new prince of tennis manga

Free! is going to have 3 F CKIN FILMS! And i’m really really happy i think i might cry out of happiness. KyoAni is doing things in the right way, is doing all this to explain more about ALL the character in it (hoping Gou, Kisumi, Asahi, Ikuya, Nao and Natsuya to have a spot in there ♡).

Next, if there will be a film or another season for Prince of Tennis too, my life would be half complete ❤ Let’s pray all together 🙏❤

some reasons why prince of tennis is still relavant

· New PoT manga is still ongoing
· Konomi’s still releasing merch and holding events
· The fanbase still does fanfiction and fanart
· kagami is loosely based on momoshiro with the “eat a lot of hamburgers thing”
· atobe is a national idol
· this anime (and slam dunk, ngl) is the reason your sports animes are popular
· tenimyu is still running rn

You can tell me, “No one cares about Prince of Tennis!”

I still won’t give a shit. A lot of people love Prince of Tennis. A lot of young adults in Japan watch this anime as a kid.

It’s just Millennials nowadays only watch 2010s sports anime, like Free and Haikyuu, maybe YowaPeda or Diya no Ace. Considering that PoT is a early 2000s anime, they just simply brush it off.

As a Millennial, I loved this anime. I watched this after I get obsessed with Haikyuu, and though the animation is pretty old, the jokes in the series and the filler epsiodes are never done in 2010s sports anime.

It’s very special.

Stop thinking it’s irrelavant in 2017. Please don’t.

Even if you do think it’s trash and irrelavant, the fandom won’t even care about you.

Awww, they decided to stop Valentine choco ranking for Prince of Tennis charas, because they don't have enough of capacity after last year's 180 000 received chocolates (that went to K-sensei afterwards LOL).

Damn you Ahobe with yours 68k chocolates, seriously.

There will be popularity poll instead.