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Reagan Youth - Volume 2 12"

This was the first band that made me start thinking differently. They have a song called Jesus Was a Communist. Boy was that a game changer at 14 for someone who is looking for anything to rebel against or question. I already knew I hated everything that religion stood for, but now had a really funny way about going about throwing it back into people’s faces. I made a girl I worked with cry when I convinced her of that in fact Jesus was a communist. Amazing. Question everything, collect more records!


Alex Kingston red carpet interview for the TV Guide Awards in Los Angeles, 5 March 2000. 


Samiam “Factory”

Apparently there’s a new album out.  I’ll have to look into this.

Regan Youth - Volume 1 12"

I can’t remember which came first, me buying this record, or me watching the movie Airheads. I feel like I randomly bought this record because I had heard of them and then in listening to it, realized that the movie Airheads stole their song. According to the band, the movie studio never asked for permission to use the song Degenerated, but used it anyways. That song is pretty much the basis of the entire movie, so you can imagine they got a nice settlement check later on. I think its really cool that I have this record for that fact alone. This band is rad, check them out. FFO: Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Bad Brains


Samiam “Capsized" 

Day #390 Samiam - Soar Color

Color: Tan

Brand: Fruit Of The Loom Heavy

Source:  Spent most of the day skateboarding today and  dorking around, almost forgot to post again.  Funny i think the first time i met Sergie form Samiam was at a skatepark in Sacramento.  I was stoked to see him skating and not just being a poser with a board trying to sponge off the culture.  

Have i told you later he ended up being my roomate?  very random at one point it was me, Sergie and Jon the singer from Buck-o-Nine.  Sometimes you take  step out of your body and look in and just ask how the hell did i get here?