new season updates

I feel like there’s something really symbolic in today’s clip with people skipping and dancing in the yard and isak and even walking hand in hand with the flower in isak’s hair; it seems like everything in that scene in the schoolyard refers to children and the youth and the past. it felt almost creepy how they were painted in this light, as kids, when everything is actually the opposite of that because no one is innocent and so many people hurt sana while hiding under this fake facade

i never wanna write it down when somebody asks for a list of podcasts i listen to so here it is now

the flop house, planet money, radiolab, freakonomics, on the media, undone, crimetown, criminal, serial, lore, reply all, more perfect, invisibilia, this american life, stuff you should know, revisionist history, can he do that?, presidents are people too, the moth, snap judgement, tell me something i dont know, wait wait dont tell me, judge john hodgeman, home of the brave, hidden brain, npr politics podcast, stuff you missed in history class, mystery show, ted radio hour, startup, the daily show without jon stuart, 99% invisible, mbmbam, the adventure zone

So guanlin, jonghyun and jihoon are basically confirmed to debut next month

Let that sink it, ​imagine them in the same group doing interviews, appearing on variety shows, music shows and the music videos that are going to be released !

Honestly wtf are they doing to my baby Eva? She’s not herself anymore. Eva wouldn’t trust Sara completely if Sana says she has a bad vibe about her. Don’t y'all remember how Sara and Ingrid cast her out of their gang right before S1 started????

Eva Kviig Mohn, a literal angel, wouldn’t be so chill if she thought some girls were trying to ignore and discard her friend.