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‘The X-Files’ star David Duchnovny has a new gig: touring musician
The actor and singer-songwriter performs at the Birchmere on Feb. 26.

Q: You returned to “The X-Files” last year. How was that experience, and is there talk of doing more of those?

David: We’re talking about doing more of those soon. The experience was strange at first to go back to something that I’d started, at the time, over 20 years ago, and I hadn’t done for seven or eight years. But since I had done that character for so long, it was really simple to find it again. But it was also an interesting challenge, because it was playing a guy who’s older, and maybe character doesn’t change, but we change a little bit — our energy changes as we age. Our maturity changes. So it was interesting to try to bring that to the guy.

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Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign
Hello guys, I just wanted to tell you that you’re so worth loving and I wish you a happy new year with a lot of love, health and self care, because you deserve it. You don’t deserve pain, problematic lovers or anything that hurts you, the pain will never remains too long and you can get through this. I know you can and I know you'll find a way to believe in this too. Happy 2017. ♥