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Macross Gets New TV Project in 2018, 35th Anniversary Project
Macross Delta's Walkūre concert on Sunday gets home video release

Breaking news! New Macross productions were announced at the end of the second Walkure Live concert recently.

The series’ 35th anniversary is this year (new logo below) and will be marked with a mysterious “super dimension visual project”, whatever that ends up being. Then, in 2018, a full television project is supposed to be released.

My thoughts - this is honestly a little sooner than I expected new Macross on TV, since Kawamori had announced an original TV IP he was working on which isn’t released yet. Will he be handing more responsibility to a newer generation of creators? Of course, we don’t even know yet whether this is a Delta continuation or something else. I was expecting movies next, but there’s certainly plenty of plot threads they could run with for a full series.

Given that Bandai usually files a trademark at the end of April, the Straga news will either be debunked as an elaborate hoax for April Fools or is the real thing. 


April in some business sectors is the end of a company’s first fiscal Quarter or Q1. So to liven up business for investors, many companies like Apple or Bandai announce new products/patents to sweeten the deal of investors buying their shares or drum up hype/profits on the consumer level.


New products announced!

  • Jumping Heart Keychains: 620 JPY coming out 11/18/16
  • Jumping Heart Rulers: 600 JPY coming out 11/18/16
  • Jumping Heart Reflection Keychains: 600 JPY coming out 11/25/26
  • Aquarium Reel Keychains: 1,700 JPY coming out late December
  • Aquarium Emblems: 1,300 JPY coming out late December
  • Uranohoshi Summer Uniforms: 20,000 JPY Coming Early January

This Holy Week is certainly holy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’ll give my thanks to the gods Kodaka for blessing my life with despair Danganronpa