new psd as you can see

rounded square icons tutorial

this is an 11 step tutorial that will show you how to make a batch of icons like this:

you will NEED PHOTOSHOP for this, a set of screencaps, or raw icons to start with; and basic knowledge of photoshop.  this is a batch icon tutorial.

TUTORIAL (with screenshots) IS BELOW THE CUT:

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gif tutorial: colouring (*°ω°*ฅ)*

umm i was asked how i colour gifs sooo i’m now showing you how i make stuff from something like this

to this

to follow this tutorial, you will have to have general knowledge of how to make a gif on photoshop. if you don’t already, you can read an old tutorial that i made; since i don’t exactly gif like that now, you can ask for a new tutorial if you wonder what my current gif-making steps are.

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send me an ask if you’re interested, payments by paypal only, send them to






i’ll send you a psd file with the lineart and the colors on diferent layers, you can recolor them or change the placement of their gems as much as you want

also i want to do character desing commission in the short future,

✧  »  here you will find #62 #120 gif icons of fx’s main rapper & singer amber liu. none of the original gifs used belong to me, full credit goes to their amazing creators. if you see any of your gifs & would like to be credited or for them to be removed just shoot me a mssg. if you found this useful a like or reblog would really be appreciated !

anonymous asked:

Hello, i want to start making aesthetics, but I have no idea where to start... like for example where do you find the images? a how do you make them smaller without them getting blurry and then how do you put them together.. and how do you change the backgrounds to different colors.. like i'm so lost.. can you give me some tips? i would be grateful :)*

how to make aesthetics like this

okay, so idk if i’m the best person to answer this, but i’ll be doing my best to put up an easy-to-understand tutorial for you. we’ll be going step-by-step :) all the stuff is under the cut since it was rather long

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THIS WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO MAKE A PSD FOR YOUR RP ICONS OR GRAPHICS.  I will personally just be showing you how to do it for an image that isn’t cropped or bordered.  you will need photoshop for this, but you don’t have to be a pro!  ( you can prob. find a download link online but be careful! )  the tutorial is below the cut!  Its super flexible and easy and is a great way to spice up your aesthetic and visual mood for your writing threads or blog posts!


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I was asked before to make a tutorial by an anon but I accidentally deleted my answer (fuck me) SO here is another tutorial (which is basically the same thing I wrote the other day!). 

Tutorial: How To Add A Solid Background To A Gif

Difficulty Level: Medium
Time Allocation: A Shit Ton God Damn It This Takes Forever
Require Prior Understanding Of: Basic Gif-Making

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Icon Tutorial

A lovely anon asked for a tutorial on how I made these Sense8 icons:

  • I feel like I suck at explaining things, but I’ll try my best.
  • I tried to include a lot of screenshots, so you can see my layers and how my icon looks after every step.
  • I’m sorry for any mistakes, English is not my first language.
  • If there’s anything you don’t understand, feel free to ask, and I’ll do my best to help you out.
  • Please, like or reblog if you find this useful. :)

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masha-russia  asked:

Hello :) Could I ask you how did you make these gifs post/121213352496 ? Did you use Lighten or another mode? How did you manage to blend them together? Thanks

(x) hey! there are really hundrets of ways how you can make these gifs, but this is basically how i end up doing them/what i’ve learned with time:

  • if you want to make an image show up on a dark background/get rid of the dark background, set it to “screen” (or “lighten”, play around with the settings until you think it looks good)
  • if you want to make an image show up on a bright background/get rid of the bright background, set it to “multiply” (or “darken” again, play around with the settings)
  • “soft light” and “overlay” are settings you can test out, too, it all depends on the source material you got)
  • not every scene is suitable to be blend together, if you don’t think a scene is 100% perfect for this, use a different one, but, you can always try out adding a new layer and brighten or darken parts of your gif with black or white
  • personal tip: have the colouring ready before you blend gifs together, you’ll see better how it will end up and sometimes it reduces the cleaning up you will have to do

