new sailor moon anime in 2013

Sailor Moon OUTRAGE
  • Like 2 years ago there was an announcement that sailor moon was coming back. Fans everywhere are excited. We first heard many things like it going to be worldwide and ability towards anyone that has Internet. We also heard many rumors like this new anime will be closer to the manga and some voice actors will be coming back. On top of that they started releasing the manga and even added an new spin off story ‛codename: sailor v’. We were told that the anime will be debuting in the summer of 2013. As we got closer to the date merchandise popped up everywhere. More and more closer we got....we really didn't hear anything about the new anime. Finally they release the promo pics.....they looked fabulous. However instead if hearing anything bout the new anime if anything new bout sailor mon was the merch. Summer came along. Nothing. No trailer no announcement no nothing. Towards the end of summer we were told that it been delayed towards winter of 2013. Alright so the fans had to wait another half a year to watch the new anime. Great. Once again we seen all the new products coming out of sailor moon ......but not a freaking trailer. Luckily we were told that the ‛new sailor moon anime‛ was defining airing January 2014. Ladies and is currently January 9 2014.....still not a freaking trailer‚ info‚ or even exact date on the new anime. Also they been working on this for awhile now....what have been doing? Eating In-and-out burger? I am sick of the merch because of : A) I don't have tens of millions thousands dollars. B) I feel kinda robbed because the new anime has came out yet but they are able to sell bunch of shit. Honestly I would not be surprise if they delay sailor moon again. I pity all the fans for being be tortured like this. There one thing though.....the new anime better be the best shit I have ever seen.