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Books Read in 2017: The Hating Game

“Okay. Josh, is she lovely?” he asks himself aloud. “Hmm, let me think.”

He picks up his tin of mints, opens the lid, checks them, closes it, and looks at me. I open my mouth and lift my tongue like a mental patient at the medication window.

“She’s got a few lovely things about her, I suppose.”


Read in 2016 » The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

     "The job is mine, Shortcake,” Joshua’s voice says.
     To stop myself from standing up and punching him in the gut I’m counting one, two, three, four …
     “Funny, that’s what Helene just told me.” I watch his backside walk away in the glossed surface of my desk, and vow that Joshua Templeman is going to lose the most important game we’ve ever played.

Happy birthday to the snapchat queen, a PS wizard and a great friend @cobaltcharlie ;*

I notice more things about a design after I’ve drawn it once so I’ve done that now. For instance, not shown on my drawing but in the original the head is completely round. Very SEGA in that respect. I like the way the hair in back goes up like that- the bit by her ear, I mean. It gives it more volume and gives it a lot of charm imho. It’s a simple thing but it adds so much.

While it’s simple, keeping the vest like that helps distance the design from Amy, as it has a lot of ‘Amy’ in it.

I can’t really tell if the manbrows are gone or not… hoping so. I was never a fan of them.

Overall I think it’s a really good job of making Sally actually fit in with the SEGASonic cast- she looks like she belongs with them rather than generic!furry girl (not that I had a problem with her looking like that, but it doesn’t work as well with SEGASonic).

Also I like it because it separates Archie!Sally from SatAM!Sally, as I’ve always considered them completely different characters (which I’ve had people argue with me about- I’m sorry, I just think their personalities and origins and etc are completely different. They’re the same character concept, but not the same character. That’s just how I see it).

Overall, I like it and I could see this in a game.

It has been quiet a while since i posted anything (and i’m aware i say that often) so thanks for still following me for the occasion i manage to upload something again ^^*

sooooooooo i have started a new small project ᕙ(¬∀¬)ᕗ
THE NURSE from dead by daylight :D

I’ll try to upload a little more work in progress while working on this project when i did till now ^^*


Jack and Sally dresses! 

I’m getting excited for Halloween, and I know some of you guys will be too. For a while I want to focus on some more costumey designs. 

If you have a request for a costume or another design send it in here. :)