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Word of the Week: Frühlingsbote

How can you tell that spring is around the corner? For some, it’s the weather forecast. But for others, it’s the Frühlingsbote.

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The German word Frühlingsbote means “herald of spring” or “harbinger of spring”. It consists of the words Frühling (“spring”) and Bote (“herald”/“harbinger”) and it refers to a person or thing that signals the approach of spring. A few examples of Frühlingsboten would be birds chirping at sunrise, flower buds emerging on the trees, restaurants opening their outdoor patios and clothing stores displaying shorts sandals in the store windows.

A prime example of a Frühlingsbote is also the blooming of the cherry blossom trees (which exist both in the US and Germany). The cherry blossom trees typically bloom before other species, signaling that spring is right around the corner. After the Yoshino trees bloom, other trees will soon follow. Before long, you’ll be walking out in shorts, tees and sunglasses as you soak up the rays.

The Frühlingsbote mark the start of a new season. Which means Biergartenwetter is soon to follow.

hey guys, with a new season starting up soon, here are some tips from me for fandom zen

  • curate your fandom experience
    • follow people who like the things you like
    • blacklist things that stress you out
    • mute people if you need to they’ll survive
    • engage in fandom the way you most enjoy and do your best to avoid the things that make you angry
  • if you don’t want people you don’t know talking to you about something, don’t post about it publicly
    • tumblr is a public forum
    • reblogs can bring random throwaway posts to audiences you were not expecting 
    • if you don’t want to discuss something publicly, maybe don’t put up a post about it
    • just a thought
  • find like-minded friends and rant to them as needed
    • this is hard
    • friendship is hard
    • honestly I don’t know how it works
    • but hopefully you are following people who seem to agree with you about things
    • maybe they want to yell with you about them
    • all things are possible
    • I’m rooting for you
  • stay in your lane
    • don’t go into a post someone made about how much they love x and tell them why they should hate x
    • don’t go into a post someone made about how much they hate y and tell them why they should love y
    • if someone dislikes your fave, that’s their business
    • that just means there is more of your fave for you
    • if someone loves your least favorite character, let them
    • quietly think about how shitty their taste is
    • feel superior to them if you want
    • but leave them the fuck alone
    • I don’t care how wrong you think they are seriously just let them feel differently about a thing
    • it’s going to be okay
  • it is actually impossible to win a ship war
    • seriously you cannot
    • don’t bother
    • do literally anything else
This is the time to just soak yourself in the word of God. Do your own little bible study for yourself. Get yourself spiritually fit for the new season ahead. Remember it’s a new year soon. Time to start planning ahead. Write some goals down and start doing them. Get your mind focus on God and He will direct your path.

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A new season of Natsume Yuujinchou is up, and after watching episode one i feel all fluffy inside. What about you?


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I mean I totally cried at the end of the episode. BbyNatsume is just so sad and doesn’t believe he has friends and family who care about him. But at the same time, we get to see just how much Tanuma, Taki and Nyanko-sensei care about him. This anime is just so pure and amazing, I can’t believe I get to witness it with my own eyes.

~Convention Season~

Starting up some new print designs soon for conventions~

I’m gonna try something new this year by trying including a collab series if possible. If you are an artist and would like to collaborate on one send me a message with a link to your work and I can see if we have compatible styles.

As for everyone else, let me know what kind of artwork you would like to see. I appreciate all kinds of advice and feedback I can get.  


((welcome back to the reverse au!! this fic is a bit of a mess, but i got it done, thank gosh. shout outs to all the new followers here, oh my goodness!! ♥♥♥ if you draw anything for the au, pls tag @wbtrashking + @narootos!))

summary: Yuuri Katsuki has been fighting to get golds since age thirteen.

He watches his peers fall to the side, growing nervous as his shadow gets longer and the medals start piling up. Yuuri’s coach is ecstatic. Yuuri is starting to count how many callouses litter his heels.

By age twenty-seven, everything tires him, but he is especially exhausted to keep holding onto his spot at the top.
word count: ~3k
rating: t
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With Fuller House starting on Netflix soon and the new season of The X-Files already released, I’m starting to wonder how far back they’ll go with rebooting sitcoms and classic shows instead of just making new ones. Personally, I’m waiting for the day that they do a Home Improvement spin-off and bring Jonathan Taylor Thomas back into our lives. Is there a show that you’d ever love to see remade or continued?

i know this is probably not what y’all want to be hearing right now but although it sucks that we got eliminated, it’s not The End. football is a new season every year, new players, retiring players, transfers, wins, losses, injuries etc. we change every year and we’ve had awful seasons and then won la décima, and now we’ve had another bad season. it happens, it’s part of the game. and i know some of you feel bad for iker but the guy won la décima with his boyhood club and the fans cheered for him today. it’s not as bad at it seems. some of you still have finals to study for and papers to hand in so take a deep breath, drink some water and try to let this go, a new season will be starting soon