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New Year’s wishes

Wasn’t requested but I wanted to write a special little New Year fanfic for you all. I know New Year was about a week ago but it still makes sense to read it now. I’m sorry I haven’t written much recently but you know how college coursework is. Enjoy my lovelys!


Characters: Stiles, Reader, Sheriff Stilinski, mentions of Scott

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Some swearing, self hate(?)(Stiles), isolation(Stiles)

Words: 1128


‘Stiles? Stiles!’ I starting to get frantic at this point. The last time I saw Stiles was at the New Years party yesterday. Stiles had left after he had kissed me at 12, just after me making my wish. He had ran off and Scott had told me not to follow him.

Its now been a good days since I’ve seen Stiles and was really starting to panic as well as think the worst things had happened to him. I had been searching the Stilinski household after unlocking the front door with the key he had gotten cut for her.

‘WHO’S THERE?! Y/N’ Shit!

‘Sorry Sir. I was looking for Stiles. I’ve not seen him recently and I was getting really worried. Was you already home? Did I wake you? I’m so sorry, I just need to know if Stiles is okay? I was at the party and h-‘

‘Y/N! No, I wasn’t home. I was just coming back because I forgot my badge. Stiles has been in his room since New Year’s day. I haven’t seen him much. When I left the house about 30 minutes ago he shouted to me that he was going out for a walk and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. Is everything okay? Those bloody wolves haven’t been causing havoc again have they? You would tell me, Y/N. Wouldn’t you?

‘Of course I’d tell you. Nothing’s happened as far as I’m aware. If anything comes up, I will tell you. Did Stiles say where he was going?’

‘No, sorry.’

‘No worries. Sorry, I will be off now. Have a good day at work!’ And with that I ran out of the Stilinski house. I knew exactly where Stiles would been. There was a nice spot that only me and Stiles knew about. It was in the woods and over looked the town of Beacon Hills. It was beautiful and we had spent many a summers evening together when ever either one of us needed to get away from everything. It was our happy place that we had claimed for ourselves when we were very little. We would often play and chat there for hours. Even Scott didn’t know about it.

After a few minutes of running back to my house, I unlocked the door as my parents were having a ‘date day’ as they liked to call it. I grabbed my keys and made my way out to the driveway. I unlocked my black, 1967 mustang and floored it to the edge of the woods. I knew I wouldn’t find Stiles’ Jeep as he’d left if at his house.

Once I had arrived, I locked up my car and started walking. I refrained from calling out his name in case he didn’t want to talk and so walk off.

I reached the small clearing, I saw Stiles sitting on the bench we had made a few summers ago. It had taking us three whole days to make it as we kept goofing off.

I was about to call out his name when I heard him sniffling. ‘Y/N, why’d I have to do it? Why’d I have to kiss you like that? I’m sorry. Im so so sorry. I’ve ruined everything.’ He wasn’t talking to me, he was just crying into his hands. I couldn’t help it, my legs moved on their own accord. With tears streaming down my face, I ran towards him, knocked him off of the bench and crushed him on the floor.

‘Argh!’ Stiles announced. He pushed me off of him in fear and looked my in the eyes. Once he had realised that it has me he stood up, turned his back to me, wiped his eyes and began to walk away with out any explanation. I ran up to him and hugged him once again but this time from behind rather than side ways. ‘Let go of me, Y/N. Please.’ He whimpered.

‘No, Stiles. Just no. I can’t. Not until you talk to me. Not until you tell me what is wrong. I want to help you. Don’t even try to convince me that you are okay because I know that you’re not. The only time we come here by ourselves is when its something we really don’t want to tell the other or when the other goes away and we miss them. I’ve not gone anywhere so what’s wrong Stiles? Please tell me. You’re my best friend and I can stand to see you hurting.’

‘That just the problem, Y/N. I’m your best friend, nothing more. It’s been this way for a while. It’s now or never I suppose. I’ve never liked Lydia in the way I’ve lead you to believe. It’s all been a big cover up of the truth. It’s you, Y/N. It’s always been you. I’ve said to much, I’m sorry.’ He shrugged me off and started to walk away. I’ve loved Stiles since we were kids. My heart broke a little bit more each and every time he mentioned Lydia as I thought he’d never think of me like that. I guess I was wrong. I looked up in the direction that Stiles had walked off in.

‘Wait!’ And with that I run. I run until I was in front of him. I extended my arm and placed my hand on his chest. ‘You need to hold up. Slow down. Go back a second.’

‘Go back to where, Y/N. To the part where I embarassed myself. Well that happened when I kissed you, didn’t it!’

’No! You’ve got it all wrong.’

‘How have I? I’ve made a fool out of myself, I’ve told you everything and I bloody kissed you when you clearly think of us as platonic! How can you not see that I have ruined everything betw-‘ I had to shut him up. I don’t know what came over me. I leaped forward, swung my arms are him neck and kissed him. On the lips! Just as I started to realise what a mess I had made of the situation he kissed back. I was in heaven.

After a few seconds Stiles finally pulled back and looked into my eyes. His eyes flicked between both of my eyes, searching for any trace of emotion. I started to tear up. Everything I have ever wanted had come true.

‘Did-did that mean anything to you?’ Stiles questioned.

‘It meant everything. Thank you’

‘No, Y/N. Thank you.’

‘I love you Stiles. Can we go home now?’

‘Yes we can.’ As we started to walk back to my car I felt a kiss to the top of my head, an arm around my waist and an ‘I love you too’ whispered into the woods. I guess New Year’s wishes do come true.


Arrested Development season 4 clip.

Toonami to Co-Produce 2 New FLCL Seasons (Updated)
12 episodes will be a sequel to 2000-2001 OVA

ok so this is really interesting. plot details came out about the new flcl season, which are now…. two seasons. from what it seems it’s haruko fucking with a different kid now, naota’s out of the picture. which makes me feel kinda sad. but to be fair i think somewhere during the end of flcl naota said he never saw haruko again or something?? or am i not remembering it right. idk. either way i wonder how it’s gonna stack up to the original, im cautiously optimistic.

Asami icons

Under the cut are 61 icons of Asami through the seasons, as well as 3 of korrasami! If you use one, please reblog if you can, so more people can see/use them. Likes are nice too, but those don’t help the icons circulate. And if you use one please tell me! I like knowing people use my icons. I am sorry they are in a giant line instead of grouped in fours like usual, but I still cannot figure how to do that with the new update.

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