Prophet Headlines for July 26th 

Rita Skeeter - Kidnapped

Journalist Rita Skeeter was reported as missing this morning. Her family says they haven’t seen or heard from Skeeter in almost a week. 

The Daily Prophet can confirm that she has not reported to work since last Thursday. The Aurors office is working hard to safely recover Miss Skeeter. 

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is urged to contact the DLME immediately.

                    THE REAL WORLD: TRUTH OR DARE.

When The Real World first aired, it was groundbreaking, the first of its kind; a show that dealt with sexuality, substance abuse, and prejudice all in 30 minutes once a week. 24 years later, the show is known for little more than an hour a week of young adults partying and making poor decisions for its audience to watch, an audience that has slowly dwindled throughout the years. Deciding it was time to switch things up, the producers decided to add a twist to their newest season as a last attempt to gain back their audience. In the past, members of the house were asked to do a weekly confessional where they could talk freely about recent events and fellow housemates.

This season, cast members will be pulled aside once a week for a truth or dare challenge. For the more adventurous members who select dare, they will be given a challenge to complete by the end of the week. People who select truth will be brought to a soundproof room to record themselves answering a series of personal questions. What they don’t know, is that these recordings may be shown to the rest of the house at anytime during the next six months.

The Real World: Truth Or Dare is a 10x10 chemistry based roleplay that is focused on Glee characters and their development as individuals who are tested weekly through a game of truth or dare.

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Welcome to Tourniquet

Smoothly. That’s how Vincent would have described how having his old job back was going. Sure, he was a little rusty with his knife cutting skills and running around was leaving him breathless, but he had been laying in a hospital bed for nearly half a year. Everyone knew of his accident and were honestly glad that he was back. After losing two chefs consecutively, Tourniquet, as good as it is, couldn’t find as good as replacements for them. To have one back was a blessing from the angels. (Who aren’t real).

 Vincent wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his burn scared wrist, he wasn’t ashamed of his scars and he was more than willing to punch out the first person that thought it would be amusing to make a joke at his expense. The prep work for the day was finished all that was left was to-..Vincent froze, his train of thought gone as soon as he saw him. “Earl Harlan..” he tried to keep his tone friendly though it may have not come out that way.  

Dark, quiet and lonesome. It wasn’t out of norm for Kirigiri. She would spend her days all by herself, lilac eyes watching the other students converse or even walk in and out of the room she was in. She was lazing out in the cafeteria, drinking some tea. It would surprise her if anyone did dare try to converse with her. Barely anyone did. It made sense after all, she was a girl with an iron mask, who barely approached anyone, unless it was mandatory.



12 minutes, 45 seconds. That is how long it takes for another door to open from our world to theirs. They call their year ‘2015.’ They call themselves humans. The Counil denies them, but  everyone on the Ursa islands, every last vampire and spirit, nixie and banshee, mermaid, and werewolf – they all know that humans didn’t come out of nowhere.


Two islands in the middle of the ocean. A rich history of war, slavery, powers, and magic, and a new infection of human beings and their witches. One island flourishes, beautiful and sprawling, rife with space and fertility for farmers and those who seek a simpler life. The other island, a breeding grounds for violence, fear, and the rotting stench of corpses in the streets, where only the bravest could find refuge.


Ursa Islands RPG is a fantasy-based and lore-heavy original roleplay, welcoming skeleton and original characters and featuring all different genres of RP. Situated on Ursa Major and the capital city Evandria, characters can explore the sprawling majesty of the island, brave the treacherous depths of the menacing Impasse, discover the mysterious portals that bridge the real world and Ursa, or simply find a good plot of land to settle down. If you’re brave or unfortunate, you can traverse the brackish waters over to Major’s daughter island, and entertain the temptations of lust, indulgence, and warfare – as long as you mind the leader.


Read our full plot here, check out some of the pre-made characters, or check out our expansive lists of species and locations for both Major and Minor!

The Hunter and the Demoness (rp with the-motherfucking-rageplayers)

A troll laid slump against a wall of an alleyway, his neck bearing a bite mark as he sat there out cold. Kamishi wiped remnants of blood off with the back of her hand as she stared at the sleeping man. This was the second meal she had tonight. She’ll need one more before she could turn in for the night.

Suddenly a new scent reached her nose making her turn to the entry of the alley, where a tall troll stood.

LoZ: The Princess and The Traitor (rp with the-demons-and-the-trolls)


She ran at top speed through the dense forest, three shadows chasing her from behind.

'I need to get to the Princess! Almost there!’

But in her mad dash to a clearing, she failed to react fast enough and ended up colliding with a brown and white horse. The hit dizzied her and she fell and skid across the ground, a little’s way from the steed.

Do You Feel Cursed? (RP)

“Now.” Regina started. “If you two are ever to be parted it might be helpful to know the other’s cursed memory side. For Belle it is Lacey but what would it be for the Captain. Care to try it Steve?” Regina asked knowing full well that things may happen that she doesn’t want to be privy to