i haven’t saved any of the psd files but as far as i can see almost all of the gifs i made are blend together on a dark background, so i should have used screen or lighten.
i tried to re-create the first gif:

these are how the gifs look like separately:

both scenes are rather dark, but! the upper part of the second gif (I’ll just call it the group) is much brighter than the lower part, which will help us a lot making certain parts stand out,
alright, make sure both of your gifs are converted into “smart filters”, after i duplicated one of the gifs into the file of the other, i’ve set the gif with the group to “screen”

my gif looks like this now:

well, since we can’t make out their faces anymore we are going to get rid of the bright parts, add a “layer mask” to the gif you’ve set to screen and paint with a black brush on the parts you want to delete!

now my gif looks like this!

this is how i ended up doing every gif of the gifset, except for the green gif. you see the flying hovercraft above of prim’s head, right? the hovercraft is rather dark and the background of the scene was bright, i’ve set the gif to “multiply” or “darken” and it should basically ended up like you can see it now, i’ve possibly deleted parts through a layer mask though like i’ve shown before.

i hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

hoW did u change the bg color of the last vid in your gifs i cannot do it to save my life

there are lots of ways of doing it but i need to highlight the fact that dan and phil’s gaming room with grey/neutral walls are the main reason the bg color change is possible lmao thanks for moving boys

anyway! the way i do it, basically all you need to use are selective colors and hue/saturation, so let’s say we start with this:

we’re gonna use selective colors and work on neutral (the color of their walls), i ended up with these settings

but it can honestly be however you prefer, as long as it doesn’t change their skin tone/hair color too drastically, mine ended up like this:

it’s a very subtle change indeed but it’s for the sake their skin remaining human-like. just for comparison:

now we’re gonna use hue/saturation; since i dragged cyan a little bit further than the other tones on my selective color settings we’re gonna mess with cyan and blue tones; my settings look like this

and the result, which is also subtle:

for comparison:

and you can drag the cyan/blue sliders all over that rainbow to get different colors!

so this is the very basic of what you need to do, the rest is up to you! duplicate hue/saturation and selective colors layers or add new ones (play around with sliders and see what colors make u happier), use color balance to help you out with the background, and then add the other layers or a psd for brightness/levels/curves, basically do your regular coloring process adapting to the background colors (change layer positions as well!) etc; my final result looks like this (i changed the bg to yellow instead of blue ok lol):

all you have to be sure is that their skin tones don’t change too drastically and the background doesn’t look too grainy! 

ALSO! check if the psds you already use have selective colors and hue/saturation layers, if they do try using them instead of adding new layers. it might be a little easier to work on the bg change with a coloring you’re already familiar with!

i know this isn’t the best explanation but i hope it at least helps u understand what you have to work with! practice makes perfect, so even if u don’t like ur results at first keep trying :)

☆・゚: Massedit Icons :゚・☆

EDIT: hi you, thank you for visiting this tutorial. however, it is at least over a year old and i’ve explained how i make my icons nowadays. please check this ask out!

After my icon tutorial I want to introduce you to the action system from photoshop, which can be used to let photoshop edit your icons.
So actions is pretty much THE function to let you edit your icons (e.g. when there are new scenes of your character released or you made a border/watermark/new psd for them). Simplified Photoshop can record what you are doing and can reproduce it on other pictures. 

At first you have to open the actions window. You can find it under Window > actions or by pressing alt + f9 on windows // on mac options + f9

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anonymous asked:

has nothing to do with anything but looking back at my old gifs and cringe cause its just horrible, i didnt know anything about coloring, i basically put a psd over it & called it a day but using ps more everyday, when u see my new stuff i dont think you'd believe i made my old ones. my point is, the only way to get better at something is doing it. i didnt realize i got better along the way by just being consistent. this just clicked for me & it applies w/ everything else. dont think just do :)

I realte so much to this, anon.

When I started making gifs I didn’t know about coloring or sharpening. I can’t find the first gif I ever made because I didn’t even tag it, but let me tell you it was terrible. I just screencapped the episode and made a GIF, that’s all.

