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Today is truly a Black Friday. 

Despite there are happy things that happen to me today like buying a new car.


“Whatever happen in the future, don’t ever regret. I feel lucky to get to know them [2NE1], and their music live forever… cheer up.”

Thank you for seven amazing years, but goodbyes simply mean I’ll miss you until we meet again.

2009 to FOUREVER 

Fourever and always a Blackjack no matter how old I am 

♠ Definition of 2NE1: The name of the four sisters who came together to become legends in the kpop world. They are a one of a kind of “21st century new evolution” ♠ 

The name will always be there, so will the four sisters. Because the name represents so much. Their history is always there. Each girl will always be spoken as part of 2NE1 no matter what they decide to do after disbanding. They are a part of 2NE1 just as much as 2NE1 is a part of them. 

Proud to have gotten to love their music, gotten to love each member, and gotten to be a part of the fandom. 


They are legends. Can’t nobody, and I mean NOBODY, HOLD THEM DOWN NOW. 

They are irreplaceable. 

Maybe someday their records will be broken, but no one will ever forget who started it all.


They are the first girl group I love so dearly because of their charismatic stage presence, catchy songs, and cute personalities. I still remember their debut stage. I was in awe. Back in 2009 no one was like them and I love them for just being quirky, fun, charismatic, and love doing music as a job. And I will always continue to love and support them even now 7 years later me in college, struggling to juggle classes and work at the same time. I love how their music energizes me. I love listening to each girl’s vocals. All so different yet sounds so right together. I used to blast their songs in the house that my parents thought it was next door having a really loud karaoke party. Hahaha~ that was before I had earphones, now I just blast the music through my earphones so I don’t disturb them. They are the first group I feel those good vibes of girl power. They are everything I tell myself to look up to and to mirror: 

To be confident, be strong, to stand strong for what you believe in

Love your friends fiercely, hold family dear to your heart

♠ Never give up on your goals

Make your dreams happen

No matter how much society denies it, you are fucking gorgeous and will have many chances to show it.

Never let a man’s opinion of you shape how you see yourself. You make your own opinions of yourself. No one’s negativity is important.

Make the best of life. The haters will hate. So what? Don’t give a damn. Screw the haters just let them sit and stare.

Your body is yours. Get plastic surgery. Get tattoos. Get piercings. Wear outlandish clothing. Do whatever that you please, just don’t harm yourself.

Dare to be different. Do it and do not mind everyone’s judgment. Not everyone will like you. So what? You do you and pay no mind to them.


I NEVER knew YG would fuck up their first most successful girl group this bad. This company is really going downhill. The company used to have the least groups out of the Big 3 but the close-knit relationships between the artists and the managing staff was awesome. And there was artistry freedom. There was good managing skills. I just…. ^%%$#@#&^% really want to knock some sense into YG. Now it is more groups, more artists added to the roster, and VERY POOR managing skills! Sighhh, this sucks. At least now they all can pursue what they want to do now. Let it be singing, dancing, acting, going completely out of the public eye and going off to marry and have kids. Whatever it is, this Blackjack will support them all. Because once a Blackjack, always a Blackjack and I have been one since 2009. Til fourever!


To me, 2NE1′s disbandment really marks the 2007 to early 2010s era ending with all the groups disbanding, losing members, or inactive. Really appreciate the groups who manage to continue to stay together with no members change or lost (like SHINee and Big Bang). Kpop scene is truly changing now. New era, new groups. I will miss the old very much, the new I am not particularly interested. But I hope there will be a continuation of good Kpop music just like the old groups (like DBSK, Wonder Girls, Big Bang, SS501, SNSD, 2NE1, KARA, etc) portray Kpop as. Because that was the start of the Hallyu wave: catchy dances, beautiful vocals, awesome rapping. 

But like in the words of Alexander (former member of U-Kiss): 2NE1 are irreplaceable. They are legends. 



