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New Moon in Gemini tonight. If you have been struggling with cognitive dissonance, tonight is a great night to connect with your higher self. Take time to communicate with your spirit guides and then look inward for all the answer you seek. 🌱🌚🦌🌈

-Mr. MoonRose

Easy New Moon Ritual ✨

What better time to set out good intentions than during the New Moon? It is a time of enticing mystery, and a wonderful period to ponder what you wish to change in your life… What you wish to create, and to make new. This is also wonderful for new witches, or witches on a budget // tight schedule! ♡

The Ritual:

Ask yourself one simple question: “What do I really wish to change?” This can be something as deep as, “I am hoping to forget about a certain someone / something and move on,” or as simple as, “an overall better attitude.” Write down your intention on a candle. (If the only candle you have access to is in a glass jar, write your intention on a slip of paper and place it in front of or taped to your candle).

If you’d like, it is also possible to “boost” your little ritual with small personal items - safely surround your candle with meaningful photos, totems, herbs, crystals, or trinkets that possess your unique, strong energies, or have a correlation to your stated intention (ex: “I want to put more into my art projects;” try adding a colored pencil). :-) You may also consider adding a simple dish of salt for general protection!

Now, it is time for the ritual itself! It can take place on the night before or the night of the New Moon. Essentially, this is a period of meditation. Light your candle, and sit before it. Why do you feel so strongly about your intention? It’s because it’s something you really want, right? Let this thought sink in… And really concentrate on this change you seek becoming a reality. You are fully capable of pursuing your dreams. Visualize this change as a bright, warm, physical being, encompassing you in new possibilities and positivity. Allow yourself to be flushed of all negative influences; instead, being filled with the strong influence of the New Moon. You, too, can be new.

Once your candle has gone out, let it sit for as long as you like - a day, a week, until the next New Moon, or when you feel that your intention has been fulfilled. Look to your melted candle in times of stress, or stand before it, centering yourself. Remind yourself of your wishes; that they can indeed come true, and - of course… that you are capable of whatever life decides to throw at you. We are constantly changing, just as the moon is - and she’s always beautiful regardless, isn’t she? ♡🌙

I literally fucking dropped my cauldron into my bath water I kid you fucking not I am bathing in black sand and coal residue all because I wanted to perform a proper new moon bath ritual omfg

New Moon Forest Ritual

A ritual to learn what you need to work on this moon cycle.


- A circle made of natural rocks in a forest

- 4 white taper candles 

-4 white tea lights

-An assortment of your favourite tumbled stones (optional)

-A fireproof bowl/cauldron

-A bay leaf

-A small orange tiger’s eye

-A palo santo stick

-A tarot board/ anything to stop your cards from getting wet

-A tarot deck


Set Up

Set your tapers at equal intervals around your circle, making sure they are secure. Add the tea lights in between them. Randomly place your tumbled stones on the flattest rocks in your circle. Put your bowl/cauldron in the center of the circle,and your tarot board on it’s southwest side. Place your palo santo, bay leaf, and tiger’s eye in the center bowl. Light the candles and palo santo.

Performing the Ritual

Shuffle your tarot deck 3 times. Fan them, face down, and wave them in the smoke of the palo santo. Chant:

“I salute Mother Nature, 

The Forces of the Universe, 

and all that brought me here.

On this new moon

I ask of you

what I can change in my life

to make myself anew”

Shuffle your deck once more, then knock three times. Draw the topmost card and lay it on your tarot board.

Meditate on what that card means to you. End your ritual in a way you are familiar with.

Note: Please do not trespass to perform this ritual, and make sure to clean up properly. Leave nothing behind. Practice basic forest safety. Do NOT perform this ritual if there is a forest fire warning in your area, and be extra mindful of fire safety, or use LED candles.

Have a nice new moon!


What is palo santo?

Palo santo (literally meaning “holy wood”) comes from a tree native to South America. Like white sage, this is commonly used for cleansing and purification purposes. You simply light the end of it and waft the smoke around the area, person, or object you wish to cleanse.

People use palo santo rather than sage in smoke cleansing for a variety of reasons. One such reason is that white sage is an endangered plant; some prefer not to use white sage bought from a store because of this (although you can always grow your own). Some people find the aroma of palo santo to be more appealing than the smell of white sage; palo santo has a sweet odor with hints of mint, citrus, and pine. An added side benefit is that the smoke has the tendency to repel mosquitoes and other bugs.