This is the first GIF I tagged. It was sharpened, but not colored

At that time I was so proud that it didn’t look blurry, but I hate the colors. I didn’t know how to apply layers to gif, so I was frustrated.

After reading tons of tutorials and spneding hours and hours on Photoshop, playing with layers, textures, gradients and layer options, I finally managed to be where I am right now with my gifs and I can do shit like this:

More examples here

I know I stil have tons of things to learn, but I see improvement and I’m really proud of my gifs :’) And yeah, it’s taken me years. That first gif is from December 2012. I’m still learning and improving, but getting better at something ALWAYS TAKES TIME, and you always need practice to get better. It’s exhausting and frustrating, but if you truly want to go for it and if you truly love it, all that work is going to be worthy.

I see my old gifs and I think, shit, this is terrible, what was I thinking on this coloring?, but to get where I am now, I had to make all those terrible gifs, and at that time, I was so proud of them, even if I knew that I still had to improve, but I felt I had improved, that I managed to do something I couldn’t do before and that I had learnt something new that could take me one step forward.

So yeah, I get what you’re saying. If you want to get better at something, you need to practice. Andyou might suck at first, and it’ll take a long time to reach the point when you finally say, I do not longer suck at this, but if you truly love it, go ahead. The work will be worth it.

anonymous asked:


UM ADDING MAKEUP TO A PICTURE? oh you mean like the one I did with Lindsey, right (I got super confused for a second) OKAY

I used Photoshop CC

let us use this picture of Lindsey (because it’s the one I edited ok)

First, I’m just going to crop and adjust to how I want it so I get this:

and then just edit it, i’m going to use a psd that i saved from the original pic (because i’m lazy lol) so this is what I have so far:

(i know she looks white-washed, but we can fix it at the end - i think it’s better to edit when her skin is lighter so you can see the shadows etc you know?)

here’s where the fun begins! 


  • create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n)
  • and paint her lips black (yes. i know. such emo)

(as you can see - it doesn’t have to be perfect)

  • then set the layer to the ‘soft light’ setting (and erase any bits that look weird)
  • if you’re happy with that lip colour, just leave it

her lips look so weird in this ^ because i accidentally saved the image as a gif *facepalm*

  • if you’re not, go to ‘layer > new fill layer > and remember to check the ‘use previous layer to create clipping mask’ thing
  • and you can make her lips any colour you want! i went with #5b1717


  • create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n)
  • draw a black arrow on her cheeks
  • go into filter > blur > gaussian blur
  • and just adjust until you like it
  • create a new fill layer again (and again, check that box)

  • and you can change her cheeks to any colour! i did #e94d4d and toned down the opacity a little


  • go back to your background layer
  • okay, for eye makeup you’ll need two important tools: the dodge and burn tools
  • burn = dark/smoky and dodge = highlight
  • here i’m just going over with the burn tool (opacity = 20%)
  • now for the dodge tool
  • create a new layer (shift + ctrl + n)
  • draw a black ‘v’ at the edge of her eyes.. you know, like a winged out eyeliner :)
  • go to filter > blur > gaussian again
  • and adjust till you like it
  • i didn’t like it how it looked so i went back and did another v
  • just keep adjusting and changing the levels of opacity etc - remember, all pics are different and sometimes things look better without so much eyeshadow etc.

and there you go!

finally, i’m going to sharpen and add noise and add a vibrance layer :)

there you go - i hope that helped :)



I wanted to animate one of the MM emojis and tried to add some inbetweens and experiment with shading and such. This was such a trial seeing as I am new to animation;; As you can see the timing fluctuated a bit throughout the process. Overall I’m glad I got to finish this ♥

Apprx: 12hrs of continuous work/research on wtf I’m doing LOL

Software used: SAI animation assistant 2, GIMP, PSD CS5

I humbly ask people not to remove my watermark on the finished version or repost these gifs anywhere else claiming credit for my work.