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After two years, nine drafts, and numerous ups, downs, twists, and turns, Daikaiju Yuki is finally nearing the end of her journey to the world. This book has taken a massive amount of work, time, thought, and energy to fully henshin into what it is today, and I can’t wait to share it with you this Memorial Day.

Lots of content and announcements are imminent, so keep watching this blog.


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What's some common slang/jargon a veteran character might use in civilian life? Thank you!

I think it varies significantly depending on what part of the army you were in and how much you absorbed the lifestyle, but here’s a few I still use on a regular basis. Some of them might actually be fairly common irl ones; I can’t even tell the difference at this point.

Hooah: I can’t help myself. I told my husband at one point to spray me with water if I said “hooah” and I just can’t stop. It’s just such a convenient word that replaces most forms of communication to something akin to a grunt and that’s great when you’re me and you hate talking.

• Hurry up and wait: the army wants you to hurry the fuck up and run your ass ragged only to stand around for literally hours doing nothing. We have to wake up at four a.m. to pre-preassemble at a location where we’ll preassemble before we actually assemble at. Like. Eight a.m. Sometimes it feels like the real world is just as ridiculous with its timing. 

Soup Sandwich: A fuck up of epic proportions. It feels like everything’s a gd soup sandwich these days.

Voluntold: When someone “volunteers” for something but in fact they were told to volunteer for it, making it more of a demand. I ask myself this all the time when I see businesses doing giveaways or protesters/public speakers and shit, when I pick my passengers in my car who say they do volunteer stuff like that, I want to ask if they actually volunteered or if they were voluntold. 

• …and a wake up: A unit of telling time in the military we learn in basic training to help us get through the weeks of training. It cuts down on your days left by one with the reasoning that if the final day is just a ceremony or something as equally easy, the final day doesn’t count because the hardest part is waking up on that day. So instead of saying we have fifty-six days left, we’d say we have fifty-five days and a wake up. I still say shit like that to my husband. “We have an appointment in three days and a wake up.” Yes, it’s pathetic.

•  as you were/as I was: Return to your prior task/I’ve made a verbal error, please disregard the last thing I said. I often sometimes just say “disregard.”

Roger: yes, confirmed, heard, understood, you got it, I’m on it, roger-fucking-dodger bro.

• skillfully acquire: steal. Literally just steal. 

• high speed: good shit, A+, 10/10

• the crud: a common cold, especially one with fluid leakage.

• Charlie Foxtrot: a clusterfuck. A complete and utter fuck-up.

• MIA: missing in action. Applied to literally anything that isn’t where it’s supposed to be. “I can’t leave ‘cuz my damn keys are MIA.”

• Stay in your lane: this one is common in the civilian world nowadays, but when we used it we meant it quite literally: on the range we each had our own lane, and when the range was hot (guns being fired) you don’t cross over to someone else’s lane because people are literally shooting weapons why would you put yourself in that situation. Also used in the same metaphorical sense civilians use nowadays, aka “you do not know about or understand this so stick to what you know.”

• The real world: civilian life, non-military life. Every day I wake up and am grateful I now live in the real world.

• Zero dark-thirty: too goddamn early in the morning for this bullshit

• Beer-thirty: it’s socially acceptable for me to get fucked up thank god

As you can see, most of these I still use because they apply to both the real world and the army. We wouldn’t use most of our slang here because it normally wouldn’t apply. There is no need for me to tell a fuzzy to grab a donkey dick so we can juice up the 5k.

Some soldiers are REALLY hardcore about keeping their personal life and their working life separate and they go to great pains to avoid slipping in military jargon. Others just really don’t care at all. It’s okay to have a character be either of those or somewhere in the middle, but I recommend trying not to overdo it on jargon, such as the above example I gave. You can’t expect most civilians to be able to know what most of these slang terms mean, and you’d be holding up your story having to explain them so often. I recommend keeping jargon relatively sparse, using only when it’ll have the greatest effect. Using jargon just to show off will always drag down a story.

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Severian from Book of the New Sun

Just recently finished the first half of Gene Wolfe’s saga, and it was genuinely breathtaking. Easily one of my favorite books now and top 5 fictions I’ve experienced in general. Completely redefined how I saw both fantasy and science fiction. There were some details I missed with this rendition, but I’m happy for the most part with how it came out.

