new river state park


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, West Virginia

Lindy Point Sunset
Photo Credit: (Steve Perry)
New River Gorge Bridge, WV
Photo Credit: (Craig Acheson)
Full Steam Ahead
Photo Credit: (Walter Scriptunas II)

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Letchworth Falls, New York


New York state of mind — Manhattan (July 2014)

Give me such shows — give me the streets of Manhattan!” — Walt Whitman

Flashback to an incredible wedding weekend in New York City.  

Rooftop adventures.  ”Barn dancing” and photo booths.  Amazing food and even better catching up.  Celebrating soulmates.  In short, quality time with life-long friends.



New River State Park, Ashe County, NC: 

The New River is an oddball. Instead of flowing North to South, like most other rivers in the Northern Hemisphere, it flows South to North! The bulk of the river runs through West Virginia (New River Gorge is their park along the river), but it’s source is here in NC. There are a lot of easy-peasy trails running through the park, and they have canoe access. Just note that very few trails actually run along the riverside.