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They released a sample of the newest set of BNHA Nitotan plushies and I just–

it is now canon that Baze ‘35000 rounds of firepower’ Malbus not only uses a gun that is explicitly made to be mounted on a vehicle not a human, but also STOLE said gun from the Imperial troops stationed on Jedha.

I have never felt more alive.

Another photo of my Vulpes Inculta cosplay! This time in a desert B) Unfortunately, I had to put on the costume while actually in the desert, therefore had no mirror to make sure everything was in place and I was under very tight time pressure. And finally, due to carelessly stuffing the costume into my luggage… it got pretty beat up and isn’t at it’s fullest potential. But with those disclaimers out the way…
People have been asking about my Legion cosplay and if they could purchase a Legion cosplay from me. The answer is yes!

I’m in the process of finalising prices, but prices should be up within the next two weeks with more details! Also feel free to let me know through my ask box or PM if you haven’t already expressed interest, so I can contact you when the details are up!

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Can you imagine Steve being in the underworld with Hades after having such a hard time even believing Diana about ares and the other gods. Lol And he hasn't aged a single day. :p

steve waking up in the underworld like

honestly i think he would be just so done, eye roll everything, sassing everyone, then probably lead revolution for better food and sleeping situation “we want less nightmares! we want less nightmares!”

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what are your top ten (twenty?) shinee moments?

it took me 3 years but I finally managed to come up with my top 10 20 25 (mostly ot5; some ot2, etc.) moments and I gotta say ily for making me revisit all of these okay

they are each very very special to me whether they depict smiles or tears (or both), so, a heads up: the following list was arranged in random order! and a friendly reminder that these are /my/ favorite for some reason or another; it’s fine if anyone doesn’t agree, you don’t have to. 

1. I’m your boy tour @ tokyo dome ending talk (2015)

this should go without comments, but… even though this list isn’t sorted in any particular way, if there’s any moment that deserves to top it… this is it. tokyo dome had been their dream since japanese debut days, and watch it come to life was more than any of them, any of us could take. they cried, we cried, everywhere and everything was shinee and we didn’t allow ourselves nor anyone else to suppress our pride at how long they’d come, have come. it felt awesome to see everyone gathering together in a single mess of too many emotions.

2. that one time jinki murdered taemin at the JAT  (2013)

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New XKit keeps giving error messages about not being able to reach the servers. My XKit is up to date and I've disabled ad blockers so I don't know what else could be causing it.

Looks like there was a small Github Pages outage this morning.

everything should be working again now!

We use Github Pages to serve New XKit updates, so you can always check if you think there might be an issue!

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Hey Madd, can you explain something to me. So that scene in SPN with the girl who likes a mug bigger guy and she says it's nice to have a little give and Dean was like "yeah I get that." Okay. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It pops into my head every few weeks but I just don't understand like are they referring to the give of flesh like because it's soft?? What is it

I mean… does Leon Kennedy have a mullet? Because we based his NV cut on his after Cam downloaded a Leon skin mod and played as Buttons like that for a bit.

I’m not consistent on where I draw his parting but I am adamant on making his sad “mullet” relatively flat instead of floofy and sticking outwards like on those first two drawings. His hair doesn’t go very low, it barely reaches his C7.
It’s a baby mullet. :D