new potion values

new potion point values

i didn’t believe it at first, but pottermore really did change the point values of the potions! i’ve been brewing wideye non-stop for a while, so i was pleasantly surprised to find out that i’d earned 9 points for my latest potion. i decided to brew one of each potion to find out how much they’re all worth now. here’s a list of the new potion values, which took me a while to put together, so i hope you appreciate it! ^_^

PS: these are in the order in which i brewed them, which was kinda random.

wideye: 9 points (95 minutes)

herbicide: 9 points (95 minutes)

forgetfulness: 9 points (95 minutes)

sleeping draught: 11 points (100 minutes)

antidote to common poisons: 7 points (85 minutes)

cure for boils: 3 points (80 minutes)