new redhead to watch


by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG
Summary: For @thexxit and the rest of your demands for something fluffy

The redhead is here again tonight.  I used to think she lived here, but the others tell me she doesn’t live here.  I’m not so sure about that.  I mean, she’s here an awful lot.  I’m new, but I wasn’t born yesterday.  She doesn’t come with a suitcase or bag, and she’s here all hours of the day and night, so I think she must live here at least some of the time.

By my estimate, I’ve been here a week, and the redhead has been been here most nights.  She must leave after I’ve gone to sleep though, because she’s never been here for breakfast.  I still think she lives here, though.  Maybe she eats somewhere else.  Maybe there’s another way out I don’t know about.  It’s kind of hard to tell.

I like it here.  It’s a lot nicer than my other place.  At the old place I had about fifty roommates.  Here, I only have four.  It’s nice and calm.  The others tell me about things I’ve missed and how different it used to be.  They say it’s much nicer now.  They tell me stories about loud arguments and guns and glass breaking.  A lot of it sounds suspicious to me and I think they’re just trying to scare the new guy.    

So, the redhead and the tall guy are watching that golf movie again, though why he even bothered to turn on the TV is beyond me.  There’s not even any popcorn or beer this time, so it’s not like he’s trying to keep the pretense anymore.  It was so obvious by the way they kept looking at each other and brushing their hands together in the popcorn bowl that they were never interested in the movie to begin with.  

The redhead keeps laughing - she laughs a lot when she’s here and the others tell me that’s new too.  Again, I think they’re just messing with me because I can’t imagine her unhappy, but that’s what they tell me.  She laughs whenever he kisses her and he laughs back and they both look very happy all the time.

Just as I said, I don’t know why he bothered with the TV.  That gopher hasn’t even finished dancing yet and he’s already got her under him on the couch.  She’s laughing and her legs are wrapped around his hips.  She pulls his t-shirt off and he sits up and unbuttons her blouse, but that’s all I see before he picks her up and carries her out of the room.  In the shadow by his bedroom door I catch a glimpse of her ankles crossed at the small of his back and their laughter when he bumps into the wall, but then they disappear and I settle in to watch the golf movie for at least the fourth time.

I manage to stay awake for the whole thing and the screen goes blue and then snowy after it ends.  It’s quiet and the sound of bubbles starts to lull me to sleep, but then suddenly she’s back.  I watch her pick the t-shirt up from the floor and slip it on - I guess that’s why she doesn’t need a suitcase, she can wear his clothes if she has to.  She pulls the collar up to her nose and breathes deeply before she crosses the room and turns off the TV and then it’s dark, save for the blue glow from my place.

She comes over to my corner and the others are sleeping, but I swim up to get a better look at her.  She’s pretty and she seems nice.  She leans down and her blue eyes meet mine as she smiles.  I get a little embarrassed and swish my tail around, but I blow her a kiss to be friendly.  

“Hey there,” she whispers, touching her finger gently against the tank.  

I swim closer and flutter my fin against the glass.  Just then, he comes up behind her and she smiles again as he wraps his arms around her and slides his hands up her, or rather his, shirt.

“Thought you were asleep,” she says.  “Who’s this guy?”

“That’s Gary,” he says, his lips puckering against her shoulder like he’s blowing her kisses too, but there are no bubbles in the outside place.

“When’d you get him?”

“Like a week ago.  Last Saturday.”

“Last Saturday?”  She leans to the side a little to look up at him.  “How come I didn’t notice?”

His hands move at her chest under the shirt and he smirks at her when her eyes droop and she squirms.  “We’ve been a little busy,” he says.


“Will you stay tonight?”

“Mulder, you know…”

“I don’t know anything except that you should stay.  I want you to stay, Scully.  Please.”

She turns around, presses herself against him and wraps her arms around his neck.  He crosses his arms across her back and closes his eyes as they sway back and forth for a long time.  Then, she steps away and holds her hand out to him.  She looks back at me and touches her finger to the glass again.

“Night, Gary,” she says, and she takes him back to the room beyond the door.

So, I’ve learned two things tonight.  One, I guess she really doesn’t live here.  And two, my name is Gary!

The End

au where rin is like a ten foot long shark merman and nitori is a human who comes to his most frequent habitat area to watch him and take study notes

then one day nitori accidentally falls in the water

gou initially thinks they should try seeing if he tastes good but rin get all protective and makes sure he’s breathing alright and everything.

and then nitori gets all surprised and meek when it turns out rin knows decent japanese and asks if he’s alright.

when nitori responds with a yes rin smiles and says he’s kinda cute.

nitori gets all flustered while gou just looks at rin while thinking “Omfg, you big sofite. You think that shrimpy human is cute?  Pfft, whatever. he doesn’t even have big muscles. He’s probably too stringy to eat.”

cue seijuurou coming with nitori the next day and gou getting all embarrassed about the nice new redheaded human watching her while rin is like “HUMANS AREN’T EVER CUTE, EH?”


nitori asking rin questions for research but they end up getting off topic and talking about their favorite kinds of seafood and shit.

gou stuttering and getting embarrassed when sei asks her questions (even though nitori said he should wait a while to build up her trust) because she doesn’t speak japanese quite as well and he’s rly cute

The Ten Day Plan: Chapter Six

Stiles sent Lydia from heaven to hell and back again as his long fingers trailed heat across her skin. He was so close to her, she was almost on top him, their bodies aligned. His lips brushed hers, she felt it, the heat, the softness; the absolute exquisite torture they brought. Too soon, the girl was thrown back down to earth with a crash, breaking the pair apart and shattering her desperate exhilaration.

The front door opened and closed with a thud: 
‘’Stiles, you home?’’

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