And also Taehyun of Winner, hoping he recovers and continue to do music. He tried so hard to debut with his members to make this group named “Winner”. It’s sad to not hear him sing again. But health always is important. Hopefully he will be back soon. And YG is so shady for implying that he was the fault for the delay of winner’s comeback.


It’s most definitely official: I hate YG entertainment with all my heart. This company screwed the girls over terribly. I wish one day they can still come back together to sing together for all of us Blackjacks like S.E.S is doing now.

Update: Dara’s handwritten letter and seeing pictures of her on that Filipino show just makes my hatred for YG deepen. And CL’s twitter update and a post of Dara’s…

And Bom unnie! You have a beautiful voice. Keep doing what you do best and that is singing.

Update: January 20 before 2NE1′s first song as a trio and the last song known as 2NE1 to the public “Goodbye” drops on the 21st. Minzy posted this. I’m disappointed in her. Her posting this now just make more sense to me she is really playing the victim card so hard. She’s already in another company. It could be YG didn’t notify/ ask her to sing this along with the other girls or it is just her not wanting to.

I agree with this comment on Minzy’s IG post.

But maybe the translation was off. Maybe what she meant was she did not except her unnies to disband. Maybe she thought the company would let them go on as a trio but was shock to see on the news that they were disbanding and “Goodbye” will be the last song they put out under 2NE1′s name. Maybe….

Maybe “Goodbye” is for Minzy. Like a comment I read on 2NE1′s upload of ‘Goodbye” on their youtube, this could be a song for Minzy therefore she wasn’t invited to sing in this song. Examples: CL says: “not to give into temptation” - other label who are promising Minzy perfect solo debut; Bom says: “ don’t believe in half stories” she meant her scandal and everyone knows that the government used her incident to cover up the Sewol incident. I think this song is for Minzy. Like CL’s parts, she is saying if Minzy returns, it is going to be a tough road ahead for her, but everyone will help her. That’s why it is a goodbye till she comes back. And…if not, they will try to go on but maybe with a new group name. Like CL’s IG post:

CONFIRMED: The song was for Minzy written by CL Or maybe it means this?“I don’t think there is drama from Minzy, I think she meant she was upset that 2NE1 would even be having a final album because she thought they’d continue 2NE1 and that she was upset they disbanded. Then she said that she wanted to express her gratitude to those who supported and loved 2NE1 throughout the years which was what her post was about. I think how it was translated was a bit off making it seem like nobody told her and that she wanted to be involved. But the hate she’s getting is completely unnecessary, especially when they say she’s using 2NE1’s name to get fame when that’s the exact reason why she hadn’t talked about 2NE1 since she departed.“

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Even if the fire has distinguished, the history of 2NE1 is still there. Their history can not be erased. They were the ones who shaped the modern look of girl groups in Kpop. They showed that girl groups can be successful by having their own music style. No need for girly or sexy concepts, instead go for badass and full of girl power concepts. It is doable. They said, ”Dance your heart out, sing your heart out, do it for your passion and the fans who love their music. Nolja!” And I love them for that. That’s why they are my only girl group who I fangirl to the core. They deserve that, because they are truly one of a kind group out in the Kpop scene. They broke the standard for Kpop girl groups. And that will go down in history forever. 

In my heart, they’ll always remain to be the best group with the best music. And, in my heart, and they’ll remain in history as the most badass girls in Kpop. 

Fourever & always.

Annyeong is goodbye to the ending of the group, but  annyeong is hello to a new beginning for the members in their solo activities. Good luck to all of them and hopefully….it isn’t goodbye forever. It’s see you later. Soon. ❤️️


look at endings as the opportunities that they are :))

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Double Up! Emu gains a new power-up in the form of the Mighty Brothers Gashat; this Gashat allows him to split into Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Double Action Gamer Level XX L & R! The two act independently and have different personalities. The green Ex-Aid L acts like Emu; he’s relatively calm and prioritizes the patient’s safety first. The orange Ex-Aid R acts like the Genius Gamer M; he’s cocky and prioritizes defeating the enemy to ensure his victory. They both can use the Gashacon Key Slasher.

