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So somebody posted the new Hanna-Barbera previews from the upcoming DC/H-B crossover annuals, and look whose store makes an appearance in the Top Cat story.  Along with a top pun.  This was written by Dan DiDio, who is an avowed Top fan, so is it too much to hope for a Top reference later on? (well, probably, but hope springs eternal!)


TV Anime “Fukumenkei Noise” (Anonymous Noise) new preview video revealed!

The series will premiere on April 11th!

I just realized we’ve waited a whole year for this date. Magnus first asked out Alec for drinks in 1x05, an ep that aired on Feb 9th, 2016 and we’re finally getting this date in 2x06 on Feb 6th, 2017. Can you believe this?? We legit waited a whole year for them to go on this date?! This is fucking iconic and we fucking made it everyone!!


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Basic Training- SSS

A/N: Here’s a preview of the Christmas one shot I’ve been working on. Thank you, anon, for requesting an SSS. This is unbetaed and subject to change. 

Modern AU Everlark. Rated E for explicit language, graphic sex, and passing references to drug and alcohol use. 

It’s his mother I see first, in the reflection of my water-spotted spoon, as I hold it up to inspect it for dirt. The curve of the metal shows her how she really is, how I see her, emphasizing her deformities—a cold and shallow woman, who’d always thought, with that over-sized head of hers, that I was never good enough for him, not even as his friend.

What kind of monster thinks that about a kid?

Our booth is in the back corner of the diner—where they seat all the ugly people—and because my back is to the rest of the restaurant, I don’t immediately notice them when they come in and are seated half a dozen tables behind us. By the time I see the bitch, she’s sipping tea out of a chipped porcelain mug, one of her haughty eyebrows raised and her puckered, prematurely wrinkled lips pursed in disapproval as she listens to a man with a buzz cut say something to her.

Subtly, so Prim doesn’t notice me looking, notice her, and then open her big mouth, I rotate the spoon to see who else is with her. Her husband sits next to her and looks none too happy about it, keeping enough distance between them for the Holy Ghost and an entire host of angels. No love lost between those two. And next to him, wedged into the corner, one of his broad shoulders pressed to the wall from lack of space, is their oldest. Across from them, with their backs to mine, is Rye, with his trademark douchebag man bun I’d recognize from outer space, and next to him, on the aisle side of the bench, is the man with the buzz cut.

It doesn’t occur to me right away that it’s Peeta—my Peeta (except he isn’t mine at all)—because Peeta has wavy blond hair that curls at the very ends, feathery wisps that hang over his collar and ears, begging to be clutched and grasped and twirled by curious fingers. (Not that I’d ever had the courage to do any of those things.) He’s had hair like that his entire life—at least for as long as I’ve known him, which amounts to pretty much the same thing—the sign of a boy who has always been careless about his good looks.

His hands give him away, gesturing as he talks. They’re recognizable even in the convex surface of my spoon, and I swallow with effort, dropping it into my coffee. Emptying a plastic cup of creamer into my mug, I swirl, swirl, swirl, trying to erase the memory of the way his hands looked holding mine. I stare down at the cream dispersing, transforming something straightforward and pure into a muddied, adulterated mess.

Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.



[PREVIEW] GOT7 & Monsta X for New Yang Nam Show

source:  Mnet Official




This week’s New Girl has all of the loftmates either running away from their problems or running away from the truth.  And all Schmidt and Cece want to do is help them all, even if none of them want it.  So here’s what to expect from “Misery”.

Last we saw Jess, she was heading to Oregon to stay with her dad (guest star Rob Reiner) because she can’t keep spending time with Nick, as well as Reagan (guest star Megan Fox), when she has unresolved feelings for Nick.  And that’s where we pick up this week.  She’s still in Portland looking for any and every reason to stay, including finding ridiculous ways of taking care of her dad.

Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece call Nick and Reagan out on their lack of communication which prompts them into going to a work party of Reagan’s together.  While there, Nick fears that they may not know each other as well as he originally thought they did.  

During all of this, Aly (guest star Nasim Pedrad) is preparing to meet Winston’s mom (guest star Anna Maria Horsford) for the first time, when she finds out that Winston has never told his mom that they are cops due to his mom’s over-protectiveness.  So they must pretend he still works in radio and needless to say, things don’t go according to plan.

You can tell that this episode is preparing us for what I’m assuming is a Ness reunion of sorts.  Each week we get closer and closer, and I’d say we take a decent step towards it this week.  And I always love seeing the contrast between Nick’s relationship with Reagan and his relationship with Jess.  I definitely enjoyed this episode, even without Nick and Jess sharing screen time.

Here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Schmidt and Cece inserting themselves into everyone’s problems
  • Winston’s fake radio show
  • Aly bonding with Winston’s mom
  • Jess’ talk with her dad
  • Nick’s call to Jess while at the party

Don’t miss an all-new episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, March 21 (8:00-8:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

As always, send any questions you may have my way and I will answer, as long as they’re not too spoilery!