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Powering up (New introduction)

((Haha yes! This took from nine this morning to five in the afternoon. I’m proud of myself though. You little robots may now ask questions once more. ~Mickey))

Google was suspended up in the air by wires. He’d been discontinued for several years. Now it was time to bring him back.

His creator walked into the dimly lit area. He looked up at Google as he pulled a switch, the wires start moving and bring Google down.

He walks up to Google unhooking him, he drags him over to a table and sets him on top of it. He looked him over sighing as he went and quickly grabbed tools to fix Google.

It takes several hours for him to fix the wires and anything else he could see that needed fixing. He wipes his forehead with a cloth. Once he was down he sits Google up. Now it’s time to see if he still works.

“Okay Google, power up.”

The G on his chest flickers at first before turning on completely. He opened his eyes and looked at the man.

“How may I help you?” Google says

The man smiled and sighed softly. He went over to a computer grabbing a USB that had the latest emotions software. He walks back over to Google opening the port in his arm. He places it in. A hologram pops up showing that the software was downloading.

After a few minutes the download was finished. He take the USB out and closes the port. Then he stands in front of Google.

“Okay Google, what are your objectives?” The man asked looking at Google.

Google answered the question as quick as he could.

“My primary objective is to answer any and all questions as quickly as possible. My secondary objective is to destroy mankind.

The man nodded and smiled as he helps Google off the table. He grabs some clothes and hands them to him. Google quickly pulls on the black jeans and blue shirt.

“Okay Google, now it’s time for you to answer questions.” The man leads Google over to the computer. He helped him into the seat.

After the man walked out of the room letting Google explore for a little bit. Google was able to figure out the computer. He finds a website called tumblr that had already been logged into an account. Had his creator make this account for him? He wasn’t sure but he messed around to get use to everything.

Then he makes a post. The first one on the account.

look at endings as the opportunities that they are :))

New Meme: I’ve seen enough sentai to know where this is going.

This would usually presage pictures, gifs or video that contain more than one of the following:

  • Large stompy monsters; usually with a goofy design and plausibly designable as a monster suit
  • People in spandex outfits with helmets
  • People in colorful or color-coded spandex wearing helmets
  • The above punching other people in spandex
  • Mecha or statues or even regular machines that resemble zords/potential-combining-mecha-related vehicles/robots


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And all of the sudden you stopped…
You stopped opening up, stopped continuing the road we started. You stopped being interested in me.

All of the sudden I was nothing more but a convenience you could retreat to when it fitted your plans.
Or was it always like that but I was foolish and didn’t notice?

All of the sudden you disappeared and I was left with a hole I didn’t know how to fill…at first!

Then I realized that you were not allowed to have this power over me!
Someone showing so little concern shouldn’t have a power they are not capable of controlling.

All of the sudden I didn’t want to love you anymore.

All of the sudden I was stitching together the hole created by the absence of your love with love for myself.

And all of the sudden I stopped…

—  Alias

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Moments and Memories- Chapter Five

This chapter is a bit different than usual. It’s happy but sad and feelings. I hope you enjoy. I also hope no one is too offended by the posts and new list. I gotta do what’s best for me and my mental health and what I think is best. If you don’t read it- not for business, but because you don’t want to- then I’m not going to force it. That’s it. I hope that makes sens and I hope you all enjoy this chapter. It was fun to write :)

It didn’t take long for the rumors to start flying. Everyone was speculating about who the mystery girl was, and more business came to the shop as everyone tried to catch a peek of the girl. Thankfully, between the angle of the photos and Chris’ team doing damage control, no one could tell who you were.

I could keep going as I was.

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