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Great lesbian TV show and film recommendations

Great lesbian films:

-          Imagine Me & You (2005, British)

-          Loving Annabelle (2006, American)

-          My Summer of Love (2004, British)

-          Black Swan (2010, American)

-          The Kids Are All Right (2010, American)

-          I Can’t Think Straight (2008, British)

-          Jenny’s Wedding (2015, American)

-          Lost And Delirious (2001, American)

-          Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013, French)

-          The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister (2010, British)

-          Carol (2015, American)

-          The Night Watch (2011, British)

-          Fingersmith (2005, British)

-          But I’m A Cheerleader (1999, American)

-          Tipping the Velvet (2002, British)

-          Gia (1998, American)

Great lesbian tv-shows:

-          The Fosters (2013-present, American)

-          Orphan Black (2013-present, Canadian)

-          Orange Is The New Black (2013-present, American)

-          The 100 (2014-present, American) (season 2 onwards)

-          Sugar Rush (2005-2006, British)

-          Grey’s Anatomy (2005-present, American) (season 5 onwards)

-          Glee (2009-2015, American) (season 3 onwards)

-          The L Word (2004-2009, American) 

-          Lip Service (2010-2012, British)

-          Skins (2007-2013, British) (seasons 3 & 4)

-          South of Nowhere (2005-2008, American) 

-          Sense8 (2015-present, American) 

-          Wynonna Earp (2016-present, American/Canadian)

-          Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017, American) 

-          Last Tango In Halifax (2012-present, British)

-          Banana (2015, British)

-          Faking It (2014-2016, American)

-          Bomb Girls (2012-2013, Canadian)

-          Black Mirror (2014-present, British, S3E4)

I love when you’re first trying to get someone into podcasts and you watch them listen to it and you’re just like


Arashi 🌸🍃✨


I go through musical phases; my newest thing is Icelandic music. Shout out to Eivor, Hafdis Huld, Regina Osk, Emiliana Torrini, and (of course) Bjork. Also Icelandic rap; Reykjavikurdaetur is neat. It’s not female-fronted, but Vaginaboys is pretty great too.

(note: Eivor is Faroese, not Icelandic. But she’s still great nonetheless.)

The New Wonder Women Of Music.

Let’s take a minute to hop off the asses of the biggest female artists in music right now, talking about the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. Let’s try to focus on the new wave of female artists we have now; the ingenious, clever, defiant and overall bossy bitches who have made the internet their home and feminism their language; talking about the likes of ABRA, Tommy Genesis, Princess Nokia and IAMDDB.

ABRA and Tommy Genesis 


ABRA is a singer and producer born in Queens, New York but raised in London and Atlanta. She along with Father and a host of others have being one of the most recognised DIY music collectives over the years being the Awful Records family. Her style of music is mostly very soothing but aggressive at the same time. She’s just like what you’ll call a “demonic angel”, so to speak. ABRA’s loyal and trusty fan base could be due to the fact that she’s very different with her music style but at the same time easily relatable. ABRA’s style of music, creative visuals and outlandish fashion sense have made her stand out as a leading force of the new generation of female artists that will soon take over the world.

Tommy Genesis

Tommy Genesis is a rapper born in Vancouver and of Tamil and Swedish descents. She, another member of the Awful Records was described in a 2016 article by DAZED Magazine as the internet’s most rebellious underground rap queen. That’s a very heavy title to bear but she’s well worthy of the label. Her style of music, a good mix of trap and real rap, is very unique, fresh and new but weird. Her most recognised professional fashion sense mostly including crop tops, short plaid schoolgirl skirts and big combat boots is just one of the pointers to her unconventional, nonchalant and unruly persona. Tommy Genesis could as well be considered as one of the faces of the new school of female rappers.

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is the big-bellied, tiny-tittied, weed-smoking thug brujas, whatever that means. She is of various descents. Her music is mostly about religion, individualism, sexuality, politics and government and feminism. Her music style as described by her is world music because different people from different places in different situations can relate to her music easily. Her music and style is heavily influenced by her diverse cultures and different experiences she had gone through growing up. Princess Nokia is like a big sister to many females and many people generally as her music is a source of relief and liberation for them.


IAMDDB is a fresh, new, young and buzzing act from Manchester, England. Her song “Leaned Out” has so far been one of her most successful tracks yet and has helped her showcase her name and music to bigger and bigger audiences all around the world. Her style of music being mostly harmonies and melodies over trap and hip hop beats as described by her is called urban jazz. She really does love jazz. She has earlier performed for the president of Angola in a national jazz festival there. Her “Mermaid Season” campaign on social media encouraging young and teenage females to accept themselves and be simple and real have made this particular audience gravitate easily towards her music.


A lot of people ask for recommendations from me, so I’ve compiled a few photo collages of some of my favorite books. This theme is classic literature featuring the following titles:

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, and 1984 by George Orwell | Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell | To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchmen by Harper Lee | The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald | The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger | Animal Farm by George Orwell | The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough | Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

8 Studyblrs to motivate you this New Year

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As I slowly become more active on tumblr I thought I’d check out some new blogs to motivate me and wow did I hit the jackpot!

Whether I need a cute aesthetic to get me inspired, on-point advice and facts, or relatable quotes and life posts - here’s some people who do it amazingly. Prepare for a love-in! ♥️

@juliebunny-study  A neat aesthetic and a lil bit of français for motivation and inspiration.

