bridge, so he went there first, pushing his legs to run faster.  Why was the castle so big?  Usually it was good having a little room to split up so they weren’t all on top of each other, but as his lungs started burning, it seemed a little excessive.

When he burst onto the bridge, he went for Coran first.  As he’d half expected, Coran caught him without questioning it, squeezing him back.  "What’s wrong, Number 2?“

"Nothing!”  Lance said, extricating himself and jogging more casually over toward Allura “I just have to hug everyone in the castle within the next four minutes, is all.”

Allura let him hug her, patting him awkwardly on the back.  "What?  Why?  What are you talking about?“

He shrugged her off, running up to Kolivan, who glowered at him so hard that Lance couldn’t bring himself to give him a real hug and settled for an awkward side hug instead, dashing away as fast as he could so that he could both get to Pidge and avoid any retaliation from the enormous Galra.

"I’ll explain later!”

It was a relief to be out of the room, and an even bigger relief to only have one more friend to rescue.  He wished he could take Pidge’s zipline to her hangar, but he suspected the Castle wouldn’t let him and raced down the long way instead, running until he had a stitch in his side.

When he burst into the hangar, Pidge looked up, surprised, from where she was sitting on the floor working on something.  Lance dashed toward her and dove forward, sliding the last few feet on his knees while Pidge’s eyes widened and her hands came up to stop him.  He managed to get his arms around her anyway, knocking them both over into a pile of limbs on the floor.

“What the heck, Lance?” she asked disgruntledly, half squashed under him, “Get off!”

He pushed himself off the tiniest paladin, and righted himself, taking a deep breath in relief.  "Sorry.  Slav said I had to hug everyone in the castle in the next 10 minutes or the likelihood of all of us dying in a horrible accident went up by, like, 60%.  That’s more than half!“

"Lance, Slav is crazy,” Pidge grumbled, sitting up.  "You could have broken my new BLIP tech sensor!“

"Yeah, but he’s also a genius, so-”

“A crazy genius.  Did he even tell you why you had to hug us?  What could possibly have gone wrong that a hug would prevent?”

“That’s … actually a good question.”

“So why don’t you go ask him, and get out of my lab?”

Lance snorted.  "Yeah, fine.  I didn’t want to be in your crummy lab anyway.   I was just trying to save your life.  It’s not a big deal or anything.“

Pidge rolled her eyes, but Lance didn’t want to make a whole fight out of it, so he stormed off instead.

He hadn’t gone far in the other direction before Slav whipped around a corner and flung all eight of his arms around Lance.  "You forgot to hug me!” he exclaimed “That was almost a disaster!”

Lance wrapped his arms around Slav in return, heart skipping a beat.  "Oh no!  Did we make it in time?“

Slav thought for a minute, still clinging to the front of Lance’s armor.  "Yes, I think so.”

Lance sighed in relief again.  "Good.  Why’d I have to do that, anyway?“

"You’re blue!” Slav explained, staring intently at the blue V in front of his face, “Blue has a frequency of 606-668 terahertz!  Very protective frequency range.  Cancels out the waves of negative thoughts.”

“Wait - negative thoughts?”  Lance’s face fell.

“Yes.  I had been caught in a web of fear.  Shiro says I should not get caught up in fear, and I think he is right.  Makes too much negative energy.  Needs 606 terahertz to cancel it out.”

Lance groaned.

“Do not worry, Blue Paladin,” Slav said.  "You should only have to hug everyone a few times a week to keep them safe.  Maybe once a day if there are a lot of dangers for me to think about.“

Suddenly, "explaining later” seemed like a much harder task than it had before.  Maybe he should just walk around the castle with Slav attached to his front and let Slav explain instead.  The alien showed no sign of letting go any time soon, anyway.


Ilyushin Il-38N is an upgraded, more capable version of the Russian Navy’s Il-38 anti-submarine warfare aircraft. The new version is also capable of carrying out electronic intelligence (ELINT) missions. Besides, these aircraft can be used for mapping the magnetic and gravitational fields of the Northern Ice sea, and also for conducting scientific oceanographic research and underwater and air reconnaissance. The Il-38N is fitted with the Novella sensor package which dramatically expands the combat capabilities of the aircraft against underwater, surface and airborne targets. The new sensor includes radar, high resolution thermal imaging system, a magnetic anomaly detection system, an electro-optical detection system (including laser, TV and thermal channels), gravitational anomaly detector and other equipment. The radar has a maximum detection range of 320 kilometers. According to the Russian Navy’s public statements the majority of surviving Il-38 aircraft will be upgraded to the Il-38N configuration. The first Il-38N aircraft was introduced into service by the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet in early March 2012.


