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How would Bakugou react if he sees his girlfriend trying not to drool over the sight of his muscles. - ⚡️⚡️

This is suchhhhhh a cute idea and it makes my heart happy (but not because I too would drool over his muscles). I just have a feeling that he would play it off and be a “cool guy”, but as soon as they left or weren’t looking at him he would freak out. He’s a tough guy, but every tough guy has his limits! 

It was unreasonably hot that day and Bakugou wasn’t the slightest bit happy about it. His house seemed like a permanent sauna, and the already hot-headed male made his uncomfortableness known to all those around him, and even those in the houses surrounding him.

“Dammit! Why the fuck does it have to be so hot in here?” He stomped around his living room looking for the thermostat but couldn’t find it in his rage. His red eyes squinted into thin lines as he yelled. “F/n!”

Said girl, his girlfriend, padded into the room quietly. She smiled at the blonde and turned the air conditioner up to the highest setting. “Ah, sorry Katsuki. I can’t make it any colder in here.” Bakugou made an angered groan and swiftly pulled his tee-shirt over his head.

“Fuck this. It’s too damn hot in here for this.” He had his back turned to the h/c, who was staring at him with wide eyes. Her gaze drifted over his muscled back, watching how they disappeared into the band of his jeans. “F/n, aren’t you hot?” He turned and scowled at her.

“A-Ah, yeah, I guess it’s warm in here.” F/n stood frozen in place, a red hue quickly flooding her entire face. F/n’s heart fluttered at the front view of Bakugou without his shirt on. Maybe it was the heat, but the thin sheen of sweat covering his toned muscle made her head run wild.

Bakugou huffed and walked towards her with a smug grin plastered on his face. “Oi, dumbass, what the fuck is wrong with you?” He crossed his arms, making his biceps bulge.

Her swallow is almost audible as she pushes a stray lock of h/c hair behind her ear. She tries to look away from the male before her but can’t bring herself to do it. “N-Nothing is wrong with me.” F/n tries to take a step away, but Bakugou grabs her wrist.

“Oi. Look at my face instead of staring at my body you fucking perv.” E/c orbs meet his red ones, and Bakugou lowers his head until their faces are inches away. “If you want to stare at me, all you have to do is ask.”

F/n yanks her hand away and lets out a tiny squeak of surprise. Gaining control of her body, she plants a kiss on his cheek and runs into the other room.

“Fucking dumbass girl.” Bakugou says as he looks away, trying to contain his own small blush. 

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I’m so happy you liked the season!! You’re literally the only person who’s positive djoandksnd

No matter the season, I always come back super excited to meet nothing but hate here :’D And I don’t get it? Because it was good!!! We got:

  • Keith’s character development in action
  • HUNK. Hunk flashbacks. Hunk holding the team together. Hunk weapon upgrades (I’m crying I love Hunk)
  • two amazing hugs for Keith
  • LGBT Shiro. No, he didn’t get back together with Adam, but we already knew it wouldn’t happen since the panel. That doesn’t change the fact he’s LGBT and I’m still excited about it
  • the “Go Galra” Lotor wiggle dance
  • Lance being protective of Pidge
  • all the lions saving their paladins!!!!
  • a functioning particle barrier on Earth lol
  • new characters that I got attached to surprisingly fast (Romelle & the MFE-pilot squad)
  • Keith & Iverson shaking hands and acknowledging their past mistakes :’)
  • Iverson in general?? I liked the dude. Much better than in s1
  • Pidge meeting her parents again!
  • amazing action scenes
  • Lance almost getting dogpiled by his family members, they just love him so much
  • Lance & Keith interactions with Keith teasing him^^
  • Allura breaking into the operation room and saving Shiro with the crystal from her crown
  • Sam: “That’s gonna sound strange but I’m gonna have to use your brain as a computer node”
    Shiro: “Wouldn’t be the first time”
  • Krolia & Keith family time on screen <3
  • Shay returning to visit Hunk!

Like, sure, there were a few things I would have done differently, but I still loved the season?? ???? 

boyfriend! park jihoon

wanna one (1/11)

- the sweetest okay
- not too clingy but can be when he wants attention
- loves to spoil you
- buys matching sweaters and phone cases
- gets flustered easily
- cuddles and watching kdramas
- melts when you play with his hair
- back hugs !!!
- stares at you and admires your beauty
- “wow how did i get so lucky”
- “what’d you say?”
- “nothin”
- loves when you hold and play with his hands because yours are so soft and small
- tells you cheesy pick up lines then gets embarrassed
- gets jealous if one of the members seems too close to you
- lots of aegyo
- takes his time to plan dates because he wants them to be perfect
- but instead of going to the beach like he planned you wanted to go get ice cream so he became a jittery mess
- protective as heck man
- always by your side
- a gentleman
- makes sure hes closest to the cars when walking by the road
- gives you his sweater when you’re cold
- walks you home so he knows you’re safe
- the softest kisses
- very gentle
- art museum dates
- amusement park dates
- fights rarely happen
- but when they do its usually over something little or a misunderstanding
- after he calmed down he’ll come and apologize and talk it out
- takes you out to his favorite restaurants
- likes to know you’re eating well
- honestly the cutest relationship okay

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