Palo santo keeps energy grounded and opens us up for a deeper connection to the earth. In addition, it is said to enhance creativity and bring good fortune. It has healing benefits as well; it can relieve the symptoms of a common cold, inflammation, asthma, stress, anxiety, depression, emotional pain, and more. It can be simmered and made into a tea, and an essential oil is also available.

An energy healer in my area that I have been to a number of times uses palo santo for smoke cleansing at the end of each session. She wafts the smoke around her patient to cleanse and ground their energy and form a protective bubble around them to prevent taking on further negativity from their surroundings. I have found the aroma and feeling it imparts to be quite soothing. She also uses it in combination with white sage for cleansing an area – be it a shop, a home, or a room – in much the same way.

If you’ve never tried palo santo before and can find it, I absolutely recommend giving it a try!

Things to do after a new moon

just some things i do every new moon, thought it would be nice to share:

Your bed sheets, phone screen, crystals, tarot/oracle cards, chakras. it’s a rebirth – start with a fresh slate and really dig out the nitty gritty cobwebs, air out the laundry. there’s a lot of potential energy brewing, and cleansing allows for full potential to be realized.

like i said above, it’s a rebirth and that means a new you. reflect on the past lunar cycle: what have you realized about yourself? what was difficult? what was easy? what was blah? take note of all of these things – journal, meditate or both. drink an extra glass of water, make some peppermint tea and really feel yourself come alive.

the tarot is all about new beginnings and harnessing new energy. play around with some fun new spreads – really tap into that third eye. ask what can you learn this lunar cycle? what should be left behind?

A Detailed List of Candles

I thought I would type up an extremely detailed list of candles today.

Of course you have you basic chime candles, but there is so much more! Here I’ll begin with the basic candle colors then go down through the list.

White: Protection, purification, peace, truth, binding, sincerity, chastity, happiness, exorcism, spirituality, tranquillity, can be used in any ritual, new begins, banishing, uncrossing, road opening. planetary magick, working with spiritual guides/assistants/friends.

Red: Protection, strength, health, energy, sexual attraction,vigor, lust, sex, passion, courage, exorcism, love, power, woman mysteries, mother goddess, Fire and working with its spirits, destruction, and masculinity.

Black: Absorbing and destroying negativity, creating negativity, jinxes, tricks, curses, protection, healing, banishing, attracting money, work with psychopomps, Crone, breaking addiction, astral travel, and spells to work with the spirits of the night. 

Blue: Understanding tranquillity, great for healing, meditation, patience, happiness, overcoming depression, work with spirits of the air, sky deities, rain spells, change, flexibility, subconscious mind, psychic powers, healing, water, ocean spells, and working with the Crone

Green: Earth, plants, healing, grounding, working with the Mother, working with the Hunter, money, finance, fertility, prosperity, growth, good luck, employment, beauty, youth, success in gardening, and gambling.

Gray: Neutrality, cancellation, stalemate, working with ghost, opening the veil, finding hidden things, psychic powers, and waxing & waning moon magick

Yellow: Color of air, charm, attraction, study, persuasion, confidence, divination, good fortune, psychic powers, wisdom, vision, sleep, health, metabolism, raising vibrations, and the mind.

Brown: Working with animals, healing animals, home, the hearth, and justice and legal work.

Pink: Love, honor, fidelity, morality, friendship, attraction, emotional healing, glamour, and self love.

Orange: Adaptability, stimulation, attraction, encouragement, legal matters, Solar magick, creativity, and spirituality.

Purple: Power, healing severe disease, spirituality, medication, exorcism, ambition, business progress, tension relief, command, compel, and control spells, and domination.

Most of these things have come from Kitchen Witchery by Marilyn F. Daniel, but then I have continued to add on as I’ve continued my path. I highly recommend the book if you are pagan or Wiccan.

I am going to leave out colors like gold, silver, and copper. I feel like those are very self explanatory. If they’re not reblog and I’ll type up another detailed list.

Now on to candle shape

Multiple day candles

Seven day candles! These candles are often called vigil or prayer candles. You can go to your local Botanica and buy some or you can order them.

Traditional these candles are prayed over and burned sequentially through out seven days. They are typically one shade, so use the list above to determine what you need it for. These candles are often dressed (anointed), by being removed from the glass and being carved, being drilled into, through the wax, and being stuffed full of herbs. They also sell different sizes of these candles, like an 128 hour candle. If you have a working deity like for example Hecate, you can then buy one of these monstrous candles and dedicate it to her, and save yourself some money. Don’t worry she’ll approve of the usage, but you can also find these candles with the name of the Orisha or a specific condition you wish to bring about. These candles also come as dressed or undress spell candles. You can by a vigil candle call Follow me boy/girl! or Lucky 7/ 7/11 candles, and etc. There are so many out and to truly write about each one deserves a separate post.