I’m back in the saddle, after a long hiatus. I wanted to confirm if the style I was developing was what I wanted and if it would be successful. There’s some concrete foundations I must work out like anatomy and perspective, but I’m happy where my art is going. So thanks for following me guys, hopefully the new wave of content will be a cut above what ya’ll expect from me.


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what are your favorite neutral endings? i think my favorite is the one where Toriel is kicked off the throne by Undyne, and Sans & Papyrus visit her and she trains Papyrus to act as caretaker when she goes out for walks with Sans.

Every time I think I have a favorite I remember another one!

But probably King Mettaton, I’ve gone on about it before but it’s a GREAT way to introduce a genre-shifted sequel. Cyberpunk glitter dystopia where the Underground is apparently run by a sentient AI (but it’s actually a ghost with Issues), brainwashing, lives being centered around whether or not they like the state-run TV show, problems being covered up by literal golden glitter, combine with Mettaton being the type to build things for no reason and the Underground’s weird mix of tech and magic… it’s just such a cool setting!

The exiled queen ending when Papyrus and Undyne are both still alive is another favorite, though! I think it’s cute! Plus it’s got a lot of potential interest! One thing that stands out about it is that Papyrus is in the Ruins with the former queen instead of The Most Important Royal Position, which might imply a bit of a rift between him and Undyne, which makes me sad, but at the same time I love that thought because I think them butting heads could potentially be a good thing. Papyrus standing up to his old mentor, and Undyne reconsidering her hardline stances. Or it could end up becoming a weird platonic besties version of the Dreemurrs. Either one is interesting to me! 

And Sans slowly introducing Toriel to some of the stuff she’s missed out on, introducing her to new books and scifi and comedy acts. They both watch Mettaton and make fun of how over the top his shows are.

Meanwhile Alphys is set to work full time on the barrier-breaking program, but she’s haunted by the things in the basement and the unresolved guilt and anxiety. And maybe during her research, she starts uncovering information on her predecessor…. the one that it seems that everyone’s forgotten.

The cool thing about this ending is that if you kill 10+ moldsmals that’s enough to unlock it. Every major and minor character (minus the moldsals rip) can still be alive besides Asgore in this ending, so there’s a lot of possibilities there. 

It’s a lot better overall than the other way to get (a similar) ending… kill only Undyne. That version reads almost the same, but I feel like it’s much darker overall.

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How would you teach hand to hand combat to beginners? (Assuming they have never been in a real fight before) as in what are the first exercises you would put them through?

Everyone in the army is given the same training for hand to hand combat, (we call it “combatives”) regardless of their experience with it. I should say that someone who’s never been in a fight before is probably at an advantage because they don’t have to unlearn bad habits. Drill sergeants don’t fuck around with form.

We spend time in basic learning the basics, usually several classes with active practice, but it’s usually up to our units as to how often we actually practice combatives. Soldiers can pursue it on a higher level themselves by getting into a combatives program tho.

The “basic ground-fighting techniques” listed on army study guide are a little over a page long and it’d take a long time to explain each one, but general rules: the defensive techniques are usually the ones we learn first, so anything that reads “escape” or similar is probably one of the early ones, and anything with five pictures or less is probably a simple technique. Case in point the Trap and Roll, listed here as a three step process but one might argue is really only two. Mastering the trap and roll and shrimping (oh lord…shrimping…kill’s so much worse than it looks, especially by your fifth go around) are probably some of your recruits earliest exercises, and I guess pass the guard and…you know…guard. 

Other than shrimping there were a lot of warm up exercises we did before we even started combatives. You can read all about them here, with pictures! I’m disappointed to learn that they don’t mention the Spiderman Push-up, which I was made to do in basic before combatives. We had to push ourselves across a field with it.

Honestly in the end moral of the story they want us to be able to guard pretty good before we start actually beating each other up. Tho officially the goal of combatives isn’t to beat up your opponent but to defend yourself and maintain dominance over them or something.

If you watched that video I linked to on shrimping up there, you can see the uniform we use for combatives training. No boots: sneakers and athletic socks. All velcro is as loose as possible. No watches or dog tags. No caps or belts. No rank or insignias. Just a plain pair of ACUs with athletic shoes.

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