A new Kamen Rider enters the fray; Kamen Rider Paradox. Using the Dual Gear Gashat, Parado transforms into this dual gamer. He can either transform into Kamen Rider Paradox Puzzle Gamer Level 50 or Kamen Rider Paradox Fighter Gamer Level 50.

In the Youtube specials, the Legendary Kamen Rider Gashats will allow our doctors to transform into Level 2 forms based off of past Kamen Riders such as Gaim and Drive!


Okay, I have no idea where the hell this toy catalog excerpt comes from but it’s just legit enough for me to want to cover. If it’s fake, well, it’s a good fake.

For starters, the big one is a new power-up for Ex-Aid called Maximum Gamer Lv.99, which appears to be like a big ol’ mech. It uses the Maximum Mighty X Gashat which is a hefty one. There’s also a hint of some extra thing that will attach to the center display - presumably this will be a final form gadget that’s released much later. This is planned for a March release.

Next is apparently a Kamen Rider Genm spinoff which will be uploaded to YouTube - according to this schedule they lay out, they will be doing “Kamen Rider Genm Part 1, Legend Rider Stage” on YouTube in January, “Kamen Rider Genm Part 2, Legend Gamer Stage” on YouTube in February, and “Kamen Rider Genm Part 3, Final Legend Stage” as a DVD special in April. Sounds similar to the Legend Rider specials made for Kamen Rider Ghost.

As for Gashats… Legend Gamer forms! These are based on official Bandai Namco games. The first is a Taiko Drum Master Gashat which will be sold with the aforementioned Genm DVD - its design is pending.

The others are recolors of the Riders’ respective armors. Ex-Aid receives the Pac Adventure Gashat, which is of course Pac-Man; Brave receives Famista Gashat, which is based on the Family Stadium baseball games; and Snipe receives Xevious Gashat, which is based on a vertical scrolling shooter of the same name. These three are all planned for a March release.

We’ve also got a couple of Level 50 forms for Brave and Snipe: Taddle Fantasy and Bang Bang Simulation. Much like Kamen Rider Paradox, they receive these forms through a Gashat Gear Dual B. This is planned for a February release with the armors in March.

Quite a plentiful pair of scans! I am increasingly convinced as I go through them.

Act Up in Anger
David Handelman, Rolling Stone, Issue 573, 8 March 1990

A controversial group has become the catalyst for innovations in the way we fight AIDS

It was September 14th, 1989; more Americans had already died of AIDS-related causes than the 58,000 that had died in Vietnam. And, sneaking into the New York Stock Exchange, wearing suits and fake trader ID badges, carrying chains, handcuffs and foghorns, Peter Staley and six colleagues from ACT UP — the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power — were fighting a war too.…  More >

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Welp, the damage is done. Submitted a “defendable” draft of my thesis to my committee. 

All that’s left:

1. Make sure my paperwork verifying that I completed my practicum is in order (which I completed the practicum over a year ago) (I’ll have this done Friday)

2. Put together a thesis defense presentation (Hopefully a draft put together by Monday???)

3. Defend my paper (1.5 weeks away!?!?!?!)

4. Implement edits resulting from my defense (!!!!!!?!?!?!)

5. Make sure all the rest of my paperwork is in order ?? (signed copy of my thesis is submitted to the grad school) (*whispers* freedom?)


[ATTACK] Venus Love-Me Chain.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: ヴィーナス・ラブ・ミー・チェーン
Romaji: Viinasu Rabu Mii Cheen

User: Sailor Venus
Item required: None
First appearance: Episode 65
Last appearance: Episode 171


  • An actual chain was needed to perform this in most other adaptations of the manga. However, the object was absent from this version.
  • Venus Love-Me Chain was the only new power-up attack from R that was used beyond SuperS.
  • While disguised as Sailor Moon in episode 102, Sailor Venus called this maneuver Certain Kill Love-Me Moon Chain (必殺ラブミー・ムーン・チェーン; Hissatsu Rabu Mii Muun Cheen).