My dad gave me a 2005 Furby for my birthday ♡

The first 3 photos are from him, when he bought the old furb and how he cleaned it.
Last picture is mine, the Furby has a new owner.

My dad told me that the original owner didnt use it that much, so is “new”, however their stomach sensor doesnt work, it might have something to do that is 12 years old. It gets sad when they glitches and I have to reset it, but is more sad when they want to play a game and I cant tickle it.

I tell them I love it a lot, and dance and hear their story.

Im happy, they is happy. Welcome home, Furby ♡

Star Trek: Age of Wonder by RobinsGirlWonder

A Romulan warbird scrapples with the Enterprise during a routine survey of a mysteriously untraceable planet. When the captain leads an away team to the surface and is shot down, he finds himself face to face with no less than an angel. An angel who knows his face, but not his name.

Read the Teaser to Episode One: The Champion of Themyscira

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Cover art by @wife-shaped-husband

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voltzage  asked:

How a sensor processes new information vs a intuitive. Ty love you blog.

Si: how does this compare with what I’ve experienced before?

Se: can I become part of this or act on it immediately?

Ni: what’s the underlining pattern to this / the future implications?

Ne: what are the immediate implications / the broader context?

Ti: does this seem logical / is it internally consistent?

Te: how can I use this information / is it supported by evidence?

Fi: is this right or wrong / does it fit with who I am?

Fe: is this moral and just / how does this impact others?

- ENFP Mod

Kidge Week Day 7 ~ Warmth

“I hate being separated from the others, “ Pidge said, eyes not moving from the holoscreen in front of her.

“I’m not exactly fond of it either, but we’re just going to have to wait until this solar storm lets up a little,” Keith put in, scanning the read-out on the control panel. “It’s just dumb luck that we got caught up in it.”

Pidge laughed. “More or less. But the good news is the new, long-range sensors are working without a hitch. One of my better jobs, if I do say so myself.”

“Modest as always.”

“Hey, the first time you pick up some Galra activity while you’re still out of range of their sensors you’ll thank me,” Pidge huffed, but with a smile that was audible.

“And this had to be tested on my Lion because…?”

“Because she’s the fastest, of course.” Keith could see the eyeroll when he glanced Pidge’s way. “In case it didn’t work as well as I hoped and we got caught out Red had the best chance of getting away. Allura has already said she wants the new sensors fitted on both of our Lions, since they have the necessary speed.”

Keith grinned. “That’ll please Lance to no end.”

“Yeah, well, neither of us has that awesome sonar trick that Blue can pull, so he needs to get over it. Besides,” she continued, shutting down the holoscreen and rising to her feet, “he won’t argue if we’re able to use this to find Shiro.” The last words were spoken in a whisper.

Keith swallowed hard and was about to respond when a high pitched humming – like electronic feedback – passed through the communicators in their helmets. Pidge gasped and quickly pulled her helmet off, shaking her head to clear it. Keith reacted a little slower but also removed his headgear, cupping one hand over an ear as if to push the echo of the noise out of his head.

“I think that storm is getting worse,” Pidge finally said, checking the data from the sensors. “We might be -” The lights in the cockpit suddenly flickered, causing both of them to look up in alarm. “ - stuck here longer than expected.”

With a hum of agreement Keith worked the control panel, and one by one Red’s non-essential systems were shut down. “I think it’s a good idea to have as much power as possible funneled into the force field,” he said as the lights went off completely. “We don’t know how bad this might get and I’d rather not find out the hard way.”

There was enough ambient light from the stars and solar flares outside the Lion to see by, but only just barely. Pidge decided to err on the side of caution and sat against the wall behind the pilot’s chair, pulling her knees in close to her chest. It didn’t take very long for Keith to join her.

“It’s pretty boring sitting in that chair when there’s nothing to do,” he explained. His knee brushed against Pidge’s leg as he sat, legs crossed and neatly folded hands in his lap. “You, umm, you said something about using this long-range sensor to find Shiro,” Keith whispered after a long silence, his voice cracking on the last word. “How?”

“It’s calibrated for Galra technology,” Pidge replied, voice just as soft. “I’m hoping that with a little more research and some help from our Blade friends I’ll be able to refine it even more so that it can focus on the biological and technological combo that is Shiro’s arm.” She sniffed a little bit and then shivered. “It’s getting cold.”

“Yeah, I turned the temperature controls down to their minimum life support level.” Keith slid across the floor and opened a storage bin on the other side of the cockpit, pulling out a blanket. He got it wrapped around himself and then held out an arm.

