new rt short

This day in Rooster Teeth history: May 27


  1. Gus and Burnie have a discussion in the new Short


  1. Geoff and Jack release one Guide to Alan Wake
  2. Geoff and Jack release four Guides to Red Dead Redemption (x, x, x, x)
  3. Fragger also has a Guide to Prince of Persia.


  1. Chris and Marshall star in a new RT Short.


  1. The AH Crew race each other in GTA IV.


  1. The main AH crew play compete in the latest GO! #31
  2. Geoff, Gavin and Ryan build Dropping List in Minecraft
  3. Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? The main AH crew find out.
  4. Time for the RT Podcast #273 with Gavin, Barbara, Gus and Burnie.
  5. Geoff and Gavin host Trials Files #108
  6. Jack and Michael give us Five Facts in InFAMOUS 2
  7. Ashley (x, x), Barbara and Jon give us all the latest news.