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Productive Things That Aren’t Studying
  • washing the dishes
  • making your bed
  • tidying your book/dvd shelf/shelves
  • cleaning the cupboard/wardrobe
  • reading
  • sleeping
  • writing a blog
  • planning your month/week/day
  • replying to messages or asks
  • responding to emails
  • sorting through letters/mail
  • clearing your email inbox
  • organising stationery
  • clean your sinks
  • clean your toilets
  • pet your pet
  • sort through old clothes
  • give to charity
  • go on a walk
  • go on a run
  • clean down any surfaces
  • work out
  • meal prep
  • get rid of empty shampoo bottles from the shower
  • clean out old food from the cupboard/fridge
  • empty out your school bag
  • call your parent
  • unfriend/unfollow people you no longer interact with
  • watch a TEDTalk
  • empty the bins/trash
  • clean the mirrors in your house
  • hug your pet
  • wash some clothes
  • buy any birthday cards/presents that you need to
  • reply to any old texts
  • make a tumblr post on productive things that aren’t studying

Forever in our hearts. Happy Birthday Carrie, we miss you. 🌙✨🌟🌹❤️ 


{5/100 days of productivity} | I feel really inactive when it comes to making original content, but anyways today was the first time i took public transportation to someplace other than manhattan, and it was stressful. I dropped by this cute cafe two days in a row, and i still can’t get enough tbh 


Army Challenge - (2/4) favorite music videos                                                                                ↳ Blood Sweat & Tears | 피 땀 눈물

day 2/100 of 100 days of productivity

day two of school and I got to meet the rest of my teachers and have the last 3 classes! these are some of my introductory and lab safety notes from today in chemistry! I’ll use these to review for me first quiz on Thursday!

I am writing in a five-star grid notebook and using the mildliners above + a pilot g2 fyi


 Did something out of my color scheme because it’s fun to try new things! ✨ Btw, I am announcing that I will be hosting a “back to school series” here on studyblr! More details will be announced later, so stay tuned~~! 

「Quick tip: Don’t put too much colors on your notes because it can get too overwhelming! Stick to around 1-3 colors~」