Pidge took the hint and snuggled into his side, sighing as his arm brought the blanket around her back and a hand settled on her shoulder. “Do you always keep a blanket in your Lion? It’s not really a standard emergency supply, is it?”

Keith smiled slightly and tightened his hold. “Not standard, no, but I figured it couldn’t hurt.” Red shook as a particularly strong flare from the storm lashed them. “I have all the regular stuff as well – food and water packs – in case we’re stuck for a little too long.” He looked down at the top of Pidge’s head. “Are you hungry?”

She shook her head. “No, just kind of tired. I… I haven’t been sleeping well since -”

“Me neither.”

Minutes went by with no sound except their breathing and the noise of the storm passing them by. Then, just when Keith thought she had fallen asleep, Pidge spoke again.

“You’re really warm,” she whispered, tucking her head more securely under his chin and sliding an arm around his waist.

He laughed weakly. “I think it’s the Galra influence. As far as I’ve been able to discover they have a higher body temperature than humans.”

“It’s nice,” Pidge said, voice trailing away. “I like it.”

She definitely fell asleep then; Keith could feel the deep, even rhythm of her breathing where she was pressed against his side. It was relaxing, and it wasn’t very long before he dozed off as well, head leaning to one side and his nose sinking into soft, honey brown hair.

And if his lips also made contact with that hair, well, that was nobody’s business but theirs.


No escaping light

Scientists at University of Buffalo have developed a new light-trapping sensor that improves on the sensitivity, cost and versatility of infrared absorption spectroscopy to detect biological and chemical samples such as drugs and bomb-making chemicals. 

The sensor works with light in the mid-infrared band of the electromagnetic spectrum. It consists of two layers of metal with an insulator in between. Using a fabrication technique called atomic layer deposition, researchers created a device with gaps less than five nanometers between the layers. These enable the sensor to absorb up to 81% of infrared light, a significant improvement from the 3% that similar devices absorb.

The sensor acts as a substrate for the materials being examined, boosting the sensitivity of surface-enhanced infrared absorption devices to detect molecules at 100 to 1,000 times greater resolution than previously reported results.

flipwizardmcgay  asked:

14 for tadashi and honey please?

(my personal headcanon for Honey’s real name is Esperanza. so in her head, she can switch and back and forth between the two names pretty well. takes place before the events of the movie.)


things you said after you kissed me

It’s late, it’s late, it’s so late, and even though most students at SFIT view sleep are a purely theoretical concept Honey can’t stop laughing because if she’s out of it, Tadashi is even more so. He’s usually so studious and grounded and now he’s been walking into walls and muttering about “new angles” and “sensor updates” and it’s so funny, like, everything is so funny right now. She’s sitting on his worktable, giggling in her sleeves as he’s surrounded by metal parts and wires and cables and his trademark SFIT ball cap is completely gone somewhere. 

Finally, even the dauntless Tadashi gives up and sort of slumps to one side, hitting the floor with a thud that he doesn’t even seem to register and Honey laughs harder. She can hear her mother’s voice in her head going, Esperanza, mijita linda, calm down, but her head feels like a balloon that’s slowly losing air. 

Tadashi looks up from his undignified sprawl on the floor and just sort of blinks at her, as if just realizing this new change in position. “This did not go as planned,” he says, completely dead serious and Honey can’t even laugh any more, she’s so tired. Tadashi sort of heaves himself into an upright position, clutching the table edge for support. Still giggling, Honey grabs him by the back of his t-shirt and hauls him upright, clutching his shoulders to steady him. He sort of sways and falters for a second and some part of Honey’s mind thinks dreamily, he has such nice shoulders and another part thinks, we need to get home, Mamá will be so worried and then somehow, as she supports him, she realizes he is right in front of her, close enough to see the darkening of his jaw and chin. His eyes are brown and warm, the color of good chocolate and the wild honey her abuelita used to put in the medicines she made when she was little and everyone called her Esperanza and the name Fred gave her is just as much a part of her and when did Tadashi get so close?

The room is very quiet. They might as well be the only two people in the world.

She’s not sure who moves first—maybe it’s him, maybe it’s her or both, it’s like gravity, inevitable and Honey’s always been a chemistry girl, but that’s what this feels like. Like the pull of the moon to the tide.

His mouth is warm and something rasps pleasantly against her skin, she likes it, likes the feeling and wants more of it. It occurs to her, distantly, that could be nothing but an exhaustion-induced delirium dream but in that moment, she does not care. Esperanza Ortega is not known for her self-restraint and neither is Honey Lemon, if this is a dream, she wants it to be a good one. 

