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I once had a line of two customers when I was a cashier, and the first one was paying in dimes and quarters. Not a huge order, just $2.15.

Queue the second customer. She walks up and asks aggressively “Are you new here?”

I reply, taken aback “No ma'am. I’ve been here for about two years.”

“I thought you would have been faster by now,” she snaps back.

Well, I was already having an off-day, so I decided to get a little petty. She slides her card, and immediately I hit ‘Cancel’ on my register. She tries again. I hit 'Cancel’ again. Slide. Cancel. Slide. Cancel.

By the fifth time, she’s turning her card over in her hand and asking “What the HELL is wrong with my card??”

I reach over, taking it from her hand and ask “Have you had this card a long time, ma'am?”

“Yeah, why?”

I slide the card through without any problem (obviously), and hand it back politely. “I thought you would have known how to slide it by now.”

Her face sunk, probably realizing but probably not. She left, and I proceeded to tell my manager out of guilt in case the woman complained, and my manager high-fives me but then tells me to NEVER do that again.


They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–


So my friend @pinkpompadourghost was posting various versions of this meme and ended up editing it. I don’t know what else to say.

original bottom image credit - XxAzulxXel

it is now canon that Baze ‘35000 rounds of firepower’ Malbus not only uses a gun that is explicitly made to be mounted on a vehicle not a human, but also STOLE said gun from the Imperial troops stationed on Jedha.

I have never felt more alive.

New replies to anon hate that you obviously can’t educate:

• shut up Helen
• you really care about this blog enough to end me anon hate
•how long did this take to write? 5? 10 minutes?
• I am (insert current action right now), I don’t care
• I just (insert recent accomplishment), I really don’t care
• how do you expect me to listen to you if you will ignore everything i say.
• (if the ask is why do you hate ddlg) Did you even look at my blog or did you just look at my URL and clicked on the ask
• (for me only because omg this is good(if it is anon hate)) looks like someone didn’t read my most popular post
•(if it is from a terf) shut up Hylyn. (For those who don’t get it, it is making fun of terfs who use Womyn.)

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KiriBaku: Who developed feelings first? Who would you say confessed first?

Who developed feelings first: I’d say Kirishima, tbh. It’s basically canon that Kirishima noticed Bakugou very early on, 

and that he admires him a lot. Not to mention the fact that it’s always Kirishima who pushes Bakugou to be more social, because he cares about him and genuinely wants for him to open up to the class as well. 

Plus, Bakugou strikes me as that kind of character who has a hard time admitting that he cares about someone, because he’s so used to being independent and self-sufficient. He went more than 10 years without friends, so I personally headcanon him as very reluctant to even acknowledge Kirishima as one at first. Romantic feelings would follow, but imho Kirishima would be the first to develop them. 

Who confessed first: this could really go either way, and personally I don’t mind which one gets there first :’D

It could be Bakugou because I headcanon Kirishima to be the oblivious one of the two. So in this scenario I kinda expect Bakugou to be the one who either gets tired of waiting and “dropping hints” (that Kiri wouldn’t get), or has to make the first move because Kirishima is too insecure about where they stand, and Bakugou needs to make the effort to engage in the ralationship too, and can’t just conveniently rely on Kirishima reading his mind. 

But on the other hand it could be Kirishima too. Ways in which I can see this scenario happening include (but aren’t limited to):

1. Kirishima accidentally blurting it out without even meaning to (I mean, Kirishima is always very verbal about his admiration for him, so it’s not too much of a stretch to headcanon that he also doesn’t have a filter when he’s feeling strongly) 

2. Kirishima being self aware and emotionally mature enough to realize that Bakugou doesn’t have their relationship figured out at all. In this scenario, he’d likely confess to know if Bakugou feels the same, or if he should just move on. 

3. Kirishima confessing because he’s positive that Bakugou feels the same, but doesn’t even realize that what he feels is a romantic attraction (and so he needs the push). 

Another photo of my Vulpes Inculta cosplay! This time in a desert B) Unfortunately, I had to put on the costume while actually in the desert, therefore had no mirror to make sure everything was in place and I was under very tight time pressure. And finally, due to carelessly stuffing the costume into my luggage… it got pretty beat up and isn’t at it’s fullest potential. But with those disclaimers out the way…
People have been asking about my Legion cosplay and if they could purchase a Legion cosplay from me. The answer is yes!

I’m in the process of finalising prices, but prices should be up within the next two weeks with more details! Also feel free to let me know through my ask box or PM if you haven’t already expressed interest, so I can contact you when the details are up!

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What book series do you recommend? I have read both ToG and ACOTAR. I am looking for a new series to fall in love with but I don't know where to look.

Off the top of my head there’s The Winner’s Curse Trilogy, The Lunar Chronicles, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Six of Crows duology, and The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices/The Dark Artifices

Jackson Heights - Peter Parker

request -  Hey! I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is recruited to fight in civil war with Steve and she ends up fighting peter and while fighting they spark up a conversation and become friends? And then soon they become more than friends?

a/n - going back to peter in civil war and trying to bring out his more rookie/dorky side was fun but i went back and forth with a ton of ideas for this fic, i hope it turned out good enough and isn’t trash like me :( but don’t forget to request a fic if you’d like and follow!

The airport terminal was ripped into pieces as the minutes went by. The battle between Stark and Rogers had spread like a disease, influencing the whole team to pick sides and fight until one victor remained. I was among that group, suddenly finding myself fighting against the people whom I held dearest to my heart, supposedly helping Captain in this messy situation.

My back was pressed up against Wanda’s, circling around to defy anyone that came near us. T’Challa had tried his best to come and toy with us, my spine shivering once I heard the claws come out of his suit and pounce towards Wanda and I, only to be stopped by the force of her hands. I watched as his body flew across the premise, landing on pieces of debris.

“(Y/N). Spider-Man coming for you from Eastside.” Carter said over the intercom.

“Spider what?” I furrowed my brows, turning around only to get swooped into the air.

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