Then there is the famous seven or nine knobbed candle. These candles are often dressed and then prayed over for the amount of knobs there are. (If there is nine knobs then you burn a knob a day).

Figurine Candles

Adam and Eve/Lady and Gentleman  candles

These candles are simple suppose to be representative of a person. If you typically make wax poppets, I highly recommend being a lady and gentleman candle or the Adam and Eve candles. The only difference is one group is naked and the other is fully clothed. These are candles used when the spell is suppose to target a person or yourself. Carve your name/persons name on the bottom, and dress the candles. These candles come in a variety of shades, so again use the list above when selecting a candle. Two of these candles (same gender or opposite gender) can be tied together and burned to make two parties fall in love with each other. You can also burn each candle bit by bit to bring two people together, as you move the candles together in a line towards each other. 

Bride and Groom candles

These candles are designed to be used in relationship work. Blue can be used to smooth out any relationships, black for cursing and serration work, red for passion and love, pink for fidelity and love, white for marriage, spirituality, and new beginnings for a couple. I do not know when they began to sell these candles, but there are also Bride and Bride candles, and Groom and Groom candles! If you can not find one of these candles either use an Adam/Gentleman with an Eve/Lady, Eve/Lady with an Eve/Lady, or an Adam/Gentleman with an Adam/Gentleman candle for the relationship work. Just burn them side by side. I recommend using the Lady and Gentlemen candles for this purpose. 

Lover Candle and Heart Candle

These candles are mainly used in love magick. Lover candles are often used to instill passion, and Heart candles can be used in all forms of magickal love working!

Divorce Figurine Candle

Pretty self explanatory. Used to end a relationship between two parties, but also can be used to end a relationship that you are end. If one party is unwilling to move you can burn a divorce figurine (to remove them physically) and preform a cord cutting (getting rid of their emotional and spiritual connection to you) to get them out of your life. I would like to note, that if you are reading this and are in abusive relationship and think about preforming one of these spell, please reach out to those around you and call the police, and head to your friends house or local woman’s shelter. They have resources to help you deal with the abuse. Magick can help us in so many ways, but we must be the active parties to help ourselves.

Gargoyle Candle

Used for protection and I often use this candle to work with my protective spirit friends. I often have a giggle when I order this candle. I order this candle from Lucky Mojo and they have it labeled with “Gothic Cuteness”. I love that company!

Two tone candles

These candles often have two types of wax, and typically deal with removal of a curse. You will see these sold as double action or reversal. You have red and black (reversal or send back to sender), green and black (removal of a money jinx), and red and black (removal of love jinx).

Master Candle or Master Hand Candle

These are extremely powerful candles. These bring about conditions, and are unforgiving. Make sure to be careful for what you use them for. They come in many different shades, so refer to the list of colors above when choosing one.

I don’t necessarily uses all of these candles, but as the saying in my group goes. Knowledge is a witch’s truest power, because if we understand we can move and bend what stand in our way. 

I don’t remember where most of this information as comes from since it is coming out of my spell book. A lot of this information as been passed from mouth to mouth and passed on to me. I hope this helps everyone move forward in their craft or at least I hope it provides a good read!

Magick by Moon Phase🌙

New Moon:

  • Cleansing and purifying of the body and mind
  • Rituals that designate a sacred space
  • Magick related to inner peace and harmony
  • Magick for new beginnings or wish fulfillment

 Waxing moon:

  • Performing positive or attraction magick
  • Money spells
  • Rituals for finding a new job/home
  • Bringing love into your life

Full moon:

  • Spells for increasing psychic awareness 
  • Healing magic
  • Rituals to connect you with your deity

Waning Moon:

  • Magick to eliminate negativity
  • Smoothly end a relationship or job
  • Rituals to banish bad habits
  • Spells to help debt

Today is the New Moon & each New Moon is a time for setting intentions for how you want to endure the next cycle of the moon, primarily up until the full moon. Let the power and the energy of Le Luna Propel you forward into everything you want to achieve in the near future.

A fun little ritual is to write down your wishes onto Bay Leaves and burn them in the light of the New Moon. What matters is that you’re committing yourself to your vision and open to receiving guidance, healing & support from Spirit.

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