@write-read-study  Cute, mixed blog with tips, images and, my true love: quotes

@howtogrowthefuckup  Finally!! Some useful succinct advice! Helps decode the unspoken “adult bible”. 

@sophocused  Lilac aesthetic to soothe your procrastination woes

@bulletjournaljungle Feel some handwriting envy, or feel inspired to make your notes more artsy. 

@emmastudies  Get some amazingly useful advice from someone who   seems to have seen it all!

@studywithcat  The friendliest blog for any questions, big or small, with cute pics amongst the asks. 

@intprocrastinationstudy   I feel so at home amongst the procrastination and realism of this blog, its just so bloody real   

(Should I be cringing at myself? *puts relevant gif below for distraction* )

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anonymous asked:

hi, I'm looking for books by woc & lgbtqia+ authors for #readwomen. can you help me?

Hey, friend!

Sure! We would be happy to help and promote this great event! Since a lot of these authors have more than one book published, we’ll be reccing you our absolute favorites, but definitely check out other books by them as well :)

Young Adult books by authors of color

Young Adult books by white LGBTQIA+ authors

New Adult books by authors of color

New Adult books by LGBTQIA+ authors

Middle Grade books by authors of color

*also an LGBTQIA+ author

Edit #1: We added few more titles.

Edit #2: We corrected some mistakes.

We hope this helps and happy reading!

Fizzle reads family

~Legend says a Goddess watches over each clan. The Healing Goddess, Sakura, in charge of the Hatake clan was once disguised as the koi the Hatake clan has taken care of way back when Konoha was founded. Being the last of the Hatake, Sakura must take care of Kakashi in order to make sure his line continues [wink wonk]. But he has to prove himself worthy of her presence; else she becomes another clan’s Goddess.~

I also don’t know why a Goddess would hold a scalpel but I love the idea of her threatening people (Kakashi) with it when she’s pissed

anime recommendations

I copy-pasted this list from one I made in a Discord server I’m in because I figured I ought to share the love for some shows and movies I enjoyed over the past several weeks. This is only a small part of my growing list, but it’s a good place to start for some older shows and ongoing anime this season. Enjoy!

//I’m only picking out a few this season… There’s so much to catch up on plus my huge backlog of good ones from a while back that I gotta settle for a short list. But if you guys want some recommendations, here’s the ongoing ones I’m totally hyped up for, plus some extra guff that I’m actually surprised that I like: 

~Kakegurui - sexy, dark, risque, insane anime about gambling in a very privileged high school.

~Made in Abyss - awesome, beautiful adventure story with a unique world and art style.

~Welcome to the Ballroom - dance sport! bright, gorgeous, well-animated, and has a very optimistic vibe.

~Aho Girl - 12min per episode about the shenanigans of a dumb girl and her childhood friend that has to deal with her shit. very light, absolutely hilarious.

~Hajimete no Gal - fan service up the wazoo but honestly got me intrigued as to what the hell they plan to do with a first episode that silly and stupid… i can’t believe i’m more interested in this than Fate/Apocrypha, and i’m not even a huge fan of… well, fan service. honest.

~New Game!! - second season of New Game!, where they make… well, a new game. for those who don’t know, it follows Suzukaze Aoba, a young character designer fresh out of highschool, who’s working in a game dev studio. first season was pretty fun. also Hifumi is best girl.

for some of the older ones I’ve finished and loved:

-Kyoukai no Kanata - supernatural story set in the modern day. beautifully animated, as is Kyoto Animation’s standard, and has a few interesting twists. be sure to watch the movie AFTER the anime: I’ll Be Here - Mirai-hen

-Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) - surprisingly deep, incredibly well-paced alternate World War I anime that stars a young “Imperial” (alternate world German) girl who rises through the ranks in the Imperial Army… also, there’s magic. It’s got some philosophy in there that’s very interesting, and it doesn’t get bogged down by politics between the universe-next-door fictional factions because that’s in no way the focus of the story OR the world-building. love it, would recommend it to death. great anime for any patriot.

-Tsuki ga Kirei - light, wonderful romance story that takes every imaginable trope in romance and does it beautifully and poignantly. best anime of the previous season. it even beat out AoT and My Hero Academia in some circles. i’ve never felt so fuzzy and warm watching an anime in my life.

Plus, of course, movies like Koe no Katachi and In This Corner of the World. Prepare a lot of tissues and something cute next to you if you’re gonna watch those. //


• April 18, 2017 •

I found this note inside this book that I randomly came across and have been wanting to read while I was exploring this awesome library in the city.

First, this note is so touching and is such a good & wise message to just randomly find in a book (I don’t know if this has anything to do with the book though, but still appreciate the message). Second, the library has 4 levels and incredible scenery of the city! And there are plenty of study spaces, so I think I’m going to spend some more time there studying. 😄

Me: Honestly, Diego Luna is so pure.

Diego Luna: *literally is in a movie where all he does is fuck, drink and do drugs*

Me: So smol, so innocent.

Diego Luna: Talks about his Jabba kink.

Me: Ugh he’s so adorable.

Representing the U.S.A., Leo de la Iglesia, skating to “Still Alive”

“I want to fill the world with things I like.”