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I have recently become utterly smitten with the Society of Gentlemen book series by KJ Charles. The book covers are so disappointing and bland and do not do these characters justice AT ALL so I needed to draw the boys myself.

If you like Regency-era stories about gentlemen who like other gentlemen then you should check this series out; it’s got some lovely romance and friendships and supporting-each-other-through-hardship and era politics and scandal and drama and pining.  Not to mention bi and demi and trans characters, and none of the conflicts revolve around anyone being ashamed of their sexuality. Oh, and they all have HAPPY ENDINGS! Also people actually communicate and it avoids so many stupid misunderstandings that are so common in love stories. 

(Basically everything I’ve ever wanted in historical romance and more) 

Super Excited To Announce My First Book’s Release!

The Corpse Garden is a collection of fourteen of my short stories, including four, previously unreleased tales! In addition to the new tales, NoSleep and Tumblr favorites, such as The Murder In My Backyard and I Buried My Fiance On Our Wedding Day, also make up part of the garden.

If you guys are interested in purchasing a copy, it’s available for Amazon devices here.

Obviously I will continue to post new stories on both here and NoSleep, but the four unreleased stories are book-only!

Thank you for all of your support! I appreciate you all!


In which I express my love through drawings with bad colouring and shitty comics,as I’m often prone to do.

Fanart for @amberstarfight amazing Melting Ice fanfic,where demisexual Incubus!Yuuri (how amazing is that?!) has to seduce (seemingly) human Victor,to his never-ending despair and frustration.

Seriously,go read it. Even if you’re wary of demons!au (like I was),I promise this one is worth it. The plot is interesting,the writing is excellent and the slow burn will destroy you with wonderful frustration.

If you like it,please reblog it! DON’T REPOST


if you’re looking to add to your poetry collection…

tibetanturnips  asked:

Hey there! I hope that everything is ok and that you're feeling better soon ❤ you're seriously one of my favorite voltron blogs and I don't usually just message people randomly but it seems like we could all use a little bit of love tonight. Hang in there ❤❤

thank you so much jaclyn, this means a lot, i hope you’re having a lovely and safe night !! much love to you   ❤❤❤❤

had to draw my character for a Changeling: the Lost campaign that starts tomorrow. ♥ her name is esmée (esmeralda) fischer and she is a fairest flamesiren/mirrorskin.

(there’s mass effect and tyranny art coming within the next couple days, i promise!)