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New Vegan Products!

Daiya mac and cheese, cheese cake (strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla!) and Greek yogurt

Uptons Naturals jackfruit BBQ and Chili Lime Carnitas

NU Culture Bacony Chipotle cultured cashew cheese 

Snack Out Loud bean puffs in salt and vinegar and BBQ

Whole Superfoods Avocado Chips

Rhythm Superfoods zesty nacho broccoli bites

Tasty Brand special edition holiday flavor cookies in pumpkin spice, butterscotch, peppermint bark and hot cocoa

Coconut Bliss salted caramel coconut ice cream bar

Silk Vanilla and Chocolate Cashew Milk

Thanks to Vegan Cuts and Veg News for sharing these fantastic photos from Expo West! Check out their Instagram accounts to see more vegan noms :)


New Vegan Products!

Mini crabless cakes and porkless bites from Gardein

Dole’s dark chocolate-dipped frozen bananas

Dream non-dairy cashew milk

Starlite Cuisine bean and cheese soft tacos

DF Mavens mint almond cookie and key lime creme ice cream bars

Suncoast Gold macadamia nut milk

Eat Pastry buttermilk biscuit mix

Tempt hemp yogurt

Vegan Korean Beef Bowl from Vegetarian Plus



Rose Crest Cosplay now offers Revolutionary Girl Utena rose seal rings of all colors, materials, and styles in US Sizes 6, 8, and 10!

Rings starting at $35 USD, available in plastic, silver, and 10 different shades of pink.

Worldwide shipping for less than five dollars.

Please note that the store format has changed a bit. To accommodate the new size options, rings are now listed individually by material and style.

Buy on Etsy!


NEW! Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera 

This camera is a point-and-shoot digital camera which offers the option to instantly print out the photo you just took, which is a feature we all enjoyed back in the day when Polaroid dominated the instant camera market.

Vegan Egg Is Here and It Is Legit AF

So, I’ve been waiting for this since 2004, and I know many others have been waiting a lot longer. I’m not talking about a woman president*, I’m talking about a VEGAN EGG YALL. 

BUT WE WAIT NO MORE! Because Follow Your Heart has created a vegan egg – which, btw, is gluten-free, soy-free, and allergen-free! – and I’ve tried it and it’s the real fucking deal. The texture is spot on, and it’s even got that slight sliminess, which I know, sounds gross, but I guess I’ve been missing it?!(Although if you haven’t been missing it, and like your eggs fully cooked/burned, you can totally do that, ya weirdo!) 

Basically, what this means is: vegan scrambled eggs, vegan Eggs Benedict, vegan eggs in a hole, vegan frittata, vegan quiche, you name it! Sorry, this review is all over the place because I am so excited about this it’s hard to type! YOU KNOW HOW VEGANS GET AROUND NEW FOOD INVENTIONS. 

What is it made of? Mainly algae! Crazy cool, right!? The future, you guys. Also, because it’s super low-calorie, you can eat tons of it and not get crazy-full or feel shitty! Which you will want to do! I’m talking a pancake and sausage-feast for DAAAAYS. Like, all I want to eat is this egg. Make it stop. JK I hope it never stops. 

Here’s a video of The Sexy Vegan making it – skip to about 6:00 if you want to watch things get really real:

As for how you procure it, I think you can only buy it at the Follow Your Heart store in Canoga Park, Calif. right now (where I bought it), but I hear tale that it’ll be on Amazon next week!?! So set an alert! Set five alerts! Do what it takes to make it happen! (And it looks like you can pre-order it on Food Fight??!)

And if you want to drool over pictures of it until then, people are doing amazing things with it on Instagram, so go look! And stay tuned to our Instagram for even more photos!

We even made super delicious chocolate chip cookies that were downright eggy! WHICH IS AWESOME! Here they are in a hippo cookie jar. I woke up this morning and they were all gone! YOU HAD ONE JOB, HIPPO.

*OK, I’m talking about that, too!

An Announcement on Fluid

As we said last week, we’ve completely rebuilt our most popular free theme, Fluid. In doing so, we considered a few different ways to give you the new cake without throwing out the old pie, and we decided on a simple solution: cake and pie for everyone.

What does that mean? If you have Fluid, you’ll be automatically upgraded to our new version. If you don’t want the new Fluid, you can simply install Fluid Classic, which will remain available in the theme garden for absolutely no cost (as usual). And if you’ve done any custom work to your HTML, your theme won’t be auto-upgraded. Let’s break it down, FAQ-tastically:

Why are you replacing Fluid?
3 years is a long time for any digital good, and Fluid is no different. New features/plugins/etc. become standard, and old code can only adapt so much before it needs an overhaul. We decided to rebuild Fluid to accommodate these new standards, without sacrificing any of the theme’s original character.

What can I do if I don’t like the new Fluid?
Just jump over to the theme garden and grab Fluid Classic. Installs of Fluid Classic will not, of course, be auto-upgraded at some later date, so fear not.

Update: We will be launching Fluid Neue Today!


New vegan products you need to know about!

Tofurky has new hot pockets, quiches and pot pies!

Chicago Vegan Foods have created halloween themed Dandies! You can find them at VeganEssentials.

So Delicious now has cashew milk in unsweetened and vanilla flavors.

Neat“ faux meat: original, italian and mexican flavors. Just mix with egg replacement (eg. vegg) and water then saute for 7 minutes.

What new products have you come across lately?