new scientist magazine

I was asked to do some animal illustrations
for the „New Scientist“ Magazine this year.
Very happy to see them on the cover and in the magazine :-)

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1) Five things you’ll find in my satchel (besides keys and phone):

Tumblr appropriate answer:
* Journal
* Art prints
* New Scientist magazine
* Rare musical instrument
* Signed first edition copy of rare literature

The truth:
* Sweet wrappers
* Broken pens
* Decaying fruit
* Tampons
* Loose tobacco despite having quit two years ago

2) Five things in my bedroom:
* A guitar
* A robot that sings love machine
* An actual love machine, aka my dog
* Swirly wallpaper that has a hidden clown face in it that once seen, can never be unseen
* Empty cups

3) Five things I’ve wanted to do in life:
* Renovate a houseboat and travel the UK canal system in it (and cross the channel in it when I reach retirement age like them total heroes in the news)
* Swim the channel
* Go to Hong Kong and see how much iPhone cases cost over there because how can they seriously cost £1 including postage to England? What about production costs?! It’s lunacy
* Be content with my life and myself
* Go to space (looking at you Branson), or at least experience weightlessness

4) Five things that make me happy:
* What my wife would describe as “sad indie music that all sounds the same”
* Speaking of my wife, her, Bob and our family
* Being arty in some capacity
* Silliness
* The company of women and I don’t just mean romantically. Women are everything

5) Five things I’m currently into:
* Fan fic
* Berena
* Pic manips (apparently!)
* Jack Garrett
* Sleep 

6) Five things on my to-do list:
Oh god don’t do this to me, let’s see-
* My thesis, oh god my thesis why???
* Call the council… Tomorrow maybe
* Clean out my bag (clearly overdue)
* Cry and worry about thesis
* Binge on Berena

7) Five things people may not know about me:
* I once cycled to Paris on a whim with only a pop up tent, no money, no phone, no sleeping bag, no puncture kit, limited supplies, and ultimately drank from puddles and stole carrots to sustain. But I got there.
* My mum broke my nose with her arse during a particularly aggressive conga line
* I dropped out of my first uni in my final year, sat outside the building my final exams were in, with a £10 guitar, and began to learn and have barely put it down since.
* I was once dropped in a cave.
* I gots the dyslexia

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