His hands are large and they brace her back, they are steady and that’s one thing she’s going to love about Tadashi for always, that he keeps people steady. There is nothing steady about this kiss, it is unsure at first, then a question and an enthusiastic answer and wow, this work table is really cold and hard against her back and something is digging into her spine. She must make a sound indicating this, because Tadashi pulls back but doesn’t let go, he looks as dazed and as dream drunk as she feels. 

“Oh,” he says and lets go enough for her sit up but stays in front of her, still holding on to the table like he’s going to fall. “I wanted to take you out to dinner before I did that,” he tells her and one more punch drunk laugh escapes her.

“You still can,” she assures him, brushing one knuckle gently across the circles under his eyes. “After we get some sleep though.”  

“Sleep,” he groans, slumping forward again, this time his head lands on her shoulder. She muffles her laugh into his t-shirt and says, “I’ll take the trolley with you home.“ 

Somehow they make it off campus. Somehow Tadashi insists on seeing her home first and when she collapses into bed, dimly registering to kick off her shoes, she dreams of oceans and the tide and warmth, soothing and steady. 

damnitatreyuusethecoupon  asked:

Me again!!! This one only involves Nick and Hancock. Sole figures out a way to turn Hancock back to normal (how would he look and react to that), and Sole tells Nick he can transfer his memories into a Gen 3 synth.

Hybrid Art/reaction prompt! :D This took me longer than I thought it was going to but oh well <3

Hancock: Sole approached him one day with a drug they had found in one of the abandoned medical facilities. Apparently a lone researcher had locked himself up, trying to reverse the effects of his ghoulification before he went feral. Unfortunately, the researcher ran out of time just as he perfected the serum. Sole mercy killed him.

“Hey Hancock, I got something here. It will turn you back to a human, like before your trip” Sole approached him one day.

Hancock stared at the drug in her hand. Did he even want to turn back? Back to when he was a miserable fool that had let down all those people? Could he stand to look at that face again? He was afraid. But Sole looked at him with those expectant, glowing eyes. How could he say no?

Eventually Sole persuaded him to travel with them to an abandoned building out of Concord. In case the serum didn’t work, they needed to be away from people. Hancock tentatively took the drug in his hand.

“Hang on doll, I need to do this by myself” he said, and shut the door to the bathroom. Light poured in through the small window.

Hancock took a deep breath and injected himself. First came the pain. Tendons and muscles repaired themselves after years of damage. It felt like liquid fire but he dared not scream for fear of worrying Sole. After what felt like an eternity, he grabbed his head groaning. Hair. His hair. And face! His cheeks were once again soft! Stumbling, he braced himself on a stray sink and slowly mustered the courage to look up:

“My….face” he murmured. He looked into the face of the man who had run away all those years ago. Although it was him, it didn’t seem like him. It was a memory of himself he thought he had forgotten. Was this the right decision?

Nick Valentine: Sole bounded up to Nick one day with an absolutely elated expression on their face. Nick was just sitting down, smoking a cigarette at his office in Diamond City.

“Nick! We found you a gen-3! I really think you’re going to like this one. Oh please come and check it out!” Sole begged.

Nick put down his newspaper. He was fine with his body. The Institute may have been experimenting with his body, but they had fitted him with the best mind of the pre-war world. He didn’t need anything else. But Sole wanted so dearly to give him a face that people wouldn’t question. They were sick of people judging Nick the second they saw his metal vestiges.

And so Nick accompanied Sole to the Memory Den in Goodneighbor. Dr. Amari showed them the way down to a pod where a middle-aged gen-3 synth lay dormant. Well… it wasn’t bad. Sole begged him to try it out, saying that he could always switch back if he didn’t like it. It didn’t seem like much harm so Nick climbed into the pod to try out this new body.

When he awoke, he touched his right hand, then face. Skin. So long it had been since he had felt skin on his parts. When he stood up, Sole squealed in excitement.

Nick chuckled, “Hold on there kid, don’t get too attached to this body just yet.”

They thanked Dr. Amari and left for Nick’s trial period. Nick was already liking it. He felt warmer; a result of the synthetic blood cells rushing through his body. His flesh felt less metallic, and he wondered what Sole would feel like under his new sensors. Shaking off the thought, Nick leaned up against a brick wall after they left the Memory Den and lit a cigarette. Even smoking felt better. Sole tentatively leaned forward on their toes,

“So… how do you like it?” They asked. “Is it similar to how you used to look?”

“heh, I was better looking before” Nick chuckled.


Ezekiel Jones Appreciation Week | Day 6: Favorite Skill
↳ Technology (plus